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HP ProDisplay P221 21.5 inch LED Monitor @ Amazon (sold by RM)
Found 7th Jan 2014Found 7th Jan 2014
HP ProDisplay P221 21.5 inch LED Monitor @ Amazon (sold by RM)
£82.99RM Deals
Describe the deal in your own words and explain to members why it is a good deal! Please don't just paste in marketing text or specs. Remember: this is a community site, self-pro… Read more
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At a fraction of the price :) £179.99 - http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/1020869.htm#pdpFullProductInformation I'd probably format it and install lubuntu or mint (if it can run it). And add a portable HDD.


Sadly they aren't that popular :P but the idea is novel, and in the flesh this monitor does look great. You practically have a cheap imac pairing this with the hp monitor :)


Some detail here http://www8.hp.com/us/en/products/monitors/product-detail.html?oid=5342568#!tab=features


Chill dude, I know your not looking for friends/heat etc. but you can see their point.


I made an effort to post this deal. You should be grateful - not complain that I have not wasted more time on browsing the interenet for specs.

HP ProDisplay P221 21.5 inch LED Monitor reduced from £144 to £60+ £2:99 p&p at Amazon and sold by RM education
Found 2nd Jan 2014Found 2nd Jan 2014
HP ProDisplay P221 21.5 inch LED Monitor reduced from £144 to £60+ £2:99 p&p at Amazon and sold by RM education
£62.99RM Deals
Feel free to shoot me down but i think this is a great deal. HP ProDisplay P221 21.5" DVI LED Monitor Keep up the good work with solid performance, a stylish large screen design… Read more
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Yup all went very fast.


yip i've posted that one too :) there was i think 8 of the original ones but got snapped up


yeah sold out now but this ones in stock http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00FEAPOCK/?tag=ho01f-21


Just looked and it says £137


They have this one in stock though http://www.amazon.co.uk/HP-C9E49AA-ABU-ProDisplay-Monitor/dp/B00FEAPOCK/ref=sr_1_34?m=A3EWMYCML4VI0G&s=merchant-items&ie=UTF8&qid=1388701479&sr=1-34

ASUS Notebook X401A 14" Windows 8 Pro 2GB Ram Intel® Core i3  320GB Hard Drive £302.98 @RM
Found 3rd Oct 2013Found 3rd Oct 2013
ASUS Notebook X401A 14" Windows 8 Pro 2GB Ram Intel® Core i3 320GB Hard Drive £302.98 @RM
£302.98RM Deals
Designed for education Currently only 27 in stock The thin and light Asus X40, 1.8kg Windows 8 Pro operating system Internal Memory of 2GB and a 320GB Hard drive Intel® Core i3 … Read more

Was after something with a 13-14" screen too


Possibly this: Asus X502CA But there is a 2-4 week lead time.


This looked ok other then the ram, can you advise of something better?


2GB of RAM & 2nd Gen i3. How is this a good deal?


Could you advise of a laptop with 4gb ram for a similar price

Acer W3 The first Windows 8 8" Tablet Inc Office Home/Student £285 @ RM
Found 5th Jul 2013Found 5th Jul 2013
Acer W3 The first Windows 8 8" Tablet Inc Office Home/Student £285 @ RM
Seems like a cheap deal for a Windows 8 Tablet with Office £285 Includes Delivery Long battery life 8 hrs Includes Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 Operating System: Win… Read more

Not read the whole thread but seems many on page 1 have an opinion on something they clearly know nothing about... Desktop mode is Not exclusive to full fat W8, you also get Desktop mode on RT... The only real difference for most is the reliance on the Windows Store for software.


You ain't really 'running it' with the screen off all the time.


I'm running the full windows 8 on my atom based tablet, 20 hours on a single charge looks very realistic (one review managed 27), it is a 10" tablet with a slightly higher resolution than this tablet, I've had no problems, but I do have the option of making system fonts larger and making the desktop icons and other graphics 25% larger if I couldn't manage with the standard. I doubt the desktop mode in the background, costs much more than the not running the desktop, but the benefits of a proper Intel CPU certainly are significant. Also, I believe the Atom has lower licensing costs for Windows too, but can't find any real figures for the difference. The tablet in question is a Dell Latitude 10, and cost about the same as this one. mike


RT isn't a stupid idea, it was just executed poorly.


