£80 off a tooth whitening kit... only £20
£80 off a tooth whitening kit... only £20

£80 off a tooth whitening kit... only £20

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My second deal from this site (sorry!)

Seems like a good deal to me.. good reviews online from what I can see.

£20 instead of £99 for a home laser teeth whitening kit including trays, formula and LED laser that will increase the process up to three times from Whitening Experts - Save 80%



The item in deal is a small tooth whitening pen, you can buy more product for you money here and other places

Also the price is wrong as you also have to pay £3.99 postage making it £23.99

Cold - I use a far cheaper way


Crap teeth are a proud British tradition.


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Good value if you want no enamel left on your teeth and then pay hundreds if not thousands for caps in the not so distant future. Voted cold.

Hideous website the link doesn't appear to point to the deal ??? and there dosn't appear to be a search button Its actually a pretty outrageous price for a home tooth whitening kit from the UK. None of these tooth whitening kits sold in the UK work because its illegal to sell products with more than .02 % of peroxide in the EU which means you either have to go to the dentist or get them off the net from unregulated sites such as one of the web sites listed previously. Its all safe as it all comes from the US where proper home tooth whitening kits are legal.

LED laser? Are people still taken in by these? Shining an LED torch on your gnashers is nothing like having a dentist's laser trained on them.
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