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Onlive slashes CloudLift service subscription to £4.95 PM (Was £9.99) [Link steam with onlive]
Found 11th Apr 2014Found 11th Apr 2014
Onlive slashes CloudLift service subscription to £4.95 PM (Was £9.99) [Link steam with onlive]
CloudLift works by linking the user's existing Steam game library with their OnLive account and sharing cloud saves between the two Users can start playing a game on their home PC… Read more
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I'll never use OnLive ever again, I was one of the lucky few who got a Micro Console free at the 2011 Eurogamer Expo and only played it during the free trial. Funny thing was that I sold it on eBay for about £35, the very next week OnLive got shut down and went into hiding for a few months.


This sounds awesome in theory. We use VDI at work and there is a slight but noticeable input lag. I assume this works on a similar principle. Is there a minimum contract? I'm tempted to try it.


Use Onlive because PC is not good enough for high-performance game But Onlive cannot stream HD at 60pfs or so So I don't understand the point of such services. I did pay £1 when Onlive was first introduced, and there was a big of control input lag, and the visual is kind of blurry. Don't know if it has improved. Anyway, I voted cold because I think even at £5/m, this service is not worth the money


love the idea...


hmmm good point, price cut bad point, unable to get past steam gate using the onlive micro console

Strike Suit Zero via Onlive + 1 month Cloudlift (STEAM) £3.75
Found 13th Mar 2014Found 13th Mar 2014
Strike Suit Zero via Onlive + 1 month Cloudlift (STEAM) £3.75
Contains 1 free month Cloudlift and has steam key, worth a shot and you get the game on steam to keep. Check link for full details. New subscribers only

great deal and cloudlift works really well

Onlive PlayPack acess to 270+ games for £6.99 a month without a highend pc only internet! @ onlive
Found 11th Mar 2014Found 11th Mar 2014
Onlive PlayPack acess to 270+ games for £6.99 a month without a highend pc only internet! @ onlive
I know this might go cold but its a fairly good deal: Do not require a high-end gaming machine that you would spend at least £200 to play any of the games only a internet connec… Read more

Yehh that's pretty low, my best is like 10 and its difficult to play any racing games that require small but precise movements in real time. I haven't tried the service since it moved to a new owner so can't comment on its current state. I hope technology like this improves and internet pings get closer to 0ms


Xchaotic - tl;dr


If you enjoying gaming, Avoid Onlive. I've had a few of the £1 offers they have on from time to time hoping that there service progresses but I am more disappointed every time. Mouse lag is horrendous. It makes most games un-playable. Some defaulted games are low res and low graphics settings also. Cold from me.


Also to add, I signed up to this a couple of years ago. Didn't work too well.


I swear this company failed? I guess they're coming back.

Oddworld Strangers wrath HD £7.99 @ Onlive
Found 22nd Apr 2013Found 22nd Apr 2013
Oddworld Strangers wrath HD £7.99 @ Onlive
i am an advocate of onlive and this deal is a decent price for an addictive game, you dont need to subscribe so please cast either way,thank you and enjoy and have fun
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I agree with jaystan, also with onlive game availability is not indefinite, once they decide to turn a game off you can't have it back. I refuse to use onlive these days after the unscrupulous means they used to avoid paying their creditors, I'm sure if we were in dept to them getting around paying them wouldn't be as easy Do not entertain this company by giving them money.


I have no problems with Onlive but this is hardly a deal. You can get the superior PC version for Steam for the same price and its not on sale. Was also in BeMine 5 which for $5 got you King’s Bounty: The Legend, NEO Scavenger, X-Blades, Tropico 3, The Sixth Gun VI, and Stranger’s Wrath HD.

