£9.99 for Pirate Ship Expedition (RRP £39.99)

£9.99 for Pirate Ship Expedition (RRP £39.99)

Found 12th Dec 2014
My Little boy wanted a pirate ship and I nearly picked this toy up last week for £26.99 - held back for a week and picked it up today for £9.99

Some other fine toys going for 2 for £20 as well.

I attached the Bill of Purchase along with the image, but that has not come out well. Will attach it separately later.

There were 4 more ships at B&M on Glasgow Road, Edinburgh - hope it makes some little boy as happy as mine was when we got it home.


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A better picture than the one that I have posted.

Moderators, how can i just upload a picture of the bill instead of hosting it somewhere else?

Might be a good idea to put '@ B&M' in the title, OP.
Good deal nonetheless
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