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80% off Final Value Fees for up to 100 listings when you opt in - excludes 30p order-level fees (selected accounts), 16th-19th Dec @ ebay

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eBay selling fees offer - selected accounts. 80% off Final Value Fees for up to 100 listings

f you get "not eligible" or "Offer expired" message, try again on Friday

Start Date: 16-Dec-2022 00:00:00
End Date: 19-Dec-2022 23:59:59

Specific information about this Promotion

What's it all about?

Get 80% off variable percentage final value fees ("FVF") per listing in final value fees if the item sells and pay no insertion fee.A fixed order level fee of 30p and other fees, including any International fees, still apply.Promotion is valid for up to 100 listings on eBay.Listings must start during the promotional period.Listings can be auction-style or fixed price format.The promotion start and end dates are included in the email we send to invited sellers.Items must sell within the first listing period.Sounds good, where do I find the promotion and how do I sign up?

You can take part in the promotion on eBay.co.uk. Eligible sellers will receive an email with the RSVP link to the offer. You must opt in to the promotion by clicking on this link before any of your 100 listings start.

Anything else I need to know?

eBay charge an FVF when your item(s) sell(s). The FVF charged per order consists of: (i) a variable portion (“Variable Portion FVF”) which is calculated as a percentage of the Total Sale Amount; and (ii) a fixed portion (“Fixed Portion FVF”) for example 30p. The Total Sale Amount means the amount the buyer pays for an order, including the item price, postage, taxes and any other applicable fees.

The FVF Discount in this promotion applies to the Variable Portion FVF (net of any other discounts) in respect of the eligible items’ Total Sale Amounts. For example, if you would have been charged 12.80% on the Total Sales Amount, the 80% FVF discount will reduce this to 2.56%. The Fixed Portion FVF (e.g. 30p) will not be discounted. Therefore, the fixed charge of 30p per order will still apply.

You won't pay an insertion fee for each of the 100 listings. Listing upgrade fees will still apply and will be charged according to the eBay fees policy.

You may also be subject to International fees.

The number of listings eligible under this promotion may be less where seller restrictions apply. Click here to learn more about selling allowances.

Who can take part?

  • This Promotion is open to all registered Private Sellers who (a) have been invited to take part, (b) are registered to managed payments, and (c) have actively opted in (“Eligible Sellers”). If you have not registered for managed payments you will be prompted to update your details after you opt-in to the Promotion.
  • Participation is linked to the seller's account and is not transferable.
  • Eligible Sellers’ accounts must meet eBay minimum seller performance standards.
  • Please sign in to My eBay and view your seller standards dashboard to verify whether your account is currently meeting the standards. The seller standards dashboard is available to all sellers here.
  • If you registered after 15 March 2011 or haven't listed any items for a while, you may have a listing allowance of 10 items per month or of £650 per month, whichever is reached first. You may be able to increase this allowance by providing additional verification.
  • An eligible item previously scheduled to go live during the promotional period will qualify for the promotion only if you have opted in to the promotion before the listing starts.
  • If an item that is eligible for the promotion had previously closed without a successful sale and is re-listed during the promotion period, it will form a part of the 100 listings limit of the promotion.
  • You will not receive a refund of your original insertion fee if the item sells.
  • Listings do not have to successfully sell during the promotional period to be eligible.
  • If an item qualifies for the promotion and when the item sells, the invoice will indicate the fee including the discount. Please note: if the item does not sell the first time and if you relist it after the promotional period or if it is automatically relisted during the promotional period, standard final value fees will be charged according to the eBay fees policy when the relisted item sells.
  • Items that are automatically relisted through the Automatic relist function or the Good 'Till Cancelled function will be charged.
  • Only single quantity listings are eligible.
  • For items listed in 2 or more categories, only the insertion fee for the first category is included. Standard insertion fees will be charged for listing the same item for each additional category, according to the eBay fees policy.
  • Free listings in this promotion do not count towards your monthly 1000 free listings.
  • Your first listing period may vary and is dependent on the listing format you choose (e.g. – auction-style vs buy-it-now), the duration of the listing you choose and the listing experience you use. The first listing period will be considered to have been ended when the listing you create first renews or relists.
Restrictions & exclusions