Fear 3 PC £3.75 (via ONLIVE)  (read description)
Found 8th Sep 2012Found 8th Sep 2012
Fear 3 PC £3.75 (via ONLIVE) (read description)
Onlive is basically cloud gaming. They have a decent selection of games and fear 3 happens to be 3.75 at the moment. You don't need a powerful PC to play any of the games (in fac… Read more

Did you actually read any of the post The owner was very stubborn yes but he did the opposite of sell the employees out, he was stubborn and refused offers from people like EA etc which ultimately could have saved Onlive as it was, remember Gakai just does demos and that sold for $280 million to Sony. Perlman is now out of Onlive and making no decisions so we will have to see how that goes. There is a risk down the line buying a game but when i have had 7 games free, one at £1, and this at £3.75 i think i will have had my monies worth by that time. Also if you are using the playpack you dont own the games anyway just like netflix with movies. An average PC can be made for over £500 to just about manage the AAA gamnes of today but what about next year or the year after at some point it will involve ££££s more to upgrade to play the latest games you dont have that problem with Onlive of ongoing costs (unless you use the playpack). Remember i also use Steam, Onlive is just a secondary thing and for less than £5 for 9 games im not really worried if i ever lose the games. Maybe the risk is far less but you can also lose all your games from Steam if they were ever in trouble, and that would definitely hurt me a lot more :D Most of the UK now has very good broadband speeds due to Virgins fibre optic (BT are now also doing this) and the doubling of speeds. You dont want to play top tier games on a phone or tablet fine, but some people do, aswell as any PC or laptop that couldnt play the games locally anyway. £400-£500 seems like a lot more than 0.


Future of the company is uncertain and since you do not own the physical game then I would be wary.


PC snobs or people who do not have a good broadband service, which is most of the UK. As for On Live the company essentially was going bankrupt until the owner sold out his employees to make a sale. A good PC can be built for save £400-500 which is still more than a games console but thats your choice and not as expensive as it once was. I don't see why I would want to play top tier games on a mobile phone or pad.


I thought this worth a read, although it doesn't give much of a clue about OnLive's future


PC Snobs always vote Onlive cold so don't worry about the heat. They seem to forget people who couldn't play these games on their own PC, so it's great for them. Also on your mobile which runs perfect on my S2. I can plug my phone into a hdtv and play full screen so my phone is a console. Also onlive is confirmed for the ouya too. They haven't gone bankrupt they were bought out by a company with substantial funds so no worries there. Also just like Steam yes if the company folds you lose your games but that's every online service now and no-one seems to mention it in steam threads. Right I think that's all the myths put to bed just don't listen to the comments by people with either bad connections or powerful pc's as this is probably not a service aimed at them anyway ;)

London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games @ Onlive  £10.20
Found 25th Aug 2012Found 25th Aug 2012
London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games @ Onlive £10.20
Going off the latest news I know not many people are using onlive but i thought it was worth posting all the same £10.20 seems a very good deal to me, if you dont have the console… Read more

I use onlive quite alot it's good don't know why people are slating it cheap games are always good


...all you need is 'Daley Thompson's Decatalon' on the speccy, several Kempston/Cheetah joysticks ('cos the bast's always broke on this), and an aversion to contracting RSI of the hand...whoops this :p


Hmmm 10.20 for a rental.


It's a good price, but not sure i'd bother spending money on a service which may not possibly be around in 6 months time (or less). The way the company went about it's sale didn't make for the best of reading for them either, it all came across as pretty shady.

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4 Free Indie Games on OnLive
Found 24th Aug 2012Found 24th Aug 2012
4 Free Indie Games on OnLive
Much like the last two weeks, here is another selection of FREE games from OnLive. This time round the games are: PoP: IndieCade 2012 Nominee. An experimental game – in every sens… Read more
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Thanks. Heat added.


They must be having Tuf time if they have to resort to login whooring.


Can't complain for free stuff - just a question about how long Onlive will continue to operate after the events of last weekend


Why ?

Onlive - 2 FREE INDIE GAMES - Space Pirates & Zombies / Spacechem
Found 17th Aug 2012Found 17th Aug 2012
Onlive - 2 FREE INDIE GAMES - Space Pirates & Zombies / Spacechem
Our Second Indie Weekend Giveaway is here, with FREE PlayPasses to TWO indie games that are truly out of this world. This weekend only, SpaceChem and Space Pirates and Zombies (S.P… Read more
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Think the codes are now dead though!


