99p Peacocks delivery only this weekend

99p Peacocks delivery only this weekend

Found 19th Oct 2013
Hurry up - only this weekend + mid season sale up to 50% off, also 20% off when paying by PayPal still working --> you need to open an account.

Normal price:
Royal Mail Standard
Items delivered in 3-5 Days. Mon to Sat, 8.30-5.30 excl. public holidays.***

Royal Mail Express
Orders placed by 2.00pm, delivered within 48hrs. Mon to Sat, 8.30 - 5.30 excluding public holidays. ** ***
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Wish to God I'd never been there.
cant get the paypal code to work- any clues?

cant get the paypal code to work- any clues?

During the check out stage add PayPal code which is - PAYPAL20.
For this to be accepted you need to register for an account with Peacocks (presumably new, so get a new one). It didn’t work for me either when I initially added the code from GUEST level. I’m assuming you’re doing the same.
It will be added for sure before purchase/payment confirmation as I got mine today, see below:

Subtotal £28.00
Shipping & Handling £0.99
Discount (PAYPAL20) -£5.60
Grand Total (Excl.Tax) £18.72
Tax £4.67
Grand Total (Incl.Tax) £23.39
Hope it helps


Great, no worries ;-)
Thanks for the Paypal tip, worked for me
Thanks ordered 2 dresses on sales and used paypal code. £15.39 all together. Hope I like them!
Ok... so just checked my email confirmation and PayPal has taken the total price of £18.99 and not the discount? When I went through PayPal it def was showing the discounted price and processed it at £15.39. I know it's only a few pounds but wondering why it processed it at the discounted price but receipt now showing as gone through at full price?
Ooh... your post made me thinking so i quickly went to check my paypal and no... they've charged me as on the bill. I guess you either take it up with paypal 1st and maybe peacocks 2nd and see where it went wrong?!
Are you sure you chose 0.99p delivery though? Maybe worth cancelling this order and go with 2nd purchase again?
Good luck
Just checked mine just in case!
Paypal taken the correct amount and got the discount as I expected
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