85 litre wheelbarrow £25 @ B&Q

85 litre wheelbarrow £25 @ B&Q

Found 13th Apr
Seen in store also available online. Don't own one but seemed reasonably well constructed.

Product Information
This Verve heavy duty wheelbarrow is ideal for transporting building and garden materials with ease.

Holds up to 85 L with a maximum weight capacity of 120 kg
Made from Galvanized steel with Easy grip polypro and Puncture resistant tyre
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Got them in Black for 20 on clearance

Sponsored by Fatal Fields.
I'll walk myself out.
Gd price gone for the black. Thanks
Has anyone done a 3d render of this? I want to visualise it before ordering.
Also saved a fiver and gone for the Black one - Cheers OP
Cheers OP, heat added
Ordered myself the 25 pound one with the puncture resistance. Thanks heat added.
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good price, thanks, heat added
Just the thing for the wife to bring me back from the pub in.
Does this have a solid or pneumatic tyre? Puncture resistant pneumatic would be great. Solid tyre is just to painful and difficult over anything but smooth paths.
Nice find
Its a wheely good deal when you think about it.
Buster Gonad costume sorted
James Dyson started with a revolutionary wheel barrow from memory.

Heat btw, could even be used as a 'feature' with nice bedding plants
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picked this up today and its pretty good. Solid steels unlike some of the plastic ones.

Cheers OP
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