Sometimes having the option is not always a good thing. The desktop is always going to be on in the background and is going to drain battery as well as use up system resources while being almost unusable. If it was a RT tablet we could likely see double digit hours for battery life, the tablet would have been cheaper due to the lower licensing cost of RT and there would be the option of an ARM processor to which would have increased the batter life and made it cheaper again.

Windows 7 Ultimate - The Basement - £58.87 Delivered (Student or Parents of) @ RM
Found 13th Apr 2011Found 13th Apr 2011
Windows 7 Ultimate - The Basement - £58.87 Delivered (Student or Parents of) @ RM
£58.87RM Deals
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit and 64bit Upgrade DVD You can install as a fresh install using this media. 32 bit http://www.rm.com/shops/thebasement/Product.aspx?cref=PD1553112&rgu… Read more

Very well put, I totally agree. It's smart and sly from Microsoft


I recently re-installed Vista (cos it wasn't working properly) but I can only install Vista Basic because I've lost my product key for Home Premium. Will I be able to install this on top of my (fully working) Vista Basic without any need for my HP product key??


People aren't hating students! It's pretty straightforward in business terms: Students, by the nature of their enquiring minds, general intellect, and how shall I put this.... some free time to explore alternatives, are the most likely consumer group to rebel against a commercial giant like Microsoft and experiment with free alternative operating systems such as Ubuntu. Microsoft need to keep students sweet so one day, when they are working, they will blindly pay for over-priced software because that's what they are used to.


Well if a house only has students living in it they don't have to pay council tax!


I would look into the T&C as when i last looked you had to agree they could contact you to confirm your eligibilty as a student doing x hrs p/wk with the threat of having to pay for full price for licence. At the time it was £70 for Win 7 pro and about £140 full price. I decided not to enter my edu email as a chance of getting a cheap way in with the threat of £140.

Windows 7 multi-touch tablet 1.6Ghz CPU. 2GB Ram, 32GB SSHD £469 @ The Basment
Found 10th Dec 2010Found 10th Dec 2010
Windows 7 multi-touch tablet 1.6Ghz CPU. 2GB Ram, 32GB SSHD £469 @ The Basment
. Just had this popped into my inbox today. On paper appears to be everything an iPad is (except being pretentious and tied into proprietry software). Spec seems pretty good, wit… Read more

IPAD please don't insult this or any such devise by comparing them to the limited ipad.. ipad is nothing but an over priced and over hyped gadget..


good find..faster processor than ipad, easily available and better apps... Personally, I would prefer netbook rather than a tablet..heat for you..


lol. 3 hrs battery. Which equates to 1hr-2hr websurfing.


It's not harder to use at all...Android can be dumbed down to become an App Launcher just like IOS if you so choose (Google for MIUI as an example) but instead it has the ability to use widgets for instant access to the data you want without having to launch an app every time. As for slowing down when apps are open...Have you used any Android devices with similar spec to the Apple equivalent or are you comparing old early gen Android hardware? current mid/high end Android devices have no slow down that i've ever seen. And what's the problem with competing launchers...it give users flexibility and the ability to choose how the OS looks unlike IOS with it's like it or lump it app launcher interface.......'want widgets tough...' To be honest you sound like Apple's perfect customer....To blinkered to see IOS's shortcomings


No, it's just not as intuitive as iPhone. Not as easy to use. And it slows down with apps running. Yes, it has lots of different formats and sizes and (unfortunately) a collection of competing launchers etc. It is more flexible and that's exactly what makes it harder to use - many ways to get the same thing done does not a simpler device make.

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Microsoft Office For Mac 2011 for £38.06
Found 19th Oct 2010Found 19th Oct 2010
Microsoft Office For Mac 2011 for £38.06
£38.06RM Deals
Pre-Order Microsoft Office For Mac 2011 for £38.06 I previously submitted a similar offer regarding purchasing 2008 from Software4Students and upgrading to 2011. However, you can… Read more

Thanks for your post! Ordered mine earlier today :D


mine was showing est. shipping 11th November arrived after 2days :D


mattyboy1982 - roughly how long after placing your order did you receive the software? I'm really interested in ordering this, though it says 'Usually despatched within 2-3 weeks' on the site which seems a bit of a long wait!


