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2 water butts (400ltr total) £49.99 / £54.99 delivered @ Save water save money
Found 4th MayFound 4th May
I was looking for a couple of nice big butts and came across these. Linked to from my local council website. They have single options too but this deal seems as good as any I’ve se… Read more
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Beat me to it (y)


I like big butts and I cannot lie ...


What and turn your garden into a car wash?!!?


If you have the space and can find some locally, better to get some cleaned out refurbished 1000litre IBC container for a similar price.


voted hot by accident. I misread it as 400L each. Yes I have seen the word 'total' now. you can usually get 200L for £20 when they're on offer, so 400L should be £40 or less.

Looking for new butt?! Severn Trent save water product - 100L slimline water butt kit - £14.99 or bigger butt 190L - £19.99 ( both FREE delivery) @ Savewatersavemoney
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
Came across this Slimline 100 Litre Water Butt Kit @ . Put in your postcode to see if it is available to you. If slimline butt is not your thing, there … Read more
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Still not shipped out


What a gay day! >;o)


Pretty sure the water would not just disappear into space if you dont catch it?


This deal is about save the water! (horror)


Cheaper to use water out the hose

FREE Shower heads!
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Save Water Save Money are giving away FREE shower heads which are designed to help you reduce the water you use in the shower. Enter your postcode, select the shower head, add to b… Read more

The egg timers arrived ages ago but no sign of the shower head yet.


What is the point of saving water if it renders the shower unusable?


That is how it saves water, by letting less through.


I received the shower head yesterday. I can confirm that it is awful. Far less pressure than the one we already had. Junk basically.


I got an email rejection letter stating I'd had these products before. Lies. All I got last time was the cistern bag thingy.

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Water Freebies, type in your postcode
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Link to the central website, covers all available deals in the UK. Either order available products individually or, if available get the pre-packed FREE BOX with water saving goodi… Read more
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I got everything , no questionnaire just address. Cheers.


No help from Southern Water (annoyed)


don't see why this is cold, applies to majority of uk forum users and there are lots of freebies which you have indirectly paid with your water bill


How about the water companies set an example and stop their leaks quickly.


Water is too cheap to be valued. Why we are still set up to flush our toilets and wash our cars with drinking water is embarrassing in the eyes of those that walk miles each day just to survive.

Free water saving products and gadgets
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Lots of free water saving gadgets send out for nothing. Great if your on a meter or just simply want to save water. Our range of free water-saving products make it easier for you … Read more
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Hello, my name is on a meter. I just wanted to thank you for the shout-out.

My water company did, perhaps not national then 🤔


Your water company does not offer FREE products, however you can still save water, energy & money through our Savings Engine.


Northumbria water does not give free products

Heat bro

FREE!! Water Saving Products, Including Universal Silicone Plugs
Found 9th Nov 2017Found 9th Nov 2017
Savewatersavemoney are giving away FREE silicone sink plugs for your bathroom and kitchen which provides a water-tight seal to block your sink’s drain hole. To claim yours add to b… Read more
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Ordered one of these back in November but it never arrived. Did anyone else get theirs?


No go for Northern Ireland, aw well ;(




Worked for me, in NG10 postcode and with Severn Trent as my water supplier. As you were. Took my order, but then I got an email to say they had reviewed my order and Severn Trent does not offer the plugs. Those silicone plugs are very handy when hostelling. 8)


Cold. Your water company does not offer FREE product.

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FREE water saving devices from water suppliers
Found 10th Oct 2017Found 10th Oct 2017
Was looking for a timer to make sure I don't spend too long in the shower and noticed that there were some timers branded by water companies. Then I found this website, where you c… Read more

Ordered, thanks!!!


A cult is based on fiction, not facts.


nothing free for my area (mad)


And how do you change water supplier?


Predictive text strikes again But as you said its still correct (lol) (lol) (lol)

free water saving devices from north west water @ Savewatersavemoney
Found 6th Jun 2017Found 6th Jun 2017
free water saving devices from north west water if your not under united utilities check your own water company they probably do a similar thing. or check out the save water save … Read more

theres no free lunch, wheres the catch?


