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Dual Flush Stickers - Do You Know Which Flush To Use?
Found 25th Feb 2017Found 25th Feb 2017
Dual Flush Stickers - Do You Know Which Flush To Use? Why your water company offers the Dual Flush Stickers for FREE: About the Product –The Bathroom is the room where we use the … Read more
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It took me awhile to work out which was which. If only I had these stickers! :)


Why is this cold? It's Free!


still no one can answer me :(


There will be app for this next.


What happens when you press both of them? oO

Free Toothy Timer - A timer to encourage kids to brush for two minutes (United Utilities customers)
Found 20th Feb 2017Found 20th Feb 2017
Toothy Timer encourages kids to brush for two minutes while turning off the tap between rinses, saving more than 8,000 litres a year. There are 4 different types available: Croc… Read more



Applied refused, Worcestershire area


if you are from Scotland,forget it as usual!


OP .. "May or may not be free depending on your water supplier...." I noticed, toooo much restrictions, huh?, lol.


Great thanks

Free Flowpoint Showerhead RRP £24.99 @
Found 19th Feb 2017Found 19th Feb 2017
Hi guys Seems a good freebie with no catches that I can see at least. Free shower head including free delivery. Apparently it's worth £24.99 and cost is subsidised by water compa… Read more
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i got mine just a couple of days's really good & you don't really notice the difference


great if you can get it - united utilities are offering a 4 minute egg timer :o


Thanks, just ordered a shower head, shower timer and numerous other items :D


funnily enough so is mine


Thanks you OP, free via your link but would cost if I go direct via water company

Free 4 Minute Shower Timer
Found 18th Nov 2016Found 18th Nov 2016
Save Water Save Money are giving away FREE 4-minute shower timers. Visit their website, add the timer to your basket and check out. They claim you can save up to £120 on energy and… Read more

Ah come in, come in!!


​So I do ;-)


You have the keys!!


​HAHA. Left your door open?


coward, you could come round yanno

Free Shower Head from Wessex Water
Found 7th Aug 2016Found 7th Aug 2016
Retro-fit shower head Easy to fit – Takes less than a minute to unscrew your existing shower head from its hose and replace. Easy to clean – Simply wipe the rubber nozzles from tim… Read more
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Possible, but I can spell at least


Just got this e-mail from Weeex Water, 2 days after applying. :( Flowpoint Round Shower Head - Retro-fit shower head designed to reduce utility bills Rejected:


got one of these last year with an egg timer, site should redirect to your local water company theres a gunk pot too for certain areas


Be careful,if you apply they will know you are telling porkies about the house being unoccupied!oO



Free Gunk Pot.
Found 6th Aug 2016Found 6th Aug 2016
Save Water Save Money are giving away FREE GunkPots - designed to bin fat, oil and grease.
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the original "gunk pot"


You don't put the pot in the bin. You leave it until it's congealed then pour the solid mass in the bin. (Reusing the original pot when washed out...)


Looks great, but not available in my area. if you go to the homepage of savewatersavemoney, you can put in your postcode and it will tell you what free stuff you are entitled to.


cant you sell your used fat and grease? i like this idea and it would be be quite satisfying to "pop" out a load of it in the bin


Personally I would like to see a better alternative to just sticking oil and fat in a plastic or glass container (which should be recycled) and sending it to sit perpetually encased in an item that could have been recycled to landfill - for me this isn't particularly environmentally friendly either. I don't deep fat fry because I just can't understand what an environmentally decent way of disposing of the oil afterwards is - except of course taking it to the recycling centre. But what do they do with it?

FREE and DISCOUNTED water saving products @ Severn Trent
Found 24th Jun 2016Found 24th Jun 2016
I know these have been on before but looks like ST have a few more products this time. The 99p shower head is quite good as well. For Severn Trent Customers Only
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Maybe not for long if Nicola Sturgeon has her way about the EU. Look whats happening in Ireland >>


So glad I live in Scotland and water charges are included in Council Tax payments. Paying for water like this is a national scandal.


Easy - Run the water through a turbine generator connected directly to the tap & charge your phones for free :D >>


You may or may not save a little water at home but there are hundreds of leaking pipes around the countrty wasting millions of gallons, how do you save money when not on a water meter?


Thanks just ordered a load of stuff!

