9 (Nine) Limited Edition ( With Hardback Book ) [Blu-Ray] [2009] £11.99 @ MovieMail
9 (Nine) Limited Edition ( With Hardback Book ) [Blu-Ray] [2009] £11.99 @ MovieMail

9 (Nine) Limited Edition ( With Hardback Book ) [Blu-Ray] [2009] £11.99 @ MovieMail

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Very nice special edition with 120 Page Hardback Book Packaging. Good price too.

Tesco £20.47
Amazon/Play £21.99

Animated, action-packed fantasy adventure set in a post-apocalyptic future where the human race has been destroyed by machines which they themselves created. All that exists, aside from a number of the machines, is a group of sapient rag dolls brought to life by a scientist in the final days of humanity who stumble upon 9 (voiced by Elijah Wood), another of their own kind. The group, consisting of war veteran and leader 1 (Christopher Plummer), frail inventor 2 (Martin Landau), non-verbal twins 3 and 4, engineer 5 (John C Reilly), vision-plagued artist 6 (Crispin Glover), brave fighter 7 (Jennifer Connelly), and dim but strong 8 (Fred Tatasciore), welcome 9 in the hope that he can help them muster the courage to battle the remaining machines and save what is left of the world.

Blu-ray Extras

60 page Hardback Book Packaging! ( on Amazon/Play they say it's 120 pages! )
U Control - Picture in Picture
9 - The Long and the Short of It
On Tour with Shane Acker
The Look of 9
Acting Out
9 - The Original Short with commentary
Feature Commentary with Writer/Director Shane Acker, Animation Director Joe Ksander, Head of Story Ryan O'Loughlin and Editor Nick Kenway.


Thanks a lot. Have been waiting for this to drop below £15 for ages.


Saw it on Sky last weekend, thought it was a good film, hot!

been wanting this since release. buying now, heat added, cheers and all that good stuff.

Amazing film!

crap film no story crap ending too

Nice book packaging, average film!

I was surprised how much i enjoyed this film and the animation and design is superb.

Wanna see this. Hot deal.

Loved this film. Recommended.

Region B Blu-Ray so good deal.
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loved this movie but found it was too short, an extra half hour would have put it in my top ten movies list

I asked a German friend if he liked this film. You can guess what he said!

The LFE on this is incredible!, my BKxls400s rock the house. Good film to boot.

saw a trailer for this and thought it was a must see, wasnt bad and i really liked some of the ideas but was a bit too kiddy for me even in some parts...

Cheers amazon have just put this up £4

Got the normal BluRay. Excellent film - no matter what others say! - and if you have a decent sub it'll be rumbling throughout the whole thing.

I'd been keen to watch this film since seeing the trailers in the cinema a while ago. Finally watched the DVD last week and it's rubbish. It has no story and the characters are dull. Looks nice but that's about it.

It was runoured only 999 of these were produced to make it truly a limited edition. Does anyone know any more about that, is it true?

999.. it would make sense, it was jsut the one scene where number 9 was saying dont kill the machine theyll die with it over and over again and then No.1 says kill the machine, it was just to blatently irrational for my aspurges!.... enjoyable all the same

all gone

Back in stock at £12.99!

Mods please unexpire, this is back in stock at £11.99p.

Back in stock
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