Mine arrived yesterday. Looks good so far although haven't really tried everything out! Glad I went this way and not the free upgrade path!


I've been using it. It's all good!

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 for £39.07 delivered (for School Kids or Students)
Found 14th Jul 2010Found 14th Jul 2010
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 for £39.07 delivered (for School Kids or Students)
£39.07RM Deals
RM are selling Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 for £39.07 including VAT and delivery (it is quoted at 3-4 weeks). It includes the 2010 versions of Word Excel PowerPoint … Read more

so im a student buying it but its going to be my dad who's using it and he isnt a student... Is that alright???


Why can't I see a price for Windows 7? I've logged in, but can't get prices on a lot of things :(


As mentioned software for students sell this too, but deliver in 2 days.


found i can edit after it has been posted about 10 mins i use IE8 seems like the site is running really slow ie you add heat tht an take ages never had any probs before


Got mine from http://www.microsoft.com/uk/education/studentoffer/ £49.99 + £9 for CD wish I'd known about this. :'-(

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 - £37.12 Delivered @ RM Basement for students/ parents
Found 19th Jun 2010Found 19th Jun 2010
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 - £37.12 Delivered @ RM Basement for students/ parents
£37.12RM Deals
This seems to be the cheapest deal around for Office 2010. Professional Plus is the top SKU with the following included: Microsoft Excel 2010 Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Busines… Read more

thank you


Hi, One disk is for Office, the other two are for add-on programs. Most people can ignore those extra disks they aren't really needed. You have one Office licence, thats the product key on the yellow sticker. That licence entitles you to install the software on 2 computers.


hi me just being stupid but mine has arrived i have 3 disks and on the order sheet it says i have 2 licences one on 1 disk and 1 on another what 2 disks are they ? thanks




Can any confirm once they have received there software to how many machines can this software could be installed onto.

27" Quad Core iMac £1355.28 @ RM (£1438 @ Apple Higher Education). 2.66 Quad i5, 1TB HDD, 4GB DDR3, 27" LED with 2560 by 1440 pixels
Found 19th Jun 2010Found 19th Jun 2010
27" Quad Core iMac £1355.28 @ RM (£1438 @ Apple Higher Education). 2.66 Quad i5, 1TB HDD, 4GB DDR3, 27" LED with 2560 by 1440 pixels
£1,355.28RM Deals
Thanks to J400uk for the heads up on RM. RRP for this is £1634, Apple Higher Education price is £1438. Its rare to get any cheaper than apples own HE store so anyone looking to g… Read more
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anyone had a problem with the machine or rm?


Mine too. Arrived today with nary a wire to be seen twixt mouse and keys.


Received mine this morning. And it came with the wireless mouse and keyboard. :thumbsup:


You have never owned a well-designed computer


I wouldnt trust that, i've heard of those codes being revoked months later I think those are probably computer generated, dodgy

Mac Mini - 2 GHz / 2 GB Ram / 320GB HDD  / Snow Leopard - £386.58 @ RM
Found 19th Jun 2010Found 19th Jun 2010
Mac Mini - 2 GHz / 2 GB Ram / 320GB HDD / Snow Leopard - £386.58 @ RM
£386.58RM Deals
On Sale as part of the RM store clearance. RM are one of the most trusted and successful businesses in the educational world. Has a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB Ram, a… Read more

They only had one in stock which has gone now. I was deliberating too long – wish I had ordered straight away.


You work in Web Development and could not open it up and look at it yourself? Send it to me I will fix it.


Had one of these for testing Web development. Was probably switched on once a month. Lasted less than 18 months. Would have cost a fortune to even get it looked at. Not impressed.


Now discontinued, but a good price for the old model. Hot.


