9 Pack of Twix   89p @ Poundstretcher

9 Pack of Twix 89p @ Poundstretcher

Found 7th Aug
Treat yourself and your loved ones with this four pack of delicious, mouth-watering Twix, plus you get one extra! With crunchy biscuit fingers covered in caramel and smothered in milk chocolate. Twix is a great, classic chocolate bar, and now not only can you share them with others, you can also have them in your lunch box!

  • 6 pack + 3 for free
  • Caramel covered biscuits with milk chocolate
  • Great for sharing or lunches
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I was all excited then as i wrongly thought it was a 9 pack of Twix as in the original 2 sticks so like 18 sticks.
If only.
Never mind still Hot
They also have 5 packs of the twin Twix for £1.19
They're full sized ones too, from Germany. Not the crappy Brexity reduced sized UK ones.
It doesn’t say if it’s the left side or the right? It makes all the difference!
Thanks for the post, but as it's now common practice to reduce the size and then give a misleading headline number could you post the weight?

It's only a question of time before they will start selling 100 2g twix bars for £1.
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