The following are excluded from the promotion:

  • Business sellers
  • Sellers who have been invited to participate, but have not actively opted in to the promotion via the RSVP link shown in the marketing communication.
  • Invited Sellers who have not registered for managed payments after opt-in and before listing their first item.
  • All items listed in the Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles and Property categories. However, items listed in the Vehicle Parts & Accessories category are included.
  • Items listed in the Classified Ad format.
  • Auction-style listings ended early.
  • Identical listings that don't comply with our duplicate listings policy.
  • Any item listed that doesn't comply with eBay listing policies or prohibited and restricted items policies.
  • Any item listed during the promotional period but scheduled to start after the promotional period.
  • Listings that are automatically relisted through the Automatic relist function or the Good 'Till Cancelled function during the promotional period.
  • Listings that are listed during the promotional period but do not sell and are relisted outside of the promotional period.
  • Multi-quantity listings.
  • Listing upgrade fees apply and will be charged according to the eBay fees policy.
  • PayPal and any other third-party fees still apply.
  • Final value fees apply for Second Chance Offers.
  • You may be subject to International fees.
Additional terms

  • Any attempt to manipulate this promotion, or past promotions will lead to automatic exclusion from participation.
  • eBay reserves the right to suspend, change or cancel the promotion at any time, in the event of circumstances arising which, in eBay's opinion, make it necessary for it to do so. eBay reserves the right to add additional terms and conditions for certain parts of this promotion.
  • eBay also reserves the right to exclude users on the basis that their seller accounts have fallen below the minimum required seller performance standards. Sellers should confirm eligibility by checking their account status on My eBay.
  • The decision of eBay regarding any aspect of this promotion is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
eBay More details at eBay

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    Normally I'd jump on these (always 70) but skipping this month.
    The amount of postal nightmares there are. Evri losing packages, pictures of foxes in the Royal Mail post all left outside.
    Sounds like nothing but trouble and having to wait till Feb for Royal Mail compensation when it goes wrong.

    (Heat btw) (edited)
    I ended listings ages ago people left it too late now telegraph.co.uk/new…th/

    "I phoned my account manager at Royal Mail today to say goodbye after 12 years brilliant service from them. She has 30 years with Royal Mail and was nearly in tears on the phone as she watches the organisation disintegrate.

