800w electric Jig Saw with laser guide and 4 blades £19.99 Aldi instore

800w electric Jig Saw with laser guide and 4 blades £19.99 Aldi instore

£19.99ALDI Deals
Found 14th Mar 2013
Varaible speed with depth gauge and Aldis 3 year warranty
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Available from 21st March
got one of these years ago , superb piece of kit..
Have similar, not the best but does the job and very economical at these prices. Hot.
And the blades to fit are just £2.99 for a pack of 20 - £22.98 for a laser guided jigsaw and 24 blades is a fantastic price Pack of 20 Jigsaw Blades
Also had one years i think it was £12 when i bought one.
Just up the laser power and dispense with the blades.
Bought this today + pack of blades. The Jigsaw blades will fit Bosch, Matsuka etc.. not just this Jigsaw.
Its 800W - I have struggled with a 205w mains jigsaw cutting a hole in a laminated kitchen top to fit a kitchen sink. But that was wwwwaaaayyyy better than the 24v Battery operated jigsaw I started out with. The 205w did most other jobs with thinner profiles ok though. I have to fit a catflap in my nans solid wood front door - really I should use a circular saw for this job, but lets see how I get on with this jigsaw.

Here it is in action : youtu.be/wS6…17U
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Were the blades any good??
There are various grades of blade - all bar 4 of them are for wood of various density though. I think there is a seperate thread on just the blades. I have only used on softwood, and the aldi jigsaw also helps out the blade cutting action with a pendulum osscillation mode setting. I would think the blades would deal with laminate kitchen table tops and the like OK though. They seem well made and good quality. The one I used was pretty good anyway. Anyway - for £2.99 - its worth trying them out!
One more thing - the blades are spear fit (not clip on etc..)

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Just fitted a catflap in a solid wood door with the jigsaw - and was well pleased with its cutting ability.
Just got one for 9.99, well pleased- a million times better than the old black and Decker it's replacing!
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