Superb technology and idea ruined by a sh*tty greedy business model. At least gaikai looks to be going strong


And those not re-hired? Their stock is worthless, no severance pay. Ruined.


New Company will be re hiring a lot of those who were sacked as well as hiring more people to grow the company

[OnLive] Free copy of Zeno Clash - use code NDFREEUK in OnLive Application
Found 10th Aug 2012Found 10th Aug 2012
[OnLive] Free copy of Zeno Clash - use code NDFREEUK in OnLive Application
Link goes to instructions on how to get the game, which I've copied below. 1. Go to, and create an OnLive account (UK) 2. Download, Install and sign into the OnLi… Read more

Doesn't work:(( "The promo cod you entered is not valid.Please try again."


Voted hot, thanks for sharing.


Well there has been 1277 shares on facebook :D


Excellent find, i posted this in the gaming section cause not many people look here and deffo all credit goes to you brry42


You can also redeem online via website

Borderlands GOTY - £3.50 - Onlive
Found 2nd Jul 2012Found 2nd Jul 2012
Borderlands GOTY - £3.50 - Onlive
Amazing price for one of the best games of this generation - my link takes you to onlive sign up page - the PlayPass (ie play as much as you want) for the Borderlands GOTY edition … Read more

GOTY for the price, gets this deal some heat. Thanks. I <3 Borderlands


I love it - i pay the £6 a month for the play pack - brilliant!


Love this game. This price is ridiculous. I know onlive and cloud gaming is the future but I just can't bring myself to use it despite signing up and buying Deus Ex.


You get full multiplayer - upto 4 player co-op - I dont know why you 'believe' in such nonsense :)


Great game, but I believe if you play the onlive version you dont get access to the multiplayer, playing this game with 3 friends is tons of fun. But at the price its worth a playthrough.

Civilization Gods & Kings + Original game on Onlive for £19.99 till 29th June
Found 22nd Jun 2012Found 22nd Jun 2012
Civilization Gods & Kings + Original game on Onlive for £19.99 till 29th June
For a limited time, get the Gods & Kings Expansion Pack and get Civilization V for free! Civilization V offers a limitless variety of vast, realistic and diverse landscapes fo… Read more

Its near perfect so you should check your facts before commenting. Makes it accessible to any computer and speed is not a factor in a turn based strategy game.


I'd rather have a bigger discount for having the main base game goty already, but then this is OnLIVE so utter **** regardless

Darksiders 2 Limited Edition (PC) with free OnLive Console - £34.99
Found 21st Jun 2012Found 21st Jun 2012
Darksiders 2 Limited Edition (PC) with free OnLive Console - £34.99
Preoder Darksides 2 at OnLive and get a free console. PRE-ORDER OFFER: Pre-order Darksiders II and receive the Limited Edition at no additional cost. The Limited Edition include… Read more
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Last day for this offer today. I've just gone ahead and popped my order in, redeemed the code for the free micro-console so a scratch over £40 for the Darksiders II + DLC, the Micro-console inc. controller and delivery. Worth giving a go for that money I think.


I will post some screen shots if you want when I get home.


Sure enough, it has now been changed to UK so all good :)


Imo Onlive looks awesome and plays great on any screen running @ 720p or less Or if running on a TV, sitting back from it But playing on a 1080p+ desktop monitor.. Yeah. If you're like me and need every game to be playing @ 1920x1080 then onlive really isn't for you. It isn't about graphics! I can quite happily play games like SC2 on minimum as long as it's @ 1920x1080! If onlive ever decide to stream games at full resolution then it'll be fantastic Laptops / Older PCs / TVs. PERFECT! Just test you're internet connection @ And your ping @


You spend 1k on GPU's then expect an online streaming console to compete? Very clever....Not to mention I don't belive a word you have typed.

OnLive Jubilee Sale
Found 2nd Jun 2012Found 2nd Jun 2012
OnLive Jubilee Sale
Various games on sale at OnLive. Mafia 2 £3.75 Borderlands GOTY £5.00 Various others

Keep hoping they repeat the free console deals. Don't need one now as I bought an xbox but would still 'like' one.....


