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80% off Final Value Fees for up to 100 listings when you opt in (excludes 30p order-level fees) - Selected Accounts 17th - 20th May

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About this deal

What's it all about?

  • Get 80% off variable percentage final value fees ("FVF") per listing in final value fees if the item sells and pay no insertion fee.
  • A fixed order level fee of 30p and other fees, including any International fees, still apply.
  • Promotion is valid for up to 100 listings on eBay.
  • Listings must start during the promotional period.
  • Listings can be auction-style or fixed price format.
  • The promotion start and end dates are included in the email we send to invited sellers.
  • Items must sell within the first listing period.
  • Sounds good, where do I find the promotion and how do I sign up?

You can take part in the promotion on Eligible sellers will receive an email with the RSVP link to the offer. You must opt in to the promotion by clicking on this link before any of your 100 listings start.

Anything else I need to know?

  • eBay charge an FVF when your item(s) sell(s). The FVF charged per order consists of: (i) a variable portion (“Variable Portion FVF”) which is calculated as a percentage of the Total Sale Amount; and (ii) a fixed portion (“Fixed Portion FVF”) for example 30p. The Total Sale Amount means the amount the buyer pays for an order, including the item price, postage, taxes and any other applicable fees.
  • The FVF Discount in this promotion applies to the Variable Portion FVF (net of any other discounts) in respect of the eligible items’ Total Sale Amounts. For example, if you would have been charged 12.80% on the Total Sales Amount, the 80% FVF discount will reduce this to 2.56%. The Fixed Portion FVF (e.g. 30p) will not be discounted. Therefore, the fixed charge of 30p per order will still apply.
  • You won't pay an insertion fee for each of the 100 listings. Listing upgrade fees will still apply and will be charged according to the eBay fees policy.
  • You may also be subject to International fees.
  • The number of listings eligible under this promotion may be less where seller restrictions apply. Click here to learn more about selling allowances.

Who can take part?

  • This Promotion is open to all registered Private Sellers who (a) have been invited to take part, (b) are registered to managed payments, and (c) have actively opted in (“Eligible Sellers”). If you have not registered for managed payments you will be prompted to update your details after you opt-in to the Promotion.
  • Participation is linked to the seller's account and is not transferable.
  • Eligible Sellers’ accounts must meet eBay minimum seller performance standards.
  • Please sign in to My eBay and view your seller standards dashboard to verify whether your account is currently meeting the standards. The seller standards dashboard is available to all sellers here.
  • If you registered after 15 March 2011 or haven't listed any items for a while, you may have a listing allowance of 10 items per month or of £650 per month, whichever is reached first. You may be able to increase this allowance by providing additional verification.
  • An eligible item previously scheduled to go live during the promotional period will qualify for the promotion only if you have opted in to the promotion before the listing starts.
  • If an item that is eligible for the promotion had previously closed without a successful sale and is re-listed during the promotion period, it will form a part of the 100 listings limit of the promotion.
  • You will not receive a refund of your original insertion fee if the item sells.
  • Listings do not have to successfully sell during the promotional period to be eligible.
  • If an item qualifies for the promotion and when the item sells, the invoice will indicate the fee including the discount. Please note: if the item does not sell the first time and if you relist it after the promotional period or if it is automatically relisted during the promotional period, standard final value fees will be charged according to the eBay fees policy when the relisted item sells.
  • Items that are automatically relisted through the Automatic relist function or the Good 'Till Cancelled function will be charged.
  • Only single quantity listings are eligible.
  • For items listed in 2 or more categories, only the insertion fee for the first category is included. Standard insertion fees will be charged for listing the same item for each additional category, according to the eBay fees policy.
  • Free listings in this promotion do not count towards your monthly 1000 free listings.
  • Your first listing period may vary and is dependent on the listing format you choose (e.g. – auction-style vs buy-it-now), the duration of the listing you choose and the listing experience you use. The first listing period will be considered to have been ended when the listing you create first renews or relists.
eBay More details at

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  1. SantoshKaushik's avatar
    I am new to eBay selling. Any tips how do I start and what precautions I should take?
    Judge-Jury-Executioner's avatar
    Don't be selling high value items, especially electronics, phones, tablets, games consoles etc to start with.

    These items are magnets for scammers and many new sellers get shafted!

    A good place to ask eBay related questions would be the eBay forums:…/27

    But for starters, sign up for a free "Click & Drop" account with Royal Mail, which lets to integrate your eBay account which enables you to import your sales. This then lets you choose which service to use and print labels.

    You can even arrange free collection from home if you need to.

    Be aware that the maximum compensation for Royal Mail 1st & 2nd Class (letter & parcels) is only £20.

    So anything worth over £20 and up to £150, only send via Royal Mail Tracked 24 / 48, which has up to £150 compensation.

    Anything above that value, send via Royal Mail Special Delivery (up to £750 compensation).

    DON'T use EVRI (MyHermes) unless the parcel size is too big for Royal Mail and you are desperate!

    DON'T use eBay's postage option. They do ultimately use Royal Mail as well as other couriers, but you are better off going with the courier direct as you have more control when things go awry.

    Make sure your title includes the BRAND and other factual info that describes the items.

    Make sure you choose the correct category and fill out as many item specifics as possible.

    If selling used items, ensure you list any defects in the "Item Condition" section.

    In "Item Description" add any relevant details but don't waffle on.

    Check out "Sold Items" of similar to get an idea of reasonable pricing.