Free water saving devices for Wessex Water customers, Plant Gel, Hose Gun, Shower Head plus more
Found 22nd Jun 2016Found 22nd Jun 2016
Wessex Water offer free water saving items for their customers. Visit the site and type in your postcode to see items.

all paid for by the taxpayer so dont order things unless you really are going to make use of them


Get water meters fitted and use thesr saving products to reduce your bill,sounds ok to me


Do a freedom of information request to see what this cost you in a year's time


Do a freefom of information request in a year to see how cheap or exoensive tbis was.


all water companies offer water saving products. Just google it lol

Free Shower Timer
Found 16th May 2016Found 16th May 2016
Get a FREE four minute shower timer to help you save money on your water bill. Just click 'Get Deal', add the timer to your basket and check out for free. Do you reckon you can w… Read more
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Thanks OP! I'm a little guilty as I must have wasted tons of water when I used to have very long hair and washed every day! By the way, has anyone received the order yet? do they use Royal Mail or other carrier? I am supposed to receive those plastic pebbles (?) to put in the toilet tank.


can you really actually have a shower in 4 minutes, id rather have a bath anyway but even still 4 minutes!


They charge a set rate depending on house size - number of bedrooms I believe.


Not everyone are on water meter? So then what they have, like how watet company can count usage? Because all ppl which I know have a meter.


38% actually, just looked it up so the majority are unmetered.

free water company freebies
Found 23rd Mar 2016Found 23rd Mar 2016
free water saving freebies including shower head Ive posted, follow link through money saving expert and enter post code to see what freebies your company offers. 250'000 to give a… Read more

Has anyone received it yet??


What do you get on to to receive the free items


Everything I ordered arrived today as well.


I received my gift today. :3


I get a garden water saving kit & I don't even have a garden oO Not so great for me lol

Free water saving product for your bathroom/kitchen (+ £4.99+ P&P Charge)
Found 8th Feb 2016Found 8th Feb 2016
I just came across this yesterday - has a water calculator to help you find out how you can reduce your water and energy bills with our personalised Ho… Read more

Thanks for the heads up. Only took a few minutes and ended up not having a charge for delivery either


No, she is saving water :)


love the picture. she looks like she's having a orgasam .


Makes sense that it wouldn't be free for all parts of the country. It was free for me in North London.


Any one read T&T?? "For bathroom products our standard delivery cost for smaller deliveries (usually by post) is £4.99 and for medium to larger deliveries (usually by courier) is £15, however this may vary depending on which part of the country you live in. Once we have received payment you will be contacted to arrange a suitable delivery time." So is not a freebies.

Pure Pulse eco showerhead 99p @ Savewatersavemoney - Severn Trent Region Only
Found 15th Nov 2015Found 15th Nov 2015
99p showerhead, great offer at a great price. Eco shower head to so will save money on the water as well as being a bargain. Not sure you can get a showerhead anywhere else for the… Read more

Just got rejection email


Tried that one! My wife didn't like it, though. I wanted to put a timer on it........ Anyway, as this limits to 8l/min, the water bill is now back to how it was before she decided to start taking showers ("girls don't smell" was the mantra before that). Thames Water actually wrote to me asking me to check for a leak as the water bill had doubled......


These used to be free. I got a couple when we moved home to keep as spares.


I had the same problem until I realised the electricity isolator was outside the shower room-a quick flick off always did the trick!


thanks. ordered.

Four Minute Shower Timer – Spend one less minute in the shower and save up to £120 a year*
Found 14th Oct 2015Found 14th Oct 2015
Great little freebie for anyone frugal! Fill in a 2 minute application for a shower timer to save money on your water bills!! Free P&P.
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That's right, it is not easy to get a job with Marks and harder still to rise up the ranks and become a senior person. All marketing messages go through vetting and approval internally by many before publication.


So Marks and Spencer top guys then?


It turns out that this saving is actually based on: a household with a 'power' shower taken by all those in a 4-person houehold and is then the saving in heating and (metered) water bills!! Very misleading.


I had one of these, it lasted about 2 showers before some water got inside and the sand stopped flowing. Useless.


I spend 4 minutes waiting for water to get hot.