So they can provide more for Fracking our countryside, no way!


so i'll use less water but my bill will rise anyway ...ok it


NW water's generosity never ceases amaze. They gave us free cryptosporidium a couple of years ago: :|

FREE Water Efficiency Products from Yorkshire Water And South West Water
Found 6th May 2017Found 6th May 2017
Yorkshire and South West Water water are giving away FREE to its customers the following devices to enable its customers to save water - SHOWER SAVE Ideal if you don’t want to… Read more
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Also works with Severn Trent Water. Have ordered some of the products. Many thanks. Heat added.


Probably be a brick to put in the cistern.

FlowSaver Shower Temporary Water Shut Off @
Found 6th May 2017Found 6th May 2017
Brilliant device to save water when showering. I've had one since my last eye watering water bill and can highly recommend. Simply push the button to restrict the water flow to a t… Read more

You should've got a thermostatic power shower like ours....keeps the water temp. to within 1°C if someone flushes the loo or turns on the washing machine or tap Pointless fitting one of these devices to a power shower or your restricting the flow so it's no longer a powerful shower


But it must ccost you a fortune to chisel off the dirt.


Unless you've set your boiler to give out hot water at the temperature you'd like to shower in and don't open the cold tap.


Pretty sure these couldn't be used on a power shower. I'm sure it would make it bounce from hot to cold and back again. That's what ours does when someone turns the tap on downstairs


No good if it cuts our power shower flow down from 14 ltrs/min which is why I bought it. Glad we're not metered. Nothing like an invigorating power shower.

Two Minute Tiger Toothy Timer – Brush for 2 minutes and remember to turn off the tap
Found 20th Apr 2017Found 20th Apr 2017
Tiger Toothy Timer reminds you to turn off your water tap while brushing so you can save water. Just go to next page and then add the product in cart and checkout using your detail… Read more
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is for me


You don't need a water butt in Wales do you !?


n/a for London area....:(


Nothing for me in Wales, but there again I have had 2 water butts free in the past


Thanks! Ordered quite a few other things too! All for free!

Free GunkPot for Severn Trent Water Customers
Found 26th Mar 2017Found 26th Mar 2017
FREE GunkPot used for cooking fat disposal. These pots mean kitchen cooking oil can be safely stored and transferred to your bin. Loads of additional FREE water efficiency produ… Read more

Cheers for this.


Recently got a gunkpot, two tap aerators', two packs of water retaining gel (for plant pots), and an aerating replacement shower head from Severn Trent.


thats a new thing for me , I am in California , a real "green" state but no one has ever mentioned a "Gunkpot" here maybe I need to start selling them here ;)


Love that name...


You're very welcome.

Hansgrohe Croma Shower Head - 99p when you fill in a water survery at (Severn Trent customers only)
Found 27th Feb 2017Found 27th Feb 2017
I was looking at a deal posted here for a free shower head and discovered that I didn't qualify due to where I lived. The site then offered me a Hansgrohe Croma Shower Head for 99… Read more
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I have good water pressure and got one of these in their 99p range, it's great. Obviously not the power of a regular one but I got used to it after a month and it uses SO much less water.


Anyone else read the name as Hans Gruber?


£24.98 for the equivalent Mira shower head from United Utilities! They did give us a £50 rebate though when they put everyone at risk of contracting Cryptosporidium the summer before last We had to boil all our drinking and food prep water for 6 weeks so little consolation really.


All new shower heads have a water limiter - I found this out when I got a new one from Lidl recently, and it would only allow a dribble - not enough for the water heater to work. After some swearing, I found there's a simple washer with a small hole in it, that you just need to remove. Lots of videos on Youtube if it's difficult.


Interestingly enough, I have had one of these Hansgrohe shower heads as well as naturally low water flow in my flat, and found it was awful, like it was barely drizzling on me. Switched it for a £10 Triton from Amazon and it worked much better with the same volume of water. That said this is definitely a nice piece if you can get it for 99p (and have a decent amount of water coming through).

