£90 cashback with Vodafone contract
£90 cashback with Vodafone contract

£90 cashback with Vodafone contract

Just noticed this one, Vodafone are offering £90 cashback via Quidco with any mobile phone contract.

You could go for the lowest contract and cancel within a month and make £70


You would be commited to at least 12 month contract so you'd be unable to cancel in after first month.

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You are allowed by law to cancel in first 28 days under long distant contractual selling regulations

They probably would decline the cashback if you done that.

This is still a bloody Hot Deal if you had planned to take out a Vodafone contract. I will definately be taking one out now, first 4 months free!

took out a contract yesterday and the £90 was tracked 1hr later on Quidco. Thanks.

Noticed on the voda website they are offering account credit of up to £200 (18 months) or £150 (12 months) either sim only or with a nokia 6300
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