Apple iMac 20" 2.0Ghz/1GB/160GB (2009 Edu Model) NEW £544.61 Delivered @ RM
Found 19th Jun 2010Found 19th Jun 2010
Apple iMac 20" 2.0Ghz/1GB/160GB (2009 Edu Model) NEW £544.61 Delivered @ RM
£544.61RM Deals
Ok, this isn't the best spec iMac in the world, but £544 is a bargain price for a new one. This is the March 2009 Education model, but its perfectly suited to home usage. The all-… Read more

anyone have a prob with their order?


Not really expensive if you compare like for like - Apple is a premium brand, not a bargain basement no-name. Compare with Sony for example and the prices are reasonable. Does everyone here drive round in Kia cars? No, so it's OK to pay extra for an Audi but not for a computer.


Wow pay this price for a PC and get 4x the performance.. Build quality is arguable. You can get 20" screens for peanuts now.. And you can get decent open source software for free.. Slot loading drive is a reason to buy a iMac? :/ If someone prefers Mac's to be PC's fair enough its personal preference, but its common sense that they are massively more expensive.


I have a four year old emac and a one year old Acer pc laptop. Give me the Mac everytime! Why did i buy the Mac?...Quality and simplicity. Why did i buy the Pc?....Just price...nothing more.


Ok serious video editors won't use a machine like this, I used the wrong term. I meant if you do a fair bit more than the average person then you'll want a RAM upgrade, reason being this sort of Mac is likely to be used while processing video so the increase in RAM is going to make a difference. If you're going to run a VM with Windows you'll definitely need a RAM increase.

Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade DVD  - £56.75 **DELIVERED** All you need is a child at school or Uni.
Found 31st Oct 2009Found 31st Oct 2009
Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade DVD - £56.75 **DELIVERED** All you need is a child at school or Uni.
£56.75RM Deals
Plus-You are allowed to install this on *TWO* PCs, which effectively brings the cost down to £28.38 each for two copies!![/b] I know there are a couple of other links/deals around… Read more

I got this as well! really really peeved off about it.. especially as others are getting two copies of windows ultimate now! I shall be on the phone to them first thing Monday morning as they haven't been bothered to reply to my emails either! Edit: Monday 14th Called them today and queried the credit note... was told they would check and they would call me back. not 5 minutes later I had a call back saying they had just refunded my card. Advice to anyone who paid by card and got a Credit note make sure you call them to get a refund to your card otherwise it looks like your money will just sit on their system.


I just got a letter stating credit note refund. Not having this - better be a card refund - as they changed the product description Sorted now


2nd copy turned up over the weekend. :thumbsup:


whilst waiting for them to sort out a return I noticed these posts and decided to email a complaint. Got an apologetic email back today offering me a second copy free of charge. Happy with that :thumbsup:


My second copy has arrived too.

ASUSModel EEEPC901 which comes in white with XP home, 12 GB HDD, 8.9 screen - £149.99 @ RM
Found 18th May 2009Found 18th May 2009
ASUSModel EEEPC901 which comes in white with XP home, 12 GB HDD, 8.9 screen - £149.99 @ RM
£149.99RM Deals
Please note this is my first post. I received this email today. Nice upcoming deal Apologies but due to unprecedented demand for the Hot Deal Eee PC, we are unable to supply all … Read more

Can you suggest another 9" netbook with a larger ssd or even an HDD and a 6-cell battery at this price?


Thousands upon thousands of people manage to run Windows XP fine on their 701 (4GB), having done so for well over a year now. This will not be any different, I would suggest reinstalling Windows however from a slipstreamed source; mostly because any (automatic) updates will waste quite a bit of space. If you're really paranoid about space you could always merge both SSDs under Windows dynamic storage but you're going to take a performance hit.


You're thinking of the Aspire One's SSD, the SSD in the 901 is no slower than the HDD in the 1000H (as well as being completely silent with no durability worries). XP's installation shouldn't vary in size much if you're not installing programs, assuming Asus have set it up sensibly and moved all temporary and user files to the other partition (if not then it's fairly easy to do yourself), I guess the returns were mostly people who had been installing stuff to the smaller of the two disks rather than the larger.