Dual Flush Stickers - Do You Know Which Flush To Use?
Found 25th Feb 2017Found 25th Feb 2017
Dual Flush Stickers - Do You Know Which Flush To Use? Why your water company offers the Dual Flush Stickers for FREE: About the Product –The Bathroom is the room where we use the … Read more
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It took me awhile to work out which was which. If only I had these stickers! :)


Why is this cold? It's Free!


still no one can answer me :(


There will be app for this next.


What happens when you press both of them? oO

Free Toothy Timer - A timer to encourage kids to brush for two minutes (United Utilities customers)
Found 20th Feb 2017Found 20th Feb 2017
Toothy Timer encourages kids to brush for two minutes while turning off the tap between rinses, saving more than 8,000 litres a year. There are 4 different types available: Croc… Read more



Applied refused, Worcestershire area


if you are from Scotland,forget it as usual!


OP .. "May or may not be free depending on your water supplier...." I noticed, toooo much restrictions, huh?, lol.


Great thanks

Free Flowpoint Showerhead RRP £24.99 @
Found 19th Feb 2017Found 19th Feb 2017
Hi guys Seems a good freebie with no catches that I can see at least. Free shower head including free delivery. Apparently it's worth £24.99 and cost is subsidised by water compa… Read more
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i got mine just a couple of days's really good & you don't really notice the difference


great if you can get it - united utilities are offering a 4 minute egg timer :o


Thanks, just ordered a shower head, shower timer and numerous other items :D


funnily enough so is mine


Thanks you OP, free via your link but would cost if I go direct via water company

Free 4 Minute Shower Timer
Found 18th Nov 2016Found 18th Nov 2016
Save Water Save Money are giving away FREE 4-minute shower timers. Visit their website, add the timer to your basket and check out. They claim you can save up to £120 on energy and… Read more

Ah come in, come in!!


​So I do ;-)


You have the keys!!


​HAHA. Left your door open?


coward, you could come round yanno

Free Shower Head from Wessex Water
Found 7th Aug 2016Found 7th Aug 2016
Retro-fit shower head Easy to fit – Takes less than a minute to unscrew your existing shower head from its hose and replace. Easy to clean – Simply wipe the rubber nozzles from tim… Read more
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Possible, but I can spell at least


Just got this e-mail from Weeex Water, 2 days after applying. :( Flowpoint Round Shower Head - Retro-fit shower head designed to reduce utility bills Rejected:


got one of these last year with an egg timer, site should redirect to your local water company theres a gunk pot too for certain areas


Be careful,if you apply they will know you are telling porkies about the house being unoccupied!oO



Free Gunk Pot.
Found 6th Aug 2016Found 6th Aug 2016
Save Water Save Money are giving away FREE GunkPots - designed to bin fat, oil and grease.
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the original "gunk pot"


You don't put the pot in the bin. You leave it until it's congealed then pour the solid mass in the bin. (Reusing the original pot when washed out...)


Looks great, but not available in my area. if you go to the homepage of savewatersavemoney, you can put in your postcode and it will tell you what free stuff you are entitled to.


cant you sell your used fat and grease? i like this idea and it would be be quite satisfying to "pop" out a load of it in the bin


Personally I would like to see a better alternative to just sticking oil and fat in a plastic or glass container (which should be recycled) and sending it to sit perpetually encased in an item that could have been recycled to landfill - for me this isn't particularly environmentally friendly either. I don't deep fat fry because I just can't understand what an environmentally decent way of disposing of the oil afterwards is - except of course taking it to the recycling centre. But what do they do with it?

FREE and DISCOUNTED water saving products @ Severn Trent
Found 24th Jun 2016Found 24th Jun 2016
I know these have been on before but looks like ST have a few more products this time. The 99p shower head is quite good as well. For Severn Trent Customers Only
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Maybe not for long if Nicola Sturgeon has her way about the EU. Look whats happening in Ireland >>


So glad I live in Scotland and water charges are included in Council Tax payments. Paying for water like this is a national scandal.


Easy - Run the water through a turbine generator connected directly to the tap & charge your phones for free :D >>


You may or may not save a little water at home but there are hundreds of leaking pipes around the countrty wasting millions of gallons, how do you save money when not on a water meter?


Thanks just ordered a load of stuff!