8+4 x GP Ultra AA Batteries £1.25 + £1.50 UK delivery  Amazon / The Deal Channel.

8+4 x GP Ultra AA Batteries £1.25 + £1.50 UK delivery Amazon / The Deal Channel.

Found 23rd Feb
Looking for some batteries and came across GP Ultra, seems super cheap, ive ordered x3 hope they have a decent expiry date, not prime but for the cost of 12 i think its a v good deal.

  • Battery pack for every need

  • Brilliant for gifts, seasonal months and everyday use!

  • GP Ultra Alkaline brand

  • Type: AA

  • Contents: 12 x AA Batteries
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Awful batteries, some came out faulty the others lasted less than Poundland batteries.
dparr594 h, 27 m ago


Nice data there, these GP ultras seem to fair pretty well in both low and high drain applications. Ikea’s alkalist (19.5p / battery vs 23p for the gp’s) are better in low drain and worse in high drain. If you factor in not having to brave ikea and have them delivered to your door this seems like a pretty good deal!!
GP (not this particular type) came 1st in The Gadget Show test for lasting longest
Thanks OP. Btw if you order 2 packs, it’s still one lot of p&p so they are 16.66p each. Good deal
Better value, 12 for 2 quid and get similar reviews to GP batteries on batteryshowdown. I use them all the time and never had any problems with them.
2 packs for 4£ tho all good (24 battery’s)
Good find hot
anyone know what the expiry date is, are the cheap for a reason?
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