9 Pack Mars Bars only £1.59 at Heron Foods

9 Pack Mars Bars only £1.59 at Heron Foods

Found 1st Oct 2016
Given 4 for a quid is a decent price thought this was exceptional.

9 pack of Snickers same price and also 12 Milky Ways for same price.

Another bargain from Heron!
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Are these the same ones that are £1.50 at Tesco?


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£1.50 at Tesco for 9 packs of Mars Or Snickers, also £1.50 7 Packs (14 Double packs) Bounty And Twix.
Good price and heat added but remember not to compare them with standard size bars, I seen these the other day and the bars are much smaller
£1.50 in wilko - cold from me
These are now more like party size bars. The Mars and Snickers are tiny compared to other multi pack bars like Kit-Kat Chunky, Double Decker etc
They're about 40g each so no not really like party size.
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