8GB USB drive for £31 delivered @ Aria !

8GB USB drive for £31 delivered @ Aria !

Found 8th May 2007
Get one of these using google checkout for the £10 discount. £31.06 inc del.. Select the royal mail option at the checkout, rather than pay the extra for next day. Not bad for a 8GB usb drive. Supposed to be brushed aluminium so hopefully wont be too flimsy.

Features : 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive | Sleek, Stylish new design with brushed aluminium body | The new portable hard-drive for your PC, MAC or laptop | High speed data transfer between computers using USB sockets | Up to 40X faster than USB 1.1 (when connected to a USB 2.0 compliant system) | Backward compatible with USB 1.1 systems (Will run at USB1.1 speed) | Fits on to your key ring | Password Protection (Windows) | Full 1-Year Warranty | The perfect gift for anyone with a computer

Description : Simply Plug into any USB port and your computer automatically recognises it like a second hard drive. Drag and drop files straight onto your flash drive - No Installation necessary



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I bet you guys have been really busy since the google checkout discount came in

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Holy moly great deal. HOT

The important information is here ;

Read speed 8MB/S
Write speed 7MB/s

Seems ok considering the amazing price.

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Yeh, not the fastest, but it aint no slouch either.
Write/read speed will of course vary from pc to pc.
I saw the speed, but still ordered one anyway a few hours ago. Just had the email stating it has been shipped already.

apparenty these are the chinese version easydisk. only 12 months warranty.
Still bought one thought! v. HOT Deal.
Thanks for the Info.

I have an HP branded drive identical to this - the aluminium is thin and scratches and dents easily, cap is also not secured very well so be careful!

Good price for what it is though.

excellent deal! Voted Hot!

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Out of stock now. !
funny, 'cos they had loads showing in stock earlier.


Just a tip for you:

These look identical to a load of USB sticks we got at work, branded as our company.

The "brushed metal" is actually a rather horrible cheap plastic thing, made to look metally, and I've had at least 5 die on me, my family, and colleagues.

IF (and I admit its a big if) these are from the same place, avoid like the plague. They are very slow, and smell funny too. Like bleach or cleaning stuff. Very odd. You get a usb extension lead with them.

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I know the ones you mean. Datawrite had some like that which were crap.
I have done some googling for reviews on these and the 4 gig ones came out ok and were actually proper aluminium with plastic edges.
I might have mine tomorrow, so we shall see how they fare.
They have got the drives listed on amazon (£47.99), and they state they are aluminium cases.
I hope these come back in stock

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Well it arrived today.
It IS aluminium, and the quality seems fine.
Speed test is 9.7 MB/s.
All in all I am happy with the purchase.
I hope anyone else that bought is happy too.
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