80% off EA iPhone and iTouch games - now just 59p!

80% off EA iPhone and iTouch games - now just 59p!

Found 24th Sep 2010Made hot 25th Sep 2010
Games included in promotion:

- Tiger Woods PGA Tour
- Need for Speed: Undercover
- Need for Speed: Shift
- Skate It
- Dragons Lair
- NBA Live
- Madden NFL 11


Got tiger woods as it's cheap. Already had the gameloft NFL game so going to pass up madden. Much prefer the backbreaker app for NFL fun. Although it's only running!

EA on the app store have more sales than DFS


EA on the app store have more sales than DFS

lol and play.com

Hot overall, but even at 59p Skate It is a rip-off. Steer clear of that particular title.

tiger woods is the only game I've got on the iphone that actually suits it....imo.


Pay for games!?

Just bought Madden 11 for ipad for 0.59p. It was 90% off. Thanks for the heads up!

Madden is also 59p for the iPad

They all look pretty crap to me except maybe NFS:U which I expect plays like crap though?

Madden HD for iPad is a total bargain at 59p. Bought it even though I have never played an American football game before.

Shame Mirrors Edge ain't in that list.

Seriously interested in that.


Shame Mirrors Edge ain't in that list.Seriously interested in that.

Good game but a little short for my liking.


Pay for games!?

Cannot describe how much your avatar makes me want to rip your head off.


How many more people will make the effort to express their perceived smugness and superiority over the rest of us who pay for games. You don't know something the rest of us don't. We all know how to get things without paying, we just don't want to.


Sorry OP, heat added. I can afford the 59p!


Pay for games!?

I work in the UK games industry.

Frankly, I hope you rot in hell.


Pay for games!?

Your so cheap you won't even pay 59p for a game? Bet you never get a round in either.

Fifa 11?
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