Heat from me, Dead Island is a bloody good deal too


Some decent deals in there. Shame I'm on a slowish internet. Heat from me. I did use the service while at uni for a bit, was decent, unless you try to use a mouse and keyboard. This program atm is really only gamepads only.


No games purchased with onlive can only be used with onlive :D


Am I able to purchase these games and then register them via Steam ? I'm confused about the whole deal with this service.... I know you can stream games, but if you want to purchase a game from Onlive, are you able to play it without having to be on the 'Onlive' service ? ie, can I install my purchased game independently from the Onlive service. I hope I've made myself clear enough on this.....

Get OnLive PlayPack subscription first month for £2 (normally £6.99 a month)
Found 19th Apr 2012Found 19th Apr 2012
Get OnLive PlayPack subscription first month for £2 (normally £6.99 a month)
Good service OnLive if you have a low end pc or like me, a mac. Some really good games on offer in the playback. Free to sign up, its worth a look Game-streaming service OnLive… Read more
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Heat added,seems a good deal.Signed up yesterday for it,quite a good mix of games,even some megadrive classics.There is a little lag which is noticeable in the first person shooters but am quickly getting used to it.Just have to remember to cancel just before the months up and with my memory thats the hardest part of this deal really!;)


How is the lag on this?


****. Anything above a 2mb connection is fine for most of the games on there.


I tried it on my phone a while back and it was working good - but dont see the point in buying since u need a wifi connection


Yes lol, that half a second off a headshot is just too much for me! But the alternative is a top spec desktop, which isn't viable our desirable for some so this is a good deal, and service.

THQ sale on ONLIVE
Found 21st Mar 2012Found 21st Mar 2012
THQ sale on ONLIVE
THQ are having a sale on ONLIVE Best deal seems to be Saints Row Third for £14.99 (even less if you subscribe to PLAYBACK but not required to play the games)
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Now I have sorted my connection with Virgin I find onlive really good. Many PC gamers have to put up medium settings anyway without paying loads for the privilege of playing on high or ultra. I find it pretty good to be honest and I can only see it getting better!


This is always not going to be popular with the gaming geeks. For average users though onlive is great. It doesnt feel like a friend is playing it feels responsive and very playable. Great on tablets and my galaxy s2. If you find yourself talking about miliseconds and tiny graphics changes then this probably isnt for you for everyone else should be great. Also doesnt take up lots of hard disk space like steam and each game you can demo for half hour :)


Somewhat misleading as bandwidth tend to update in cycles of 5 years, any sane gamer would'nt be using the same outdated junk for 2 cycles, then there is latency which doesnt really change at all, even the best ONline server wouldnt expect much better than 75ms, double that as you are controlling the game to 150ms which is a very noticable delay and makes all the game feel like you are watching a friend play. Add to that you never own the physical copy... even a digital copy of a game has data on your PC, onlive has no such feature so if they go belly up ya lost your entire collection, they dont supply serial codes etc, you have absolutely no recourse, at least with a digital copy you can still patch it and have your serials. And what happens when you Do finally get a half decent rig ? oh yea you'll have to go and buy the game again... waste of time if you ask me.


the games stream at below 720p so they aint hi-res on ON-live, also you CAN NOT adjust the detail settings which are also likely on low/medium defaults.


Bandwidth limits are increasing all the time. Peoples graphics cards arent :)

Onlive Games Sale (Lots of cheap games inc Borderlands,Mafia 2, Batman etc)
Found 17th Mar 2012Found 17th Mar 2012
Onlive Games Sale (Lots of cheap games inc Borderlands,Mafia 2, Batman etc)
Lots of games on sale at onlive. £1.62 Braid £2.50 Borderlands Assassins Creed 2 Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Lego Batman Fear 2 £3.00 Orcs Must Die Kane and Lynch 2 … Read more

Sigh. Take a look at it again you dont have to pay a subscription.


