9 Bottles of Evian water for £2.00 @ Co-operative

9 Bottles of Evian water for £2.00 @ Co-operative

Found 4th Sep 2015
Im sure Evian tends to be expensive so £2 for 9 is about 22p a bottle which is a steal! Was plenty in my store in Stockport so can imagine it is a national thing.
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Are they 50cl
If I were in government, I'd slam a monster green tax on bottled water. It really is the most ridiculous concept.

1. Bottle water in a foreign country
2. Stick it in a plastic bottle (that has itself been created by extracting oil from the earth)
3. Load it into lorries and ship it to wherever the demand is.
4. Charge the mug of a consumer at the other end a 1000%+ markup over the equivalent bottle of tap water

What a disgraceful waste of effort and energy. Just use your tap people. & reuse your bottles.

(I say this having spent 5 days at Shambala Festival - where bottled water is unavailable. All 15,000 festival goers refilled their bottles via the taps on site. Pretty sure every one survived)

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Are they 50cl

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