8x Cans Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi £2.00 @ Asda

8x Cans Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi £2.00 @ Asda

Found 4th Mar 2013
Pepsi is back on offer in Asda, online and instore.
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Removed Cherry Coke as already posted in another deal.
Same deal at Tesco £1.99
4 cans are always £1 in herons foods.
Didn't know the last offer had even finished! 4 for a quid in 99p store too
All the pound / 99p stores are moving to 3 cans and it is good news that asda has gone back down to a reasonable price
asda fleetwood has them at £2 all the time.
Cold, it rots your brain.

Same deal at Tesco £1.99

And 2 clubcard points also 8p in deals,every little helps
cheaper at Tesco, so has to be COLD...
£1.49 for 6 in HomeBargains
They are also selling 4 cans for 0.50p at Asda Metrocentre which would be 8 cans for £1. Half Price!
still 2 for £7 in my asda, also same online, voted cold.

Cold, it rots your brain.

Just like masturbation gives me hairy palms.
This is just a normal price which gets raised occasionally rather than the other way around.
Not really worthy of heat.
Not sure whats going on with the pricing £4 in the store i work in oO. I'll double check tomorrow.
8packs are £4 each or two for £7 in my local asda...even has a roll back sticker next to it, after weeks of being £2 for 8cans lol
Definitely £4, they are £1.99 in tesco however.
Definitely £4, they are £1.99 in Tesco however.
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