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Agrius Rage Solid Motorcycle Helmet (Pinlock Ready) £21.69 + £2.99 delivery @ Ghostbikes (Free del. over £25 spend)
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Fantastic price at £24.68 delivered - listed online at £21.69 + £2.99 P&P. Has a decent SHARP rating at 4 stars. Reviews are excellent - over a 100 independent reviews, 95 of… Read more
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I have the rage sv, great helmet and the first to not set off my Migraines. Would I keep it over a year or two, no. But then again I don't keep a helmet over that anyways or after the slightest drop or bang. I recommended this to a guy at work that insisted on riding with a skull cap, he was in a crash the week after he got it and it protected as needed. Been riding 30+ years and never will I overpay for a name again when the ratings are the same.


Is it just me or does Agrius Rage depict a connotation of aggression and anger? Two lethal combinations surely when it comes to biking? Just saying...


I have an obscenely large head, i found this out when i tried on a bike helmet for the first time. I would say more than anything its important to try a helmet on in a shop rather than buy online. By all means try one on and then buy the exact same one on line, but dont trust it without trying it on. As for price, a more expensive one might be lighter but the safety tests are the same (as mentioned before) Also fully removable inside pads is great as after a summer of riding the inside of a helmet will still smell like an old sock.


My brother always bought really good biker kit including his helmet he would never take a risk and lo and behold that helmet saved his life when he was hit by a car so please do your research before buying.


"Rage" is just the funniest product name, marketing shove it into anything they want to sell to young men. Even computer RAM. If there's one thing you want to associate with roads, it's rage, right? Or safety. Safety rage.

Shoei RYD Plain Motorcycle Helmet £212.49 w/code incl delivery @ Ghostbikes (Sharp Rating 5 / 5-Year Warranty)
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Okay, normally I look for helmets with a good SHARP rating and a budget price, this time I've found the Shoei RYD helmet on offer with code TOP15 Making it £212.49 delivered. It … Read more



Amazing helmet at a good price, sadly sold out of my size in the brighter colours. Gutted


great price for good helmet. Would prefer to try few sizes in the local shop, but for people that already have shoei helmet, they should not the size they need. Great find !


Quality lid at a good price, nice find

Spidi Garage Leather Motorcycle Jacket in black or brown £288.99 delivered with code @ Ghost Bikes
Found 17th Nov 2018Found 17th Nov 2018
Obviously this deal isn't going to appeal to everyone but for the money and quality this jacket is a really good buy for a bike leather jacket and it's £369.99 elsewhere not includ… Read more

Nice retro jacket from a good manufacturer. I might be a bit concerned about the construction from many leather panels as all the stitching weakens the structure.


Thanks for posting this. Guys just remember this isn't your average (fake) motorcycle jacket styled jacket... It's an actual motorcycle jacket that is designed as safety gear. If you're just looking for a normal leather jacket, this isn't it.

Black Pro Range Steel Folding Motorcycle Ramp £28.59 Delivered @ Ghost Bikes
Found 9th Nov 2018Found 9th Nov 2018
Poss an all time low on this, I certainly haven't seen a better price for it. Reviews are good and it's already a decent price at £30.09, but using code TMIX it comes down to £28… Read more

As someone who once got an RD125LC in the back of a Triump 2500 this made me laugh.


Bought one for the Mini Cooper ...Now i can get the FJ 1300 in the boot a bit easier .... ;)


4 could be good for a quad bike 😃


Cheers op ordered (y) 🏻


A mate, Big Davie has one as a cheese grater..

Agrius Rage SV Warp Motorcycle Helmet (Pinlock Ready) £28.49  w/code delivered @ Ghostbikes
Found 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
Already a reasonable price at £29.99 delivered, but if you add code TMIX it knocks it down to £28.49. Has a decent SHARP rating at 4 stars. Reviews are also good. Available in B… Read more

There's never 'enough' to spend on a helmet..> Everyone will have a different opinion of 'enough'. You spend what you can afford. I'd rather this than a third hand shoei with a history I've no idea about that could have been dropped down the stairs 10 times and been used to swat flies against a wall. Would I buy one? No, I'm lucky I can afford more, but as I said, I'd buy this over another of unknown origin.


