8GB Portable Video Player £39 + 3YR Warranty @ Aldi 16th May
8GB Portable Video Player £39 + 3YR Warranty @ Aldi 16th May

8GB Portable Video Player £39 + 3YR Warranty @ Aldi 16th May

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8GB Portable Video Player £39. 99 each

This compact and stylish MP4 Player will keep boredom at bay. Ideal for travelling, with an 8GB capacity giving up to 2 hours of video storage or up to 2000 songs. The built-in 1.2 megapixel camera will let you take photos and even record your own videos.

* Intel Flash Memory
* 320 x 240 video resolution
* 2.2'' TFT colour screen
* Plays music files in MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, WAV and AAC formats
* Plays videos in XviD, WMV, FLV, RM and RMVB
* Displays JPEG, BMP, GIF and TIF image files
* Built-in FM radio
* Voice recorder
* Ebook reader


Original Poster


cracking price

Seems very good for the price, hot.


Very cheap, but an awfull player.
Menus a really bad and its hard to find your music.
I had one a few months ago and now its in the bin.

I have to agree I bought a 2gig many moons ago and I can see the design has not changed. Menus drive you nuts and are complicated and getting the movies the correct resolution and size drove me up the wall. OK if you just want it for music but worth going for a smaller memory branded model from sony or similar

good price.

Yeah a mate of mine has this and the menu is attrocious! Also be aware that if you rip your CD's with the standard Windows Media setting then it wont play the WMA's as it sometimes has the copy protect music option selected. If you untick this option or use MP3's it is fine. Just can be a pain when people have ripped a lot of stuff with it selected.

Someone stupidly got my grandad one, 1stly it was stupid because hes pretty much deaf, 2ndly he doesnt even listen to music, 3rdly he can barley work sky plus let alone a fiddly little device, with nasty cheap keys and the most god awful interface i have ever seen on a device. Let alone him actually put any music on it. For a £10 it might be ok if you were prepared to get used to the horrible interface, but even then I think it would still be tricky. For £39 there are far better players out there, hell you could have a decent mp3 player/mobile phone with a better camera for this price. You would never use this 1.3 MP cam anyway. Dont touch it, seriously.

Just a quick search from play.com found the Archos 1 Vision 4GB MP3 Player £24.99 Free Delivery. It might lack the 8GB but im sure its a millions times easier to use.

Very good price and good features on the surface for example video playback, 8gb storage, camera etc

But as an mp3 player these players are rubbish! I can't say I've used this particular one but I've used similar one's with awful interfaces and it really makes it a pain to use! (Maybe they have improved though?)

I doubt the camera is any good and most people have cameras on their phones anyway so doubt it'll see much use.

Video playback on a screen this size is pointless.

Included earphones will be garbage.

Sound output isn't likely to be great.

Basically, Get a Sony Walkman instead (or maybe another decent make). Might cost more but its worth it! (could even buy used from ebay and just buy a new set of earphones, might save some money!)

Not worth the money since you can get a Sansa Clip+ for the same price from Amazon.

Sorry OP but regardless of price this thing is a pile of @rse. Made the mistake a few months back and ended up taking it back. Aldi manager was a **** and said I could only take it back if it was faulty; I had already contacted head office to tell them how sh1t is was and they said to take it back to the store. Gave him a good running down and got a refund.
Absolutely NOT worth the hassle. Got myself a Sansa and haven't looked back....until now! :-(


save your cash, i got one, its a pile of poop, the menus are awful, syncing is slow and awful.


Not worth the money since you can get a Sansa Clip+ for the same price … Not worth the money since you can get a Sansa Clip+ for the same price from Amazon.

Does the Sansa Clip+ do video?


Does the Sansa Clip+ do video?

It doesn't matter. Video on a screen this size is pointless and you won't use it!

Either pop down carphone warehouse and get a cheap music playing phone then get a memory card. Or buy an archos, sansa clip, sony, samsung etc etc.

I think my dad bought this - it was either Aldi or Lidl, and I wouldn't recommend it either. The menu system is quite confusing and hard to navigate. The most annoying thing about is the buttons - they have a very loud plastic clinking noise every time you press them and you have to press them quite hard which hurts your finger only after a minute or so.

I think I will give this a miss based on the comments.

Id like to know who would go out in public listening to an aldi branded mp3 player id rather shove it in my butt

I purchased the Tevion Sound 8GB Portable Video Player (with 2.2" TFT Colour Display) Model No: 42813 - most recent release, as of 16th May 2010. :x

The screen/user-interface failed last night. I will be returning this product today (24 May 2010), and getting my money back.

As follows are a few personal points about this player:
Video playback is complex. Apparently you must convert your video format to a proprietary (320x240) standard using some poorly written software interface which you load onto your home computer. :thinking: I tried doing this repeatedly, but couldn't figure this out.

Audio playback - I used only mp3 format, which seemed ok. If you use the supplied earphones - that has a volume control built in, otherwise there is a hard to reach volume control on the device. There are no supplied software-based applications to change basic tonal quality. Display function adds a layer of noise on top of the standard playback, which distracts from overall sound quality.

I never used the photo playback, nor the audio recorder - though I did have a look at the camera and video recorder. These are disappointingly basic, with zero inbuilt controls. It takes a relatively long time for the image to stabilise, so no fast-moving action sequences please! I'd expect this same quality on a child's toy costing very much less.

The device itself is covered in a shaped aluminium case, which feels solid enough. There are a number of useful accessories in the box. It's let down by the plasticky buttons, which don't feel as if they will last more than a month or two. As it is - the display failed on mine, so I don't have a clue where I am in the confusing menu system.

There are 2 helplines on the box, but I worry about the quality of service provided and how much it would cost to use. If it's as basic as the website similarly listed, we're all doomed!
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