80 wax crayons - £1 in store at Poundland

80 wax crayons - £1 in store at Poundland

Found 4th Oct 2008
Something for the kids. 80 wax crayons for £1 seems to be quite a good deal.
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May have to look out for these considering my 15 month old daughter broke all the tips off her cousins crayons!!
Theese maybe good value for older children BUT THE UNDER 5's will find it more fun just to snap them, eat them and pull the paper off. I would recomend the chunky wax crayons with no paper for the little one's...
Yeah my daughter has the chunky ones from Wilko's She wasn't meant to have her cousins one she found them when my sister was making a cuppa and snapped them all! Opps!
I don't like cheap wax crayons, find my kids struggle to use them.......Crayola all the way here, despite the cost!
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