You are a complete troll, if you don't like the product then shut up about it. Once you have bought these they are free to play on ANY compatible device, what you are suggesting requires an expensive pc. Your ignorance is not an excuse to be such a tool.


You never physically own it with steam either. Neither are the games streamed to your phone or tablet. Some people dont have powerful computers and can play without worrying if there pc is powerful enough. Or maybe there are some people with just the consoles.


you don't have to buy the games and pay a subscription. You can buy games, or you can subscribe to play as many as you want from a limited older choice of games. I've found it works great, admittedly if internet goes down you can't play the game, but that can happen with games you've legitimately bought if there are server problems :(


Aye wouldnt be so bad if ya got the serials to activate on physical downloads but ya don't, its a complete con. ONLIVE IS THE EMPEROR'S CLOTHES of gaming

OnLive Indie Showcase - Try New Indie Games & Get 75% Discount & Win an Onlive Prizepack @ Facebook
Found 28th Feb 2012Found 28th Feb 2012
OnLive Indie Showcase - Try New Indie Games & Get 75% Discount & Win an Onlive Prizepack @ Facebook
OnLive is hosting demo versions of all the nominees and honourable mentions in this year's Independent Games Festival until March 11th. Vote for your favourites and "like" them t… Read more

I've been on to have a look and Nitronic Rush is a great game.


What a superb push by OnLive. Already have Spacechem (so good I bought it on PC and iPad), Frozen Synapse and Atom Zombie Smasher (fantastic game) but I've been looking to try English Country Tune, To The Moon and Dear Esther