Most if not all the time you’ll be riding, not crashing, so fit, comfort, noise levels etc are as important as any crash test. Arai helmet testing is not based on the flawed sharp rating tests, hence the ratings they get. Anyway, no I wouldn’t buy any helmet I hadn’t tried on first, regardless of cost.


It's worth noting that the SHARP testing is only done at 19 mph so if you plan on going faster than that, might be worth investing a bit more :S . The fit can be one of the biggest features so it's worth trying in a shop beforehand. That said, it's a LOT of helmet for the price. Polycarb, sun visor, pinlock and removable liner are usually found north of £100. So it's either a really good deal or they cheaped out somewhere?


My point was that it is widely considered that arai (expensive) make good lids, but most (11 out of 14) do not achieve 5 stars. Other poster said only go for 5 stars as a minimum. So, either cost matters,or Sharp rating matters, but not both.


My agv k3 cost about £150 more and has the save rating, but it's a great fit for my head shape

Knox Cold Killers Core V15 Hot Hood Balaclava was £21.98 now £11.48 Delivered w/code @ Ghost Bikes
Found 30th Oct 2018Found 30th Oct 2018
Bit niche but it's a cracking price delivered for a Knox Cold Killers Core V15 Hot Hood Balaclava - next best is £16.99 at the moment. Currently reduced down from £19.99 to £9.99 … Read more

Code Works Great Thanks ;)


sorry to do this, but it's 'to do'


And they want to ban the burka lol


Totally agree - I'm buying it for on the bike, not on the bike ;)


Agrius Oscar Motorcycle Boots £33.59 delivered @ Ghost Bikes (Slight manufacturer seconds)
Found 29th Oct 2018Found 29th Oct 2018
Good reviews on site for these.Yep, they're slight seconds, but nothing detrimental to the boots performance. For £33.59 I don't think they are bad at all and still look like a dec… Read more

Are they slippery on wet surface ?


Great boots. Thanks :)


They cancelled my order not impressed


No longer working


Been looking for a pair of these that are plain to wear for a while. Couldn't look past them for £36 posted to Northern Ireland. Ordered a size bigger (UK 10 for Size 9 feet) going by reviews here and on the website.

Shoei NXR various colours £269.99 using code (£299.99 before code) @
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
Shoei NXR various colours £269.99 using code (£299.99 before code) @
Should have posted this up last night when I spotted it as sizes now seem to be shifting fast when all were available last night, so apologies there but eyelids were getting heavy … Read more
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Thanks for the info (y)


you can still find a good deal :)


Nice. That was a good deal you got.


I paid £270 for white with grey artwork, it was on offer


Tried the GT-Air Pendulum on today in a J&S accessories store, really nice lid. Would love to have gotten that one in the red white and black as I think the inbuilt sun visors are brilliant but being the cheapest I can see it is £400, couldn't justify an extra £130 just for a sun visor.

Buffalo Scope women's motorcycle jacket £39.99 @ Ghost bikes
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
Buffalo Scope women's motorcycle jacket £39.99 @ Ghost bikes
Seems like a reasonable price drop for a brand named ladies motorcycle jacket(73%). Sizes 14, 16 and 18 available.

I’m a regular customer of GB been shopping here for years and found them to be bang on everytime.


73% reduction in price. This site has a number of other deals if you are interested in motorcycle stuff.

65% Off Black Venture Motorcycle Jacket Now £34.99 @ GhostBikes Was: £99.99
Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017
65% Off Black Venture Motorcycle Jacket Now £34.99 @ GhostBikes Was: £99.99
£34.99£83.9958%Ghost Bikes Deals
Quality Biker Jacket that's still £83.99 on GhostBikes ebay store so could be a possible misprice. Excellent user reviews. I've owned a few of the black branded gear from ghost b… Read more

Likely either one then, i am after my first bike jacket so maybe I ought to get something a bit better anyway


Exactly - the law should work better. It’s not up to me as a biker to illuminate myself, it’s up to the driver to look properly before they pull out. A pedestrian doesn’t have to wear high vis, so why should a biker? It really gets to me!


Yep - I get the same thing. So either all sizes out of stock (unlikely?) or they've realised their cockup.


