£8.74 Smoby Supermarket at Tesco Direct

£8.74 Smoby Supermarket at Tesco Direct

Found 21st Oct 2011
Tesco Direct are amazingly offering a Smoby Supermarket for £8.74, I browsed the internet and I couldn't find this cheaper than £40, it ranges from £40 upto £60 elsewhere!!!! It is a direct from supplier delivery so £5 delivery will apply unless you spend £30 on toys and then you will receive delivery free.

Bargain for my first post


Bargain. x

Brilliant. Perfect for my niece this Christmas.

Just ordered one for my girls! what a fab bargain! thanks x

What sort of age range would you say this is for? Shame you can't collect at store, but even with a fiver postage its still cheap!

Would have ordered if could have collected from store

Even if you buy over £30 you still have to pay the £5 delivery charge as it's direct from supplier. Still a bargain at £13.74 but title needs updating. Thanks OP, another Xmas present sorted

Excellent price....HOT

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It says 3+ but its my own opinion that it could be for wide range..I have bought it as a joint prerssie for my 18 month old who will love the trolley and for my 5 yera old who loves being the shop keeper

nice 1 just ordered , cheers

Thanks ordered 2 for christmas pressies but as joannlcs says the title needs updating to include delivery

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FAO JOANNICS: I have ordered 5 of them as pressies in one transaction and once you go through to checkout the £5 charge for delivery comes off as a discount

awesome deal, ordered one to put away, we already have 2 trolleys and a kitchen in our house, hubby is going to go mad when he gets home lol

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SUGARHUNNIEPIE : Just reviewed my order confirmation and the delivery has come off as a discount as I spent over £30 on toys

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Hey Guys, I have just done a mock order on Tesco website for this just to confirm that indeed the £5 delivery charge comes off as a discount if you spend £30 on toys and I can confirm that it does automatically once you go through to the checkout/payment page. Hope this helps guys, thanks for all your comments.

5% topcashback too, nice one

Hot from me, ordered a couple as pressies. Don't forget quidco folks 3% better than nothing!!! Just hope they honour it now, keep up the good work great first post!!!!

Thanks dd will love this

wow amazing deal thanks. I was in such a hurry forgot about TCB:(

ordered thanks !

Very strange, just checked my account and it says:

Delivery 1 Delivery by large item courier
For delivery on Friday 31st December 9999 between 11:59pm - 11:59pm

Thanks, 2 ordered to put away for a year or two!

Nice post, just ordered five to go to various neices and nephews etc!

price need to be changed it is 13.74 with delivery


FAO JOANNICS: I have ordered 5 of them as pressies in one transaction and … FAO JOANNICS: I have ordered 5 of them as pressies in one transaction and once you go through to checkout the £5 charge for delivery comes off as a discount

Thanks - will cancel the original order and replaceit with 4 of them

Thanks OP just ordered one! i dont mind paying the postage, only have one neice! know she will love this!

Just bought 4 :-) - lush

Awsome deal thanks alot, ordered. hot hot hot, I need to go into bath full of ice to cool down now

cheers... for making m spend more money :P

Yes exactly same for mine. Hope it's just because delivery hasnt been determined yet.

I added a couple of extra toys on to get free delivery, can always return them after.


Ive ordered 4 and got free delivery
1 for us, 2 for presents
It would of been silly not to order a 4th if i was having to pay for delivery
4th will most likely be kept for spares!!

Fairly confident its a misprice, will be interesting to see if its fulfilled
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Silly question ... but can you return them to local Tesco store for refund ? In case you order 4 to get free delivery
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Just ordered one - thanks OP - great deal!

Awesome, that's my niece sorted for Christmas!

if you spend over £30 and choose the standard £5 delivery, it takes off the £5 delivery charge direct from smoby for the supermarket, then it takes the other £5 delivery charge off just before the transaction goes through. so you do actually get free delivery.
i did, when i just bough 2 kitchens and a mechtech optimus prime!!!

Yes anything from direct can be returned to store with your confirmation email. Refund is processed there and then

I should stay away from this website..

Real hot, thank you

;)marvellous find - another Tesco price glitch???? Had finished my xmas shopping but can't resist a bargain!! Cheers
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