Free water-saving pack - including shower heads (Sutton and East Surrey water customers only)
Found 19th Jul 2015Found 19th Jul 2015
FREE water saving packs can be ordered online including shower heads. See first post for what's available. N.B. ONLY for Sutton and East Surrey Water customers only

I have never understood these save water campaigns, it's not really saving water is it as it all runs back down the plughole. Perhaps if you have a water meter you will benefit, however if you are not on a meter then surely it's just a private company with massive profits asking you to save them money.


Didnt work for my area but did take me to products I can order in my area not as many but still cool


Get your FREE Water Efficiency Pro from Affinity Water
Found 1st Jul 2015Found 1st Jul 2015
Choose upto 5 free water saving products if you are affinity customer. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Thanks :D


Not just affinity. See this page and look for your supplier. What you get varies depending on the company.


FFS, why don't they just send out vans and deliver this efficiency to everyone in their area of control.

210 Litre Water Butt Kit - Severn Trent Customers Only - £19.99
Found 30th Apr 2015Found 30th Apr 2015
Just spotted an email with this offer on it, looked like a good deal so wanted to share with people who may qualify. Details from the website: Standard Water Butt Kit Includes: W… Read more

still a current offer. Just ordered. Free delivery.


just ordered thanks, looks to be great value and delivered


these are £20 in all asda's that have stock, for anyone who cant get this.

SaveWaterSaveMoney - Free Save-A-Flush bag
Found 12th Mar 2015Found 12th Mar 2015
Save-A-Flush 1.2 litre The Save-a-Flush is a flat bag containing a biodegradable polymer which swells on contact with water, plus a little sand to provide some weight. Simply pop i… Read more

Never understood the point of these. You will just end up flushing the loo twice to shift what is in it.


I hear u?, & I too agree ... & so are some of the other 'repeat' Deals upon here still? .. Dettol soaps apparently gets placed upon here on a near 'Weekly' basis too, etc, etc? (plays both ways ..... ) hahahaha, lool. :-)


LOL thanks to op for making the effort but these and poundland belkin cables are a very regular occurrence


Similar to this was also Posted only last Week here: And again 3 Weeks ago too, here: Lol. :-) Worth hooking up allllll ..... if possible?, lol.


I'm not a toilet expert but you don't need a fancy bag to do it. Just simply open the toilet cistern's lid and adjust the floating ball's angle and job done within a minute. The actual question is whether you are going to have enough water to flush the stuff properly after the water's impact is reduced. Some time ago I had to do something exactly opposite to successfully get rid of the stuff within one flush (number two of course).

free shower timer
Found 10th Mar 2015Found 10th Mar 2015
Save Water Save Money are giving away FREE four-minute shower timers. Visit their website, add the timer to your basket and check out. They claim you can save up to £120 on energy … Read more
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i recieved it today, thx :)


Four minutes?! What sort of a madman has that quick showers?? Don't you know we need 21 minutes just standing under the water to contemplate and another 3 minutes to wash....


Hot, but I already use my missus as a timer, when the hot water is all used up, it's my turn.


I'd happily pay £240 a year for 2 extra minutes a day


You need to go through the address rather than the link on here, it will then tell you if you are eligible. Otherwise you are wasting you time like I did and the order will be cancelled. 'Im afraid that after reviewing your order we have been unable to fulfill your request. Unfortunately our system suggests that your household is not within the region of the Water Company you selected.

Save water freebies from your local water company
Found 3rd Mar 2015Found 3rd Mar 2015
Lots of water saving freebies from your local water company, just put your postcode in and choose your water company, you can choose upto 3 items from a range - Shower water savers… Read more
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Southern Water not on their list (_;)


Nothing 4 thames water


Nothing here for West Sussex.


None for county Durham either.


brilliant wish the bath saver had been in stock, thanks op

Flowpoint Shower Head and other FREE goodies for United Utilities customers.
Found 19th Feb 2015Found 19th Feb 2015
Hi after seeing the shower head for severntrent water. Here is the united utilities offers maybe not as good head but free! There is a few other things for free if you add to or… Read more

Received my shower timer,tooth timer and shower head.


