99p rentals for students @ blockbuster

99p rentals for students @ blockbuster

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if you go into blockbuster with your student id you can join up and get a free rental to start and 99p rental there after


is that for all films including new releases? How long can you keep them for?


Does anyone know if that includes games ?

is that 99p rental there after forever or just for your second rental?

No, its first rental only with discount on other rentals from there after.

I work in blockbusters and we accept the 99p rentals on games.

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i work in blockbusters to what store you work at

One In Colne, Lancashire. And yourself?

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wallasey village district 21

Can you still get this if you're already a member?


Can you still get this if you're already a member?

Only with the http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/2332/disguisekitdu1.jpg


Only with the

lol :roll: :thumbsup:

dontasciime, that made me laugh out loud.

Haha - I wonder if that would work??

What a great deal, just a shame i'm not a student. :roll:

is it 99p for so many rentals or for aslong as your a student?


how long can u keep them 4?

thanx in advance

I think its 99p but you have to take it back the same day, i had to pay £2.50 for 2 nights when I signed up but I did get a free rental and used it to rent Fifa 09. Also 10% off on pre-owned games I think. I turned my account into a Student account so no need to make a new account, my girlfriend and housemate also signed up.

Hope that helps :thumbsup:

99p for only 1 day?

just a heads up, only blockbuster express stores participate

Don't you think you should be studying instead of watching movies?:p


just a heads up, only blockbuster express stores participate

Darn it , the one in my town is a big Blockbuster :cry:

Don't get me wrong but I thought any real student would have saved the 99p for a pint of snakebite down the uni bar and downloaded the latest movies off a torrent site!!! :prop:

is this confirmed that it's only in the express stores?

The store I go to in Preston is not an express and I have a student account there. It's a student flagship store the guy told me and they are testing it out.

OK, here's the deal - with a student account your first rental is free and then £2.50 thereafter, not including boxsets/games which remain at full price. If you can return the items before 6pm on the day of renting then it's just 99p and this DOES include boxsets and games. Students also get 10% off pre-owned games and DVDs. The student account is available in ALL stores, not just Express stores. There are a number of stores which have been designated "student" stores, and those stores are actively promoting these offers but every store is participating. If they tell you anything different, they're either misinformed or lying! Hope this helps someone.

Would the 10% discount work with buying consoles dvd players but specifically the blu ray player that they are taking pre orders on???

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dont no about that yet sorry still tryin to find out how much staff get discount on it
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