The add to basket button doesn't show for me now. Is this oos?


i bought this when it was on sale .. its brilliant in the summer i really like it i recommend black stuff now its awesome quality too

Agrius Rage Motorcycle Helmet (pinlock ready) 71% off was £79.99 now £22.99 at Ghostbikes
Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017
Agrius Rage Motorcycle Helmet (pinlock ready) 71% off was £79.99 now £22.99 at Ghostbikes
This is a great value helmet that's got lots of 5 star reviews, at a super low price. I've been using the helmet for about 5 months now and paid £39.99, I would recommend adding th… Read more
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I got one and sent it back. Not comfy for me. Guess I have a shoei head still!


Full price at Halfords £30, so £7 discount.


I'd still rather wear my 3 year old Bell than one of these.


Ageing and unseen damage can make a helmet much less likely to be up to the standards it met when new so if this helps people replace their helmet regularly that can only be a good thing. Heat.


Do they do any that are open face helmets and also without those ghastly colour combos on them? Hate having the bottom part of my face covered.

Oxford Titan Disc Lock (Bronze Series) £17.85 with delivery @
Found 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
Oxford Titan Disc Lock (Bronze Series) £17.85 with delivery @
£17.85£26.9934%Ghost Bikes Deals
Best price I have seen so far on these! Price shown includes £1.99 delivery and discount code TMIX to bring the price down to £17.85 Motorcycle theft remains a growing… Read more
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My bike has an Oxford HD lock & chain, a disc lock and a second disc lock alarm. Though I'm thinking that the alarm might be better suited stuck under the seat in the storage compartment than as a second disc lock as such. Added to that the gate to my drive is also locked with a heavy duty chain and lock. Don't get why so many don't bother with any kind of security on a bike as such. Even a basic disc lock alarm can be bought for about £20, both visual and audio deterrent in the same item.


Doesn't really matter how strong it is. These are more of a visual deterrent for opportunistic thieves than anything else.


14.99 New off bay


Doesn't look very strong

Huge Black friday sale at Ghost Bikes
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Huge Black friday sale at Ghost Bikes
£26.99£79.9966%Ghost Bikes Deals
Ghost bikes seem to have a lot of the deals that they have had on this year, the bike lock i posted not so long back is cheap again with code TMIX and free delivery, and topcashbac… Read more
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£22.99 now



both the links seem to be working okay for me, not sure why you can't click through. I think these helmets, especially the Shox would be okay for moped riders also - again they aren't getting much speed up


The second helmet in the post meets ECE standards so might be worth the extra here


with that said ... people buying their kids little electric quads or mini motos which top out at 15mph or something .. I can see great value in these helmets at £25

Black Iconic motorcycle jacket (4 colours) - £55.99 @ Ghost Bikes
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Black Iconic motorcycle jacket (4 colours) - £55.99 @ Ghost Bikes
The Black Iconic Motorcycle Jacket is part of the latest Black collection. The Iconic is a Classic Bomber style jacket with all the features you need in a smooth, stylish package.… Read more

Let me know how that works out (pirate)


That's about as much a motorcycle jacket as those dressed up led torches are survival tools and nylon would be worse than cardboard in a crash as at least cardboard wouldn't melt onto your skin and tear lumps off.


People are voting it cold, because for some things in life, it's about the value for money over what's simply the cheapest. A motorbike jacket from Aldi offers more protection for less money. A jean jacket from anywhere offers better fashion for less money. Just an all round cold deal. Can't all be winners.


come one. why so cold. anyone found it cheaper? about protection - level 2 whaterer it means? :) still better than t-shirt or hoodie. if one will crash at 100 or more mph none jacket will help


These are a rip off of the classic MA1 military jackets that get sold in markets and they've just added pockets for body armour and the armour to go in them. Then tenuously called them 'motorcycle jackets' Ghostbikes probably bought a job lot of them from China for under $10 each..... loads of mark up.... kerching.

Oxford HD Heavy Duty 1.5m Chain & Lock - £25.64 with code @ Ghost Bikes
Found 15th Nov 2017Found 15th Nov 2017
Oxford HD Heavy Duty 1.5m Chain & Lock - £25.64 with code @ Ghost Bikes
£25.64£34.9927%Ghost Bikes Deals
Seems to be a pretty decent price for this Oxford lock, not as heavy duty as i would personally like and in most cases with bike locks/chains/anchors the more you pay the better th… Read more
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Good find. Bought!


