99p DVDs @ Big/WHSmith (IN-STORE)

99p DVDs @ Big/WHSmith (IN-STORE)

Found 20th Nov 2010Made hot 20th Nov 2010
IN-STORE ONLY. If you have a Big store or a WHSmith with an Entertainment section operated by Big, there's a bunch of 99p DVDs for you to buy. Many of these are rental copys, so they're the film only, but its not bad for cheap entertainment.

Thunderbirds (Full Retail Version)
Death Sentence
A Bunch of Amateurs
The Informers
Ronan Keating: Destination Wembley 2002

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There's also Mutant Chronicles @ 99p

I purchased these from the Manchester Arndale store of Big the other week. They stated on the receipt that Semi Pro and Mutant Chronicles were ex-rentals. However They both came shrink wrapped and both cases and discs were totally unmarked. I can't see how they could be anything other than brand new.

In the Manchester Arndale store they had alot 10-30% extra off their marked price aswell. Presume that wasn't store specific but that was last week. Suprised they didn't have a website.
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