    I have an on-line mail order business and when I started it 12 years ago in my garage I used to take my parcels to the Post Office and queue up. Now the mail van comes to my state of the art industrial unit to collect and I spend north of £60k a year with them.
    Tomorrow the DPD sales guy comes to visit me to negotiate a deal and I will move on. I am so sad about this. I should not be as I'm a hard-headed serial entrepreneur living and thriving in the real world marketplace. I know that there is no quarter for a failing business, nor should there be but to watch an historic service like Royal Mail being smashed to pieces by a politically ambitious union leader who cares nothing that he is putting his members out of work is a terrible thing. Why they put up with it is a puzzle.
    There could only ever be one guaranteed outcome of this strike, at the end of it Royal Mail, if it survives, will be a much smaller business with many fewer employees. Those who lose their jobs face the prospect of jobs with Royal mail's competitors who all offer packages less favourable then RM.
    Royal Mail was a brilliant shipper for me, great systems, nice people and rock solid service. All gone."
  2. Avatar
    I'll be avoiding. Nothing but hassle recently with buyers very quickly saying parcel not arrived, another that Evri claims delivered but buyer says not. To add to it Ebay also not allowing me to turn returns off and now got a buyer wanting to return an item as changed her mind and Ebay automatically allowed this but looks like I'll be out of pocket on the postage I paid to send it. It just seems too much hassle for this time of year.
    You need to log on to a desktop site to add no returns on your listings. It doesn't do it on the mobile app for some reason? If a buyer wants to return for something other than defective or similar it then prompts what you'd like to do with option to decline return or request buyer returns at their own cost
  3. Avatar
    Not going to list anything to avoid shipping until mid Jan once the current backlog and the post Christmas returns volume subsides.
    You could list but at outrageously high price and then reduce when actually want to sell. Done that before on buy it now when not been able to post easily.
  4. Avatar
    So far saying expired for me which it doesn't usually do prior to it starting but will try again when it goes live. Though if I don't get it this time then won't be too sad as gonna wait for RM to get a grip
    Just try again after a few mins later, i had the same issue before mins ago, but right now, i got it.
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    It has become such a hassle to sell on eBay recently. Buyers just requesting cancellations. eBay allowing bidders from European countries despite the restrict European buyers option being selected. Buyers messaging with the whole "I'll send a courier" rubbish.
    Don't forget..." Will you do buy it now!". ...errr no. One person did a real low ball offer before I even responded to " no buy it now!"
  6. Avatar
    Took similar deal under 2 weeks ago. Does anyone know if I can add a spare 18v new battery to the item I posted , as an inducement to make my sale more attractive without penalty from e bay? TIA.
    I've edited the description on ads plenty of times without losing the discounted selling fee. You should be fine
  7. Avatar
    Hi, does anyone know if this applies to items sold with 'Buy it now' or just auction?
    Both: auction and buy it now.
  8. Avatar
    Make buyers pay for Special Delivery, should be there in time.
    Even special delivery can get delayed. If posting during a period when Royal Mail are on strike or have been on strike then next day delivery is not guaranteed and you can’t claim compensation for the delay.

    I know this as my item sent via Royal Mail special delivery arrived 7 days later
  9. Avatar
    I take it the £1 final fee offer they do is better than this? I’ve no idea what their fees actually are
    If you’re selling anything over about £30 ish then yes the £1 offer is better, for low value items this is the best option.
  10. Avatar
    Proper dilemma for anyone with a good feedback rating as a seller at the moment. Given how petty some buyers can be, it just doesn't feel worth it to risk my 100% rating and as someone who sells everything via RM SD, and I'll pick it back up in the new year when things are hopefully back to normal.

    All that means I'll definitely be offered this deal after not getting an 80% FVF in over a year
    You get protection against people marking you down for slow mail last time I checked.
  11. Avatar
    Sorry if it’s already been asked but does anyone have the link for 70%? It’s all I ever get!
    Just type “eBay 70” into the search bar
  12. Avatar
    Is it valid if you accept an offer?
  13. Avatar
    Far too complicated for me much preferred the old days
    Aye the good old days. When fake accounts took a minute to set up, when fvf discounts were unheard of, when you always paid to list, when shill bidding was rife, when bid cancellations were done on a whim, when you had to wait for cheques to clear, when you had to host your own images to get any meaningful quality or quantity of images, when ladies and gents sold their used undercrackers, when the ability to create draft listings at your leisure waa just a pipe dream, when photos taken of items had to be manually transferred from cameras or memory cards to laptops or PC's, Etc. Etc. The "good old days" indeed. (edited)
  14. Avatar
    I cancelled all my listings Monday , not worth the hassle or comebacks on a 100% account.
    Even had watchers message me to still buy , but when I said they'd have to pay special delivery and accept delays they all flaked ..glad I cancelled them all ..
    UK postage is on its knees (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Not sure why eBay are doing one this weekend, they know people won't receive the items by Xmas or until the New Year.
    agreed, its a bit daft really. the only way really is a 3 day auction listing On Friday which will end Monday, assuming the buyer pays Monday/Tuesday then you could send it special delivery - that's what i'll do - list items with normal postage at £4 and then a £10 option (or whatever special delivery costs) for any items the buyer wants before Christmas.
  16. Avatar
    Madness that Ebay are running this when every delivery service in the UK is on their knees. They have no shame ...
    Huh? ...... How is offering sellers sizeable discounts in selling costs in any way an issue? Yes RM are having delivery issues as a result of actions by their staff, but how should that dictate whether or not eBay offer seller discounts? (edited)
  17. Avatar
    Thanks. I thought it was done for 2022 but good to see there is one more.
  18. Avatar
    Wouldn't bother selling anything if your going to send items by post seeing how couriers like royal mail are coping with deliveries at the moment with delays.
  19. Avatar
    This year the problems with delivery services, strikes and lack of spending has made ebay sellers feel like they have been put on the naughty list.😩
  20. Avatar
    Ebay is a pirates tavern, full of chances these days. Its ruined
    In what way? I've been using it for 15 years. Can count chancers on one hand.
  21. Avatar
    Not going to bother this time with all the postage delays & people wanting stuff before Xmas. Would like the cash but don’t think it’s worth the inevitable hassle. (edited)
    Then add next day courier options. Plenty about.
  22. Avatar
    I normally jump on these every time to try to shift old stuff, but between Royal Mail striking (and fair play to them) and Evri just being perpetually useless - to say nothing of the Christmas rush - I really don't feel like now's a good time.
  23. Avatar
    Haven't sold anything in a month but with the strikes, maybe it's for the best?
  24. Avatar
    Selling right now is just asking for dodgy buyers to say they never received it...and eBay of course taking their side.
  25. Avatar
    Anyone putting up new listings before the new year is just asking for trouble! As has been mentioned, ebay will side with the buyer when it's delayed, which it will be.
    Fortunately, RM are not the only couriers.
  26. Avatar
    Another buyer opened a request, not arrived.
    Taking all the listings off as it's freebee time for standard post