Decathlon also sell these under the BTwin brand but they are exactly the same.


What your describing someone stealing a bike without anything more then steering lock. The thing is even if it's a £200 bike the cost of it getting stolen is more then just the bike. If you can't get to work it's a days wage, you have to spend time and effort finding a replacement, temporary travel in the mean time etc. If your buying it purely for a deterrent buy any cheap chain and lock. If your actually any real protection it needs to be something more.


This is fantastic chain for cheap (<300 quid) bike to deter and stop opportunity (local junkie) thieves. And they don't carry bolt cutters. The most they carry is a Swiss knife. They use body force - jump on, pull and kick bike/lock in hope for the locking mechanism to let go or snap. I've seen it tried on my own (cheap) bike. Pro thieves who carry bolt cutters aren't interested in cheap bikes. No chain's going to stop those if the bike is expensive.


9.5mm links.... anything under 16mm can be cropped with bolt cutters within seconds. Save your money and go with a 16mm or better Almax or Pragmasis, if you need it as a daily carry chain don't bother with anything less then a 13mm. It can still be cropped, but requires larger bolt cutters and take a little longer.

Black Pro Range Height Adjustable Front Head Stand @ £39.74 (43% off) until Monday Midnight @
Found 10th Nov 2017Found 10th Nov 2017
Black Pro Range Height Adjustable Front Head Stand @ £39.74 (43% off) until Monday Midnight @
Really good quality head stand that's a fraction of the price of others on the market, I've been using mine for a good few months now was initially reluctant to buy as there wasn't… Read more

Still very disappointed my CB500FA did not have a centre stand as standard, as a traditional biker my preference was to use the centre stand all the time, old dog now learning new (sides stand) tricks.Can’t comment on these devices other than I want one but budget is currently tight (unlike my chain). Thank you for posting.


" The stand is height adjustable, making it a great addition to your collection" love it, but my motorcycle stand collection is big enough already..


triple stand is definitely the best kind of standbut that design isn't my favourite because it can be awkward to mount and storethis - left - is better

Agrius Lima Motorcycle Boot + 10% off code = £35.77 delivered @ Ghost Bikes
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
Agrius Lima Motorcycle Boot + 10% off code = £35.77 delivered @ Ghost Bikes
Code - AGRIUSTMIX At least £47 quid for these on offer elsewhere, they look to review really well and at £35.77 it looks a no brainer for anyone not looking to spend a fortune. I… Read more

You didn't mention that these are "slight seconds", so it's no wonder they are cheaper

Agrius Rage SV Recon Motorbike Helmet £26.99 with Free Next working day delivery (Using code) @ Ghostbikes [4 Star SHARP Rating]
LocalLocalFound 13th Oct 2017Found 13th Oct 2017
Agrius Rage SV Recon Motorbike Helmet £26.99 with Free Next working day delivery (Using code) @ Ghostbikes [4 Star SHARP Rating]
Rates well on the SHARP Site with 4/5 - Here and is a really resonable price. There's a few colours too, [Blue, Red, Silver and Yellow] Has a clear visor and delivery is free. Q… Read more

I used to sell helmets, retail and wholesale - All motorcycle helmets sold in UK must be of a minimum safety standard - any helmet that meets this spec is good enough for me.


Sent pm


Around 250 XL


What's your budget? Size?


Good point. I bet they just walk around the office for a few minutes lol. My first ever helmet was a cheap LS2 I think it was 30quid and it had 4 stars sharp rating. It lasted well. But then they made an updated version of the same helmet which only got 1 star. I think it was a 351 or 352 or something. My fav helmet was the LS2 arrow. For the price it was really good quality and comparable to a much more expensive helmet. I think they just released a non carbon fibre version too. I had to retire that helmet though due to a BMW driver..... so now I'm looking for a good new helmet. But I can't find anything that compares to the arrow. It had a locking visor, and really wide field of view, despite being more of a racing helmet. So if you can suggest anything like that for me to check out I'd appreciate the help