2012 OnLive Indie Showcase Sweepstakes Official Rules UK Please read the Official Rules (“Official Rules”) of the 2012 OnLive Indie Showcase Sweepstakes (“Sweepstakes”) sponsored by OnLive, Inc. (the “Sponsor”). You must agree to accept and comply with the Official Rules to participate in the Sweepstakes. By participating in the Sweepstakes, each entrant (“Entrant”) fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor, which are final and binding in all matters related to the Sweepstakes. Winning any prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE DOES NOT INCREASE OR IMPROVE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING. THE ODDS OF WINNING DEPEND UPON THE NUMBER OF ELIGIBLE ENTRIES RECEIVED DURING THE SWEEPSTAKES PERIOD. 1. HOW TO ENTER: To enter the Sweepstakes, you must completely fill out and submit the entry form found in the Indie Showcase section of the OnLive Facebook page (which you can find here: In order to access the form, you must first “like” OnLive on the OnLive Facebook page (or have previously done so). To be eligible, a form must be submitted between 12:01 PM PST on February 27, 2012 and 11:59 PM PDT on March 11, 2012. LIMIT: ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. All entries become the exclusive property of the Sponsor and will not be returned. 2. SELECTION OF WINNERS: One (1) Grand Prize winner and two (2) Runner Up winners will be selected from all eligible entries received in a random drawing to be conducted on or about March 12, 2012 by representatives of Sponsor, whose decisions are final on all matters relating to this Sweepstakes. The winners will be notified by using the email address provided on their submission form. 3. PRIZES: The Grand Prize will consist of one (1) Universal OnLive® Wireless Controller, one (1) Astro A30 Gaming Headset, one (1) Full PlayPass for a single game on the OnLive Game System via a promotional code (not valid for pre-order games) and one (1) OnLive t-shirt (Approximate retail value (“ARV”): $245). Each Runner Up Prize will consist of one (1) Universal OnLive® Wireless Controller, one (1) Full PlayPass for a single game on the OnLive Game System via a promotional code (not valid for pre-order games) and one (1) OnLive t-shirt (ARV: $115). Total ARV of all prizes: $475. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value. No other substitution or transfer of prizes permitted. Sponsor responsible only for prize delivery; not responsible for prize utility, quality or otherwise. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of prize winners. 4. ELIGIBILITY: The Sweepstakes is open to individual legal residents of the United States who are age 18 or older at the time of entry. Employees, directors and officers of Sponsor (and their immediate families and members of the same household), and Sponsor’s subsidiaries, affiliates, distributors, and companies involved in the implementation and execution of the Sweepstakes (collectively, “Sweepstakes Entities”) are not eligible. The Sweepstakes is void outside the United States and where prohibited. 5. VERIFICATION OF WINNERS AND DELIVERY OF PRIZE: The winners will be notified within 6 weeks of the drawing. Winners may be required to sign a declaration of eligibility and liability release (“Declaration”) and, where permitted, publicity release. Prize may be forfeited if a winner is unable to or refuses to sign and return the Declaration to Sponsor within 3 weeks of receiving it. A winner must agree to Sponsor’s use of his or her name, address, likeness and/or prize information for promotional purposes in any medium without additional compensation to the extent permitted by law. 6. GENERAL CONDITIONS/RELEASE: By participating, each Entrant agrees (a) to release the Sweepstakes Entities and Facebook, their respective directors, officers, agents and employees from any and all liability for any claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages of any kind caused by (i) Entrant’s participation, including unauthorized or illegal access to personally identifiable or sensitive information or the acceptance, possession, use or misuse of the prize; (ii) any Sweepstakes Entities’ sponsorship or administration of the Sweepstakes; and (iii) Entrant’s and/or any third party’s use, sale or disposal of the prize; and (b) that said parties have neither made nor are in any manner responsible or liable for any warranty, representation or guarantee, expressed or implied, in fact or in law, relative to the prize (any written warranty by the manufacturer concerning the prize will be provided along with the prize). Neither Sweepstakes Entities nor any service providers are responsible for incorrect or inaccurate transcription of entry information, or for any human or other error, technical malfunctions, lost/delayed data, or omission, interruption, deletion, defect, online service or website or any other error malfunction, or any injury or damage to participant’s or any other person’s computer related to or resulting from participation in this Sweepstakes. CAUTION: ANY ATTEMPT BY AN ENTRANT OR ANY OTHER INDIVIDUAL TO DELIBERATELY DAMAGE ANY WEBSITE, TAMPER WITH THE ENTRY PROCESS, OR OTHERWISE UNDERMINE THE LEGITIMATE OPERATION OF THE SWEEPSTAKES, MAY BE A VIOLATION OF CRIMINAL AND CIVIL LAWS AND SHOULD SUCH AN ATTEMPT BE MADE, SPONSOR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO COOPERATE IN THE PROSECUTION OF ANY SUCH INDIVIDUAL(S) AND TO PURSUE ALL REMEDIES TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. Failure to enforce any term of these Official Rules shall not constitute a waiver of that provision. If for any reason the Sweepstakes is not capable of being executed as planned, or infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, action of Entrants, technical failures or any other causes which, in the opinion of Sponsor, corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of this Sweepstakes, Sponsor reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any suspect Entrant and/or to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Sweepstakes. In the event of any cancellation, termination or suspension, notice thereof will be posted at If the Sponsor decides to reconvene the Sweepstakes after a suspension, the determination of the prize winners will be made, from among all eligible, non-suspect entries received as of the date of the suspension, as Sponsor determines in its sole discretion. Entries not complying with all rules are subject to disqualification. 7. 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Atom Zombie Smasher By: Blendo Games `Take command of your mercenary forces in Atom Zombie Smasher. The zombie apocalypse is upon us and its up to you to evacuate everyone before they fall prey to the undead.` Be Good By: Digipen Institute of Technology `Be Good is the story of Donald Martin, an ordinary boy from the American suburbs. Point-and-click your way around and smile or frown at the characters you meet to see how much life can change based on your decisions.` Botanicula By: Amanita Design `Botanicula is point-and-click exploration game created by Jára Plachý and Amanita Design. Its about five friends who set out for a journey to save the last seed from their home tree which is infested by evil parasites.` Dear Esther By: The Chinese Room `The highly anticipated Indie remake of the cult mod Dear Esther arrives on PC. Dear Esther immerses you in a stunningly realised world, a remote and desolate island somewhere in the outer Hebrides.` Dustforce By: Hitbox Team `Clean up the world with style! As an acrobatic janitor, you are an adept force against dust and disorder. Leap and dash off walls and ceilings, and deftly traverse precarious environments.` English Country Tune By: Stephen Lavelle `English Country Tune is a luxuriant abstract 3D puzzle game. 100 distinct levels to explore over 17 carefully crafted worlds.` Frozen Synapse By: Mode 7 Games `Frozen Synapse is a thrilling PC, Mac and Linux strategy game. It brings the simultaneous turn-based strategy genre bang up-to-date and lets you give detailed, accurate orders to your squad.` FTL By: Justin Ma & Matthew Davis `FTL is a spaceship simulation with rogue-like elements that aims to recreate the classic science fiction atmosphere of running a spaceship. You manage the Kestrel and its crew as you explore the galaxy.` Lume By: State of Play Games `With a set built entirely out of paper and cardboard, and sumptuously filmed, Lume is an adventure game with a style unlike any other.` Nitronic Rush By: Digipen Institute of Technology `Nitronic Rush is an experimental survival driving game developed by students at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Using the cars many abilities, avoid obstacles that the city throws at you.` Once Upon a Spacetime By: RMIT `Once Upon a Spacetime is a small, simple, 2D game about the search for love for in a cold uncaring universe. It features deep space, deep ocean, procedurally composed music, fish of various sizes and tiny dancers.` POP By: Rob Lach `POP is an experimental game which explores the reasoning and effects of typical game development methodologies.` *WARNING: This game contains flashing lights and other intense stimuli. SpaceChem By: Zachtronics Industries `SpaceChem is an obscenely addictive, design-based puzzle game about building machines and fighting monsters in the name of science!` To The Moon By: Freebird Games `To the Moon is an adventure game about two doctors traversing backwards through a dying mans memories, in order to fulfill his last wish.` Toren By: Swordtales `Toren is a puzzle/adventure game with beautiful graphics, innovative and immersive gameplay, which leads the player through an introspective and captivating journey using the most deep concepts.` Way By: CoCo & Co. `WAY is an online game where strangers around the world communicate to solve puzzles together. You and a partner journey from opposite ends of the Earth, collaborating to overcome the obstacles between you.` If you'd like to participate without liking the choices above, click here

