£9.99/Month Broadband on 512kb speed
£9.99/Month Broadband on 512kb speed

£9.99/Month Broadband on 512kb speed

I called Tiscali regarding my broadband and was offered a rate of £9.99/Month (Unlimited) because I live too far away from the exchange and can only get 512kb/s. Saving me £5/Month. They don't offer this product on their website, you have to phone. Worth a go if your with them.


Thanks for sharing

What, did you just call them up, and asked for a cheaper rate? :confused:
I'm exactly on the same boat as you, on Tiscali 512K. No higher speed available unless MaxDSL...

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Basically yes, didn't see why I should be paying more for a service that I wasnt getting. Good Luck - probably depends on who you get.
PS I still had ages left on my contract.

Namesco ]http//ww…tml have a deal during August where they will give you Broadband for a year, including a Zyxel router for 60 quid. Yes, 60 quid. It reverts to £10.90 a month after that - but you can cancel at any time.

I have no experience of Namesco, but their users seem to rate them better than Tiscali here: ]http//ww…are

Hope this helps,

Thank you Mrtootough. I might try soon.
My contract is up end Aug, but am very happy with Tiscali.
Cheaper would make me even happier:wink:

Thank you Creamola, but my total monthly download is more than 2GB:(

Thanks! mate of mine has the exact same problem of being to far away.

I'm on unlimited 2mb and no major problems, the fair usage thing can catch you out if you download a lot.
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