900g of jumbo salted peanuts - 73p @ Sainsburys

900g of jumbo salted peanuts - 73p @ Sainsburys

Found 8th Jan 2009
Found a whole shelf of these reduced to a paltry 73p in my local (Winchester) store yesterday. If you love peanuts like me this is a great deal.

Best before Apr 09.



i'd like to see proof of their "jumboness" do you have pics? Measurements?

Touché :-D

In our local store (Derby) they also had a jumbo christmas tin of Mini chedders for 60-70p (sorry can't remember exact price. Not many left though.

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Zing. They're not HUGE, but considerably larger than your plain old KP. Prob 13mm length?

You want me to measure girth too?

He's a dirty boy he is. ;-)

I think this is just old Xmas stock and therefore there will be "hit or miss" as to if your local store will stock it or have any stock left. I picked up some chili peanuts last time I went at a knock down price. Not sure if it will get hot we'll see.......

13.2mm is the internationale standard for Jumbo Peanuts, anything less and they're just peanuts

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Well since you've mentioned it, yes:oops:

Girth about 3.5cm. Satisfying I'd say.
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