8x Ritek G05 DVD-R - Full Face Printable 50 @ £4.99 - 250 DISCS for £30.85 delivered

8x Ritek G05 DVD-R - Full Face Printable 50 @ £4.99 - 250 DISCS for £30.85 delivered

Found 1st Sep 2007
Discs are shrink wrapped on a spindle and suitable for thermal printers.

Ordering more than 250 discs increase the delivery charge.

Delivery is a bit pricey at £5.99 for 250 discs, but if you add any of the free delivery items to your basket, the whole order is then free delivery!

The cheapest free delivery item is a metal CD wallet @ £5.99, so you may aswell 'pay' for one of those and get the free delivery!!

If you buy discs in bulk, this has got to be a great deal!
Similar product at SVP is £7.25 per spindle!


Not a bad price but G05 dye tends to degrade a little too quickly.

Also these are not full face printable, and not suitable for injket printing.

offer does not apply to northern ireland.. surprise surprise.
Dont english companys realise that by adding up to £14.99 for delivery ,why on earth would People from NI (which is as much part of the Uk as Scotland and Wales)
buy from them because by adding this cost makes the product far more expensive than travelling 15 miles to my closest tesco or asda and buying the most expensive blank dvds I can find!!!!! something needs to be done I could buy bedroom furniture from say argos and have it delivered for what about £3.95 and thats a lot bigger and heavier than 100 blank dvds .
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