    There's tons more stuff to learn and it will take time but if you are gonna sell regularly, you will pick it up along the way as it can be a bit of a learning curve for new sellers. (edited)
  2. OohToBe's avatar

    2 years and they still keep coming

    Loads of expensive tat to list this weekend and the tat that didn’t sell gets relisted for a couple of quid less
    Just.Wondering's avatar
    Better to click the option "sell as similar" as the ebay algorithm prefers what it sees as fresh listings, a relisted item will not rank as highly.
  3. ColdDeals's avatar
    I've been downgraded to 70% after being on 80% for a year. I wonder. How long until you get back to 80%?
    Alf.Garnett's avatar
    I went back to 80% after a year or so on 70% the only thing that I did was not click on the 70% offer for 3 months I usually would use the offer every 2 weeks.
  4. BabiDealings's avatar
    I’m always on the 70% train 
  5. Godsnafu's avatar
    I've got camera gear I want to sell, some of it quite specialist/pro level but have never sold this level of gear before. Is eBay still the best option or does anyone have other recommendations? Heard horror stories about Facebook marketplace.
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Funnily enough I am looking for a camera & some lenses at the moment. I just logged on to ebay for newly listed items & someone new to selling cameras has just sold £1500 worth of kit for £600 because they obviously didn't find out the current selling prices.

    That is lesson number one. Find out how much your stuff is worth before you list it.
  6. TuShae's avatar
    Samsung S23 Ultra, Lenovo Yoga Pro Tablet, 4k Portable Monitor, Nikon D3200, Sony DSC HX350
    redCabbage4's avatar
    How much?
  7. AamirQuazi's avatar
    Thanks OP…. Just in-time to relist the phone i sold 2 weeks ago for the 3rd time after non paying bidders..
    Allan_'s avatar
    List it on buy it now!
  8. ruheluddin86's avatar
    Fk sake, never works for me!
    gta15's avatar
  9. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    I want the £1 offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CharlieCheeze's avatar
    My account that used to get the £1 offer stopped getting any offers at all a while back. I listed a clothing item attracking zero fees, now for the last two times have had the 80% offer.
  10. Pilow's avatar
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    1st & 2nd Class Signed for is £20 compensation.

    Tracked & Tracked Signed For is £150.
  11. Adao's avatar
    For what feels like years, i've not had the 80% and only the 70% off FVF... I'm back on 80%

  12. jg213's avatar
    Always the same for me!

    Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only.
    Riaz_Miah's avatar
    Same here
  13. AceDeck's avatar
    Not applicable to me.
  14. throwawaysociety's avatar
    Another one I am not eligible for! I even sold a few items at the normal fee cost to try to get eligible but it didn't work .
    Just.Wondering's avatar
    Did you sell the items in the past 10 to 14 days? Are you signed up for all the promo and newsletters options on your ebay settings?

    Also, always worth checking on the day the promo officially begins.. (edited)
  15. Angel21's avatar
  16. mansfield07's avatar
    Been stuck on the 70% offer for the past 6 months or so but back to 80% for this offer and the one a couple of weeks ago, hope it lasts!!🤞
  17. ssc1's avatar
  18. xenole's avatar
    I had 80% a week or so ago. Before that, a month or so of no fees. Did list and sell a few things then.
    Going to be away this weekend, so not going to be around to post anything should anything sell, so not really worth trying.
  19. wilky67's avatar
    Accepted again, thank you
  20. modmouse's avatar
    Anyone seen double deal this week? That was a bizarre event two weeks ago 😁 good while it lasted but I relist every promotion just in case I don't get it in two weeks.
  21. EliTeAP's avatar
    6th time lucky? xD
  22. twinkle's avatar
    Not sold anything for ages on ebay....and not likely to as no 70% or 80% for me
  23. Angel21's avatar
    These promotions don't work for me
    Ebay just hide my listing, never sell anything
  24. Alison_Wright's avatar
    Thank you
  25. Decoded's avatar
    Didn't work, invite only
  26. StSba's avatar
    invite only
  27. MontBelzoni's avatar
    unfortunate have quit selling on ebay since they are now reporting to hmrc
  28. lageryron's avatar
    "Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only" I'm too busy anyway.
  29. noson's avatar
    Bugger all for me. Cold.
  30. Robby_123's avatar
    do they still offer the £1 FVF? gotten the 80 for weeks now just miss the other
  31. Alf.Garnett's avatar
    Link says expired for anyone else?
    xenole's avatar
    The usual advice is try again on Friday after it starts. If it still doesn't work, then you're probably not eligible.
  32. george_mooaaa's avatar
    if my listing is already on this promotion will apply if listing ends before 20-May ?
  33. mu55sag's avatar
    Works for me. Thanks.
  34. jessica41's avatar
    Just a warning- be careful if listing clothes, I listed a load last time and they didn’t get included in the offer- they were all new, thankfully I realised but couldn’t get them to be included.
  35. James_Sutton's avatar
    Says my account seller levels are too low but I have 100% and no negative feedback....
    Allan_'s avatar
    Your seller levels are not your feedback. You must have a few transaction defects
  36. KIZRR's avatar
    Got this again after a year but now been demoted again after 3 months
  37. UserRNaaamE's avatar
    Anyone know if after you accept the offer, if you schedule to start the listing when the offer is due (17th May) that it still counts?
    jabbag's avatar
    Yes it does
  38. Kittycat876's avatar
    Never for me
  39. sagman76's avatar
    3 weeks on the bounce. you see ebay. you scratch mine and ill scratch yours with lots of sales
  40. GrumpyBob's avatar
    Yet again, it is a "No" from eBay for me so, yet again, it is a "No" from me re. selling with eBay this week.

    NB. I will try again (click on the link, above, again) on Friday. I know that some contributors on this site say that, unless you have personally had the email invitation and/or see the banner ad on your account you will get the "ineligible"/"by invitation only" rejection message if you click on the above link. Worth a punt but I'm not expecting it to work. (edited)
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