Mafia II - £3.75 @ Onlive
Found 18th Feb 2012Found 18th Feb 2012
Mafia II - £3.75 @ Onlive
Obviously this is the PC version, it's usually around £5 whenever steam has a sale so I guess this is a really good deal!

Thanks all :D


You can also play with an xbox or ps3 pad :)


This site is for sharing and rating deals, not rating the products themselves. Sure, onlive may fit a small niché (Those with an excellent internet connection, but a low end pc), but for those users, this is a great deal. Hot from me, good work OP


hot. simple as.


PC version has been £3.74 where you can play when you like (onlive needs a constant net connection, and a good one at that) and don't have to put up with ridiculous input lag. If onlive folds bang goes your purchased game/s too. Only benefit is you don't need a half decent PC to play it.

OnLive: Half Term Sale - Over 45 Games Up to 82% Off
Found 17th Feb 2012Found 17th Feb 2012
OnLive: Half Term Sale - Over 45 Games Up to 82% Off
Here is a list of all of the games that are currently on sale. OnLive PlayPack members can take an additional 30% off these already reduced prices, which increase the total discoun… Read more

Onlive version, plays on any device that can connect to Onlive. £2.50's still no bad, check out the Orcs game mentioned above. Well worth £3 but probably not for a young kid lol.


on the andriod phone, or pc version?


Was even better about a month ago when it was free to android users ;)


bought lego batman for my son to play. not bad for £2.50



ONLIVE Multi Play Discounts
Found 11th Feb 2012Found 11th Feb 2012
ONLIVE Multi Play Discounts
Those of you that have ONLIVE, or those unsure of what it is, they are doing discounts on Multi Play games, Boarderlands GOTY, etc from a FIVER, which is nice, anyway i hope you fi… Read more
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apologies from a FIVER


Home front £14.99 errrrrr no