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9 Movie Action Collection [Blu-ray]

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Collection of nine films including Miami Vice, The Ides of March, Wanted, Kill Me Three Times, The American, Kill The Irishman, Secret in Their Eyes, Out of the Furnace and Untraceable.

Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) is a boring, average guy who has good reasons to hate his life: his boss constantly bullies him and his girlfriend sleeps with his best friend. But then he meets the exciting Fox (Angelina Jolie), gets caught in the middle of a shootout and learns that his missing father has just been brutally murdered. Wes meets the Brotherhood, a powerful secret society that controls the fate of humanity. Thanks to Fox's tough training, the former wimp develops lightning-fast reflexes and superhuman dexterity. Eventually, Wes follows in his father's footsteps to seek revenge. But the brotherhood also has a dark side and Wes has to decide who should actually control his life...

Brilliant images, revolutionary tricks, spectacular stunts and tough duels make this comic film adaptation a visual fireworks display.

Miami Vice
The Florida sun casts dark shadows: In Miami's underworld, drugs and weapons make millions of dollars every day. In order to expose a powerful drug cartel, the smart undercover cops Sonny Crockett (Colin Farrell) and Ricardo Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) infiltrate themselves as disguised drug couriers using fast cars and state-of-the-art firearms. But things only really get hot in Miami when Sonny starts an affair with Isabella (Gong Li), the drug boss's wife. But the temptations of the underworld also endanger the secret mission of the two cops - Crockett and Tubbs become so absorbed in their roles that they are suddenly no longer sure which side of the law they are actually on...

Kill Me Three Times
“Kill me three times” is an action comedy starring “Hot Fuzz” star Simon Pegg. In the role of contract killer Charlie Wolfe, he is supposed to hunt down the small town beauty Alice. But Charlie isn't the only one who has his sights on the young woman! The dentist Nathan Webb and his sexy wife Lucy also want to get her. In the chaotic mess of murder, blackmail and revenge, Charlie ends up in the line of fire himself...

A black comedy in which the lust for murder is taken to the extreme with lots of morbid humor!

The Ides of March
The young political consultant Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling) is a shooting star in his industry. In his early 30s, he organized the election campaign of US presidential candidate Mike Morris (George Clooney). Meyers is a self-confident, dynamic career guy. With passion and ingenious tricks, he develops sophisticated strategies that give the charismatic Governor Morris a head start. This also makes Stephen's own career shine even more. But his ambition is also his greatest weakness. The other side exploits this mercilessly and sets a scheming trap for him. Now Stephen is forced to choose: ideals or career?

An exciting political thriller in a class of its own from superstar George Clooney. Brilliant actors deliver razor-sharp dialogues. Provocative, intelligent and ruthless, the explosive story offers high tension until the end.

The American
Jack (George Clooney) is a contract killer and a master of his craft: extremely precise, constantly on guard and extremely suspicious. When he finds himself in the crosshairs of unscrupulous criminals, he decides that his next assignment should be his last. In order to prepare in peace and quiet, the reserved loner goes into hiding in an Italian mountain village. He slowly comes to trust the local priest Benedetto (Paolo Bonacelli), who, however, shows a noticeable interest in Jack. And finally there is the seductive Clara (Violante Placido), who increasingly captivates him. But the more Jack opens up to those around him, the more vulnerable he becomes. This could have fatal consequences...

Out of the Furnace
Iraq War veteran Rodney Baze (Casey Affleck) is tired of working in the steel mill to make a living like his older brother Russell (Christian Bale). He prefers to fight in illegal street fights. A fatal decision, because when he takes on the brutal and ice-cold gang leader Harlan DeGroat (Woody Harrelson), it has dire consequences. Rodney doesn't return and the police investigation comes to nothing. That's why Russell, with unbridled anger, sets off on his own...

Bulletproof Gangster (aka Kill The Irishman)
Danny Greene (Ray Stevenson) is an unerring shooter, has nerves of steel and nine lives - ideal qualifications for a power-hungry gangster who wants to fight his way to the top in the underworld. When the Mafia puts a price on Danny's head, a bloody turf war begins that turns Cleveland into a war zone. But no matter how many assassination attempts are made on him - Danny continues his rise to crime boss and destroys everyone who stands in his way...

Action specialist Jonathan Hensleigh ("The Punisher") tells the true story of a fearless man with top-class stars such as Christopher Walken ("Man on Fire"), Val Kilmer ("Bad Lieutenant") and Paul Sorvino ("Goodfellas"), whose steadfastness brought down the powerful mafia syndicates in the USA.

Secret in Their Eyes
The successful FBI investigators Ray (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and Jess (Julia Roberts) are a well-rehearsed team who work closely with the prosecutor Claire (Nicole Kidman) - until a terrible tragedy changes everything. Jess' daughter is brutally murdered and apparently without any motive.

The investigation soon reveals a suspect, but he has to be released due to lack of evidence. After Ray has been obsessively searching for the killer every day for 13 years, he suddenly comes across a new lead. He reopens the case, but this time unofficially. Nothing should stand in the way of justice anymore. But revenge is a dangerous motive, and the investigators are unprepared for the shocking secret that awaits them...

FBI agent Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) fights on the front lines in the Cybercrime Division against criminals who commit their crimes on the Internet. Jennifer solves every case - until an untraceable serial killer abuses the Internet surfers' thirst for sensation as a murder weapon: the more people click on the murderer's website, the faster his victims die a horrific death in front of the webcam. When Jennifer finally finds a lead on the sadistic psychopath, she finds herself caught in his deadly web...

In his gripping psychological thriller, director Gregory Hoblit ("The Perfect Crime") takes you directly into the darkest abyss of a digitalized world in which every click can kill.
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    Heat for taking the time to add the trailers!!
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    Always try to. Especially when I haven't heard of 50% of the films before
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    Quantity over quality for the price?
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    Only Wanted is any good....
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    I'd only call 1/2 of these action movies.
    Ides of march though good is a political drama
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