8800GTS 320MB O.C only £99.99 delivered @ Novatech

8800GTS 320MB O.C only £99.99 delivered @ Novatech

Found 9th Apr 2008
This could be a mistake as there is no image and it says 100 due in stock, so they don't actually have any.

Simply follow the link, and select FREE 3-4 day service to get free delivery. Free next day delivery code attached, although they are not in stock so will be wasted.

I have not seen this card even close to this price anywhere else, and the 512mb version is over £200 in most places. A couple of these in SLI for the same price!

I have ordered one so here's hoping....

MSI Site have some info on the card here: global.msi.com.tw/ind…136


Sorry but this is not a very good deal. Both the 320gb & 640gb 8800GTS were replaced by the 8800GT and the 8800GTS both with 512Mb memory. The 8800 GT is quicker than either of the previous cards and is now available for not much more than this.

The move is for games to need 512mb memory on the graphics card to run well & at 320mb some games, like FSX, suffer memory memory related failures & lock ups. This will get worse as new games arrive.

Save your money & buy a 512 (not 256) Mb 8800gt card.

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Fair point, but most 8800gt 512mb are £150+! This is a good deal in its own right, especially seen as for the £100 and under mark at the moment this is the best card you can get without a doubt. :thumbsup:

If you have the bucks, then 512mb is worth the save I guess, but if your on a budget and want a decent card.... this is worth a look in surely?

COLD as a rock !!!!

this is a old g80 chip 320mb card. a 8800gt (g92) will out preform it by far and same price Reson for being so cheap is its old Very old



So is it cold then?

Compared to how much this card cost before it went EOL, this is a good deal, however, compared to the fact you can pick up a 8800GT for another 20 quid, it's a cold deal.

like i said waste of money if you want the old chipset buy a bfg oen of ebay for £80 odd

but buy a 8800gt g92 much better

Might be a good deal if you want to SLI one of these you've already got, but for a new computer I'd also recommend the 9600/8800.

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its seems its now £91.65
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