£9.99 each or 2 for £15 imaginext batman figures including very rare clayface and others! instore & online @ Argos

£9.99 each or 2 for £15 imaginext batman figures including very rare clayface and others! instore & online @ Argos

LocalFound 28th Oct 2014
I went into my local Argos today and in the catalogue found imaginext batman figures 2 for £15. In the catalogue it says you can pick between cat woman batman and the joker I asked to see what figures they had available before I paid and they had lots of different ones including very rare clayface which retails at £20+ on Amazon and eBay on its own! Also included scarecrow and poison ivy, k croc and many more rare imaginext figures worth seeing what figures are available at your local Argos when your next in especially if you have a imaginext batman fan like mine! I will have a very happy little boy Christmas morning.
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Online link added, thanks for posting
Thanks its only second time posting so im still a little rusty haha
no clayface when I click the link
On the link it will only show batman, catwoman and joker. As it does in the catalogue but if you go instore and ask to see what figures they have available they have alot more than stated on the website and in the catalogue.
great deal but all of my local argos stores only show one in stock!! very annoying!!
If you can't find Clayface in Argos and are desperate for it you can get it delivered from Amazon in the US for about £15.
Found x4 clayface in local debenhams last weekend £9 each.
Great thank u ! Just got scarecrow poison ivy and clay face got little one 2 batman caves batman jail and joker fun factory so the extra figures help
The 1 in stock is a glitch on the site change the quantity to 10 and it will tell you if there is more x
Jus picked up a clay face yay xx
Glad i could help i was so excited yesterday when i found it. I have literally searched everywhere for it its the only thing my sons asked for for christmas x
All the rarer figures can be found in debenhams for £9 if you dont manage to get them from argos, but they're the newer versions which have the ugly bean faces and of lesser quality but I picked up clay face none the less.
They don't sound that rare.

They don't sound that rare.

They are, I've been picking up these over the past few months for my son for Xmas and Ive never seen Clayface, Poison Ivy or Scarecrow ever.

The US have had newer figures released such as Nightwing and Deathstroke packs and Plastic Man and Martian Manhunter and they're all really rare too and they haven't hit here yet.
Heat for Clayface,cheers op
Why would any kid want Clayface ? weird

Found x4 clayface in local debenhams last weekend £9 each.

why would you need 4?
Njdbsxter I don't need x4 just saying they are in debenhams so no need to panic that they are so rare that you then pay over the top.
All my local stores have hardly any stock of any of the 2 for £15 items. I am pretty disappointed yet again with Argos.
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