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8Bitdo SF30 Pro Gamepad Game Controller - £19.46 - AliExpress
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8Bitdo SF30 Pro Gamepad Game Controller - £19.46 - AliExpress

Posted 5th Jan 2018
Last posted at £28.62 and hit over 800 degrees, and rightfully so. Half the price of Amazon and a cracking controller for the coin.

SFC30 and SNES30 are back as Pro edition. Fully compatible with Nintendo Switch right out of the box. The controller is wireless Bluetooth, USC-C connection. And rumble and motion controller features with player indicator LED's. High quality and design by 8Bitdo of course, who else?


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Darn I better buy this, FFS, just purchased the SF basic for £14 this morning.
Is it reliable to buy from them?
Sexi controller
Dronelover30 s ago

How fast is the delivery usually?

It differs, but I'd use 4-6 weeks as a good estimate.
Sold out it says
It sold out almost straight away
Edited by: "westy90" 5th Jan 2018
muckilla1 m ago

Sold out it says

That lasted long. I've expired it.

It was definitely in stock and available to purchase (please see confirm and pay screen above).
Ouch. And I was about to purchase it as well
Got one! thanks
And I just paid £26 earlier today. Had a feeling this would happen but not on the same day.
Cant find at that price.
I bought this for £40 on day of release and I think it was worth it.
For this price, is a steal
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