But not many do, Windows XP will happily run in 4GB, and I assume Ubuntu well as will (considering it comes on a CD). Vista won't, but you may be able to nlite it and I assume Windows 7 will as it's been fairly heavily promoted for netbooks. As for the deal itself it's very hot, since it's smaller and lighter than the 1000H while retaining the same resolution, has slightly longer battery life and an SSD instead of an HDD. Of course, it's not suitible for anyone looking for a full subnotebook like the eee 1000HE or Samsung NC10, but it's a great netbook.


RM supply systems and services to education - primarily schools but also colleges and universities. should be ok to deal with. Haven't had this email and no sign of deal on site so I guess we need to keep an eye out for later in the week. great price although looks like you have to be a student or a parent of a student....

HOT DEAL - RM Asus miniBook (Eee PC 1000H) £149.99
Found 18th May 2009Found 18th May 2009
HOT DEAL - RM Asus miniBook (Eee PC 1000H) £149.99
£149.99RM Deals
This is my first deal so please go easy on me. RRP £399! Save 62%! This offer is limited to one per customer, and whilst stocks last. This Eee PC 1000H offers even more options t… Read more
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10 Arrived today woo


dam this for being OOS :-( EDIT: btw where did all the netbook deals go? :(


ah man.. i really really wanted this! would have helped a lot at uni :(. gutted.


Bought one for me and my brother bought one too, great for us both being at uni.


All gone!

HP miniNote 2133 only £199.99 inc delivery @ RM
Found 18th May 2009Found 18th May 2009
HP miniNote 2133 only £199.99 inc delivery @ RM
£199.99RM Deals
My mate just forwarded this to me. Crazy price. I can't see any cheaper on google. HP 2133 Mini-Note - C7-M 1.2 GHz ULV - RAM 2 GB - HDD 120 GB - Chrome9 - Gigabit Ethernet - WLA… Read more
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expired? OOS.


I have one and is an excellent Netbook, if uou re-install with XP. This is for the 2GB Vista edition which is a great price, previously the 1GB Linux one was going for 199.00, so HOt deal


I don't think it's that slow, but this machine does apparently have a noisy fan so I'd still avoid it.


dire machines.. We trailed them at work a wee while back..


Got one of these no problem did install XP windows though, happy as an MP in swill:-D

RM Asus miniBook (Eee PC 701 512MB 4GB White) Possibly Students Only - £168 Delivered
Found 29th Aug 2008Found 29th Aug 2008
RM Asus miniBook (Eee PC 701 512MB 4GB White) Possibly Students Only - £168 Delivered
£168.61RM Deals
This is the sweetspot in the 7" eee range at a bargain price of £168, saving about £30 from what you would pay at most stores. Offer whiles stock last, only this model, only this … Read more

Sorry, I didn't realise ebuyer had started quoting prices excluding VAT. The acer is 'better specified' but you don't buy these machines for their specifications. For the same price you can get a refurbished 15" laptop that has four times the screen area and is several times faster which would make both look like terrible deals if your were judging on specification alone. Some people (including you obviously) will prefer the acer but I was just pointing out that it doesn't excel in all areas and some people may prefer this machine. Um, have you actually looked at any benchmarks? The Atom is about the same speed as the Celeron M, faster in some circumstances but slower in others. EDIT: Oh yes, the acer also has a glossy screen so it will be more reflective than the matt one on the eee.


Thank you, someone with some sense! Also you forget that the Acer has 2 card readers rather then just one, and one of them is a memory card expansion which means you can actually expand the 8GB built-in and it will come up as a single hard drive. And don't forget tha 1.6GHz atom processor, which is way better than the Celeron ****. Sure the Asus was good at one point but the competition is now just better. Come on own up - who actually bought this????


Sorry to seem rude, but this is not a helpful post. Firstly, the link you have given is to a machine costing £175. The price you quote is ex VAT. Secondly, and more importantly, the Acer is much better specified, e.g has an 8.9" screen, rather than the 7" in the Eee you have linked to. The Acer also has an 8GB drive rather than 4Gb. Taken together, the price difference of £25 is nothing, especiually if you can make that difference smaller by using Quidco and a voucher at PCWorld.




