80 PUNJANA Green Blend (Kenyan) TEA BAGS - £1.19 in Home Bargains
80 PUNJANA Green Blend (Kenyan) TEA BAGS - £1.19 in  Home Bargains

80 PUNJANA Green Blend (Kenyan) TEA BAGS - £1.19 in Home Bargains

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I havent seen this particular one before. Its called PUNJANA GREEN BLEND and it uses "the finest teas from ..Kenya". I did an internet search and the only record of it is in Ireland where it was sold In Tescos in 1977 for 2.29 Euros (about £1.70). Its not mentioned at www.punjana.com.

Punjana make wonderful teas. They dont use the stork, just the leaves. And the tea bags are not bleached.

My friend reckons that the marketing people have made a cock-up. Its called Green Blend but its not a green tea (its a normal tea) and for this reason its not selling. It beats Typhoo, PG Tips, and all the rest anyday


I don't know about this particular brand, but my understanding is that Green Tea Blend is not usually Green Tea. Rather, it is a blend of green tea with ordinary tea.

For example: Typhoo Green Tea Blend. A blend of green and black teas. Typhoo Green Tea Blend is naturally high in antioxidants, yet Typhoo Green Tea blend still looks and tastes like the refreshing tea that you expect from Typhoo.



Punjana is a local brand of tea made here in belfast and it is premium quality only uses the best tea and the bags are not full of dust like other main brands. This is not "green"tea but just a differnet blend than their usual red box blend This is a bargain, sorry there is no home bargains over here. Buy it and support loval companies:thumbsup:

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Hi icookalot, im glad u endorse my opinion of Punjana tea. Its the best by a long chalk. Incidentally, its made in Dubin as well. These deals come along from time to time on HUKD, in Morrisons, Asda or Somerfield. They never really get a rating on HUKD of more than 20%. I believe a company that consistently delivers on quality (and good price) deserves more than this.
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