  27. Avatar
    thanks, accepted (edited)
  28. Avatar
    Nice thanks
  29. Avatar
    Thanks OP, voted hot.
  30. Avatar
    Can some one help me.... Does this count on buy it nows??? Also does this count / work on listing that are like 1, 3 or 5 day listing??? Thanks in advance
    As far as it had been previously yes to all…

    The only thing it doesn’t apply to are listings where you can choose the number of items … as in you have 5 of x and the buyer can select how many.
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  32. Avatar
    Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up for this promotional offer because it has expired. I got this message?
    You might be eligible for the other sellers rates... The 70% off one or the max £1 one. If nothing works then wait till Friday morning to see what pops up on your account.
  33. Avatar
    Phew! Got a ton of stuff ending in a few days, so thanks OP.

    Thought, with Xmas approaching, eBay might have pulled the 80% off FVF, knowing folk may be desperate to sell quick.

    I have noticed however that non-promoted items seem to sell better than those listed during the promotion period....or I'm just over thinking things. :/
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    For all the folk worried about delivery, assuming you are not selling super low value items, just list goods with Special Delivery as the only option and include a note in bold in the auction listing as to why you have selected Special Delivery. You can always change it to a cheaper option at a later date.
  35. Avatar
    Thanks OP, accepted!
  36. Avatar
    Can you list now with start date to be between 16th-19th for this offer to be valid?
    No, activate the offer when it's available on Friday then list. Listing now with delayed start date I'm sure won't work for the disc. You can do drafts if you have spare time then list them on or after Friday. (edited)
  37. Avatar
  38. Avatar
    royal mail small parcel which coverd 90% of stuff sold is 2.85 but have now used evri at 2.99 never had 1 issue with rm great service but just takes like 1.5 weeks to deliver somthing.
  39. Avatar
    If I post this weekend on Sunday, the bid ending time would be Christmas day.
    Is it a good time? what is everyone up to on the evening of 25th?
    Change to 10 days
  40. Avatar
    I’ve got some gold jewelry I’d like to sell, but what happens if the buyer says it’s not genuine etc, seems a bit of a gamble? (edited)
    Yes, a massive gamble. We recently sold some gold and silver jewellery at a local auction house and it did very well. They also spotted that one piece we thought was just costume jewellery was actually solid gold! Make sure that the auction house you use also sell online