Are you sure its £149 at ebuyer, showing up as £174 here :S

Sony DVD Player £5 + VAT + Delivery
Found 11th Jul 2008Found 11th Jul 2008
Sony DVD Player £5 + VAT + Delivery
£11.16RM Deals
Sony DVD Player DVPNS355 Only 56 in stock so be quick! First post so please be gentle! This DVD player has been modified to provide multi-region playback To playback Region 1 di… Read more
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Bad luck. Mine has been dispatched though and should arrive within the next two days. :thumbsup:


I received this email earlier: Dear Mr. Martin, Due to unprecedented demand for the Sony DVD player, we are unable to supply all of the customers who placed orders with us. Our stock availability calculation system was not able to keep up with the rate of incoming online orders. Unfortunately, therefore, we have had to decline your order and have arranged to credit your payment. On behalf of RM, I would like to apologise for the inconvenience that this may have caused to you Regards


I would say, about the time people on here stop falling for the old 'I bought 1,000,000 to resell on ebay' li(n)e :giggle: ;-)


FFS when will anyone learn that buying stuff from here to sell on ebay isn't necessarily a good idea? I have two Sony DVD players and I hate them.. Why the hell they have to take sooo long to open the cd draw is beyond me!


I don't think they're refurbed. On Amazon, they had the same description of muti region capability. Also, it nwould say if they where refurbed, now wouldn't it? Trade descriptions and all that. Can somone cancel their order, so I can get one? Hehe

Vista Ultimate Upgrade DVD - Full Time Education Students Only - £63.50
Found 19th Feb 2008Found 19th Feb 2008
Vista Ultimate Upgrade DVD - Full Time Education Students Only - £63.50
£63.50RM Deals
Im not sure how this works, But i saw a poster in my school for a vista upgrade for full time students, They ship the DVD Only, With the key i presume, So no retail box or manuals … Read more
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Vista continuing to be vista with SP1. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/02/22/vista_sp1_security_products/


But I would imagine you might well know somebody with kids that would be eligible to order? :)


oh ffs - got all excited then realised its not open to full time university students! lame, very lame. I've wanted to upgrade my MSDN copy of Business to ultimate for ages!!!


Vista is poo. The Register has run articles claiming XP has been getting unrefined patches to slow it so Vista looks better. If you are not a gamer... http://www.ubuntu.com ...entirely free operating system that upgrades twice a year - and updates a couple of times a week (all free). 99.9% of the software that runs on it is free (but obviously no microsoft stuff - but other stuff that does the same - written by enthusiasts rather than people trying to sell you something. It boots far faster than windows. There are virtually no viruses or spyware that have been written for it, so even an "internet idiot" would find it difficult to get a virus or malware. You are not constantly interrupted by DRM etc messages for various downloaded media. You can still use Firefox or Opera for browsing (although Swiftfox is faster and uses all your Firefox settings, and everthing is identical except speed). Open office that runs on Windows is the main office package, and uses windows file formats. MS messenger still works - but in many other messenger clients - Amsn being the closest, and opens Hotmail when you click on a received message, but wont forward MSN spread viruses as its not MSN. If you order the "livedisk" it lets you either install it - or run it from the disk to see if you like it (however this does take about a month to be posted to you - but is free - and you can download it and burn it onto a disk from the site). It plays and writes DVDs free without having to bung anyone more cash. Its based on Debian Linux - but looks pretty similar to windows, runs faster, has fewer problems, and if one program is not working well for you - pick another - 99.9% are free. Also - if you are worried Linux is not really mainstream - more commercial servers run Linux than windows - do they do this as they think it is less reliable when their income and reputation rely upon it? Dont say you are used to windows - as the user interface is so close that you are unlikely to notice a difference after the first day. What will you do with the money that you have not given to Microsoft? If you want more info - ASK ME!


The only two Vista Ultimate extras worth having over Premium are IIS (which is also available in Business Edition) and the ability to legally downgrade to XP Pro. I bought Vista Ultimate 32bit and shall be downgrading for a stable (VS2005) development environment soon when I have a spare weekend ! P.s. Turining off the Areo Interface was the best feature I have found (even better than disabling UAC) P.p.s Didn't realise you could get a Radio4 gadget for the windows sidebar . Nice!