90% off Swimwear at Bargain crazy!

90% off Swimwear at Bargain crazy!

Found 1st Jul 2008
Swimwear with up to 90% off!
Items starting from as little as £2.00, famous brands such as resort, Morgan and oasis.
Free delivery with code when you spend over £30
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[COLOR="Red"]ONLY £2.00![/COLOR]
Not surprising really.. it's not covering much is it :giggle:.

[COLOR="red"]Oasis bikini only £5.00[/COLOR]
Won't be buying any but i will enjoy the pictures

[COLOR="red"]Oasis bkini only £3.00[/COLOR]
Not in the least interested in the offer but many thanks for posting the link to those images!!
Very HOT;-)
:-( no rear shots............. to see how they fit

.......she makes it hot tho'

Oasis Bikin went out quickly.. Hot
Hot :whistling:
nice photos
Heated, missus sorted for holiday good spot
Its good to see they are not encouraging young girls in the anorexia direction by using skinny models - as the curvaceous girl they picked clearly has a good future (or a lot to look forward to?).

Excellent swimwear - just look....





Just leave the rep now!!!!

Swimwear ,.... got to be hot ..... its 80 F outside anyways....
Is there anymore pics you can put on here,im enjoying it on here tonite. :whistling:

:-( no rear shots............. to see how they fit.......she makes it hot … :-( no rear shots............. to see how they fit.......she makes it hot tho'

Her face looks mildly photoshopped! Who's really complaining tho! :whistling:

gertcha! fnar fnar


er.....I mean "hot!"
Very HOT for the pictures!!!
I votted hot as they are wow :O)
These ones are only 20p! LOL
My Fav!!! as I can see thru .....
Isn't it utterly pathetic how grown men can react in such a juvenile manner to pictures of attractive young women in swimsuits?

Please are there any more of them?
yeah it's absolutely pathetic. please grow up or take it somewhere else, this is a forum for saving money, not perving on HOT ladies in.. bikinis.. super tight bikinis....

what was I saying? oh yeah, I remeber - any more pictures?
WOOF WOOF!! Oh my.

https://www.bargaincrazy.com/epages/BargainCrazy.sf/secD9RBe_g12uo/?ObjectPath=/Shops/BargainCrazy/Products/J05023JV/SubProducts/J05023JV01D Does any1 knw whic item its referrin to pls?thanks

Water-resistant up to 30m. Pictured centre right.

Hope that helps...?
:s, which colour wtch? i have no idea what centre right is? is it the blac one ? thanks for u help.

These ones are only 20p! LOL

Two here could be wearing one piece swim suits - and you would never know. :shock::cry:

:s, which colour wtch? i have no idea what centre right is? is it the … :s, which colour wtch? i have no idea what centre right is? is it the blac one ? thanks for u help.

I'm confused at your confusion! You send a link titled 'Calvin Klein White Dial Gold Watch PP'. The description says Centre Right... Which I'm guessing is the one to the right...It is hard to describe yes but the title says it all...white dial and its a gold watch. I only see one in the photograph that has a white dial and is a gold watch... is this a trick you're playing!!
hot hot hot all the way to the beach
Is this thread getting HOTTER because of the deal or the babes pictures? :-D ?? !! Ha Ha! I added heat for both though :-D !!
Thanks for the heads up.

Showed my G/F and she said are they crazy? To which i responded - yes... Bargain Crazy :roll:
LOL.....I was hoping it was not that one..... ! thanks!!
wow, why dont we see this in sunny Barry Island????
Thank you!
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