I was dubious but I ordered 5 freebies: shower head, tap aerator kit, shower timer, tooth timer and bathbuoy. all arrived today. took 10 days for delivery but can't grumble for freebies.


lol... sounds like u over-enjoyed that shower head


Can't see these arriving as they will check all postcodes


I just ordered and I live in Belfast. What do you think the chances are of it being accepted? :|

Free water saving bath buoy - via United Utilities save water save money
Found 18th Feb 2015Found 18th Feb 2015
Free water saving bath buoy. Comes in two designs. Shipping free. Adds fun to bath time and saves up to 30 litres a bath! There are a few other items available on the site to hel… Read more

out of stock - needs to be expired :/


Only available in penguins and pirates! ;-)


not available in wales :(


Im not an affinity water customer but still managed to order one? Looks like a great idea ^_^



Free Products from United Utilities Water
Found 12th Jan 2015Found 12th Jan 2015
Free Products from United Utilities Water... free products to Cut your Utility Bills with free delivery too... just ordered Four Minute Shower Timer and Tap Aerator Kit.. dono when… Read more
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forgot to do this last time I saw this on here. ordered now though. heat added!


its been here already... had it delivered. timers are useless and the toilet flash too. the rest is alright

Free Water Saving Kit from different water suppliers
Found 27th Sep 2014Found 27th Sep 2014
South West Water - - FREE Hippo 7 Water Saver OR FREE Hippo 9 Water Saver - FREE ShowerSense Shower Regulator - FREE Shower Ti… Read more

Here's Thames water link:


Apple Pie share code - 455053029 apple pie first one to grab it :)


just to say this worked so worth trying everybody i did this before so didn't think i could get it again. thanks op


thames water, worked...!!


ordered cheers

Water saving products, FREE
Found 4th Sep 2014Found 4th Sep 2014
Free bits and bobs with free delivery to save money and water. Videos are on the site too to assist with fitting if needed.
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Will give it a go heat added thanks :)


If you put your postcode in on the site that the link takes you too it will tell you your water supplier and what you can have for free. A lot of the water companies are always giving various items away.


I'm with Northumbrian Water, no problems getting the freebie. Many thanks.


I'm with Yorkshire water, I put in my postcode and they sent them out.


Only for United Utilities customers.

water company freebies
Found 22nd Jun 2014Found 22nd Jun 2014
just a reminder (most people will probably already know but for those who don`t),in these days of water meters,water companies around the country are offering some freebie water sa… Read more
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Thank you just ordered mine from united utilities :) heat added.


Try contacting southern Trent water? Direct, you never know


Typical, all BUT Severn Trent...


Offer not available in northern ireland


[quote=Chuckles1001]Shame they don't know Seven Trent Water or my postcode :( good deal for people who can get it/or can be bothered to email them :)[/quote linky

FREE stuff from water companies just check for your local one, range from seeds to timers
Found 12th Apr 2014Found 12th Apr 2014
free stuff from the water companies anything from seeds to timers to caps for your showers some fun stuff for the kids to
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portsmouth water wont let me order


Yorkshire waters the best.....


Just opened my package that I got last week from Northumbrian Water. I only thought I was a getting the free toilet flush water saver but when I opened the package there was all sorts in there. However I only ordered the toilet flush saver for a reason, I have an old toilet that uses loads of water when it flushes. In the package were tap water savers, a shower water saver, a shower 5 minute egg style time and of course my toilet flush saver. :) Well done Northumbrian Water for being so generous. However, my water pressure is so bad that I have no use for the tap water savers, I do not have a shower so the shower water saver is of no use, however, I suppose I could use the 5 minute shower egg timer to time myself in the bath, see if I can get in and out in record time, not sure if it helps the environment though. ;) :( So, I do not know whether to congratulate Northumbrian Water for being so generous or commiserate them for contributing to general waste. :( But then again, the other stuff can go on Freecycle I suppose, hope someone can use them :)


Good stuff, found Thames Valley Water freebies here:


nope still working

Free shower head (worth £17.00) -  only available to Portsmouth Water supply customers
Found 13th Mar 2014Found 13th Mar 2014
The URL is for portsmouth water however there are many water companies that are giving out water saving freebies, really good especially if you are on a water meter. from the lis… Read more

As always with these, as it's buried deep in the description, you can't use these with electric showers.


cool, ordered what I could get for free from Bristol water.


cheers op just looked up mine at united utilities don't get the shower head but a couple of small bits direct link here


Apologies i have just noted that not ALL water companies are doing the shower head, but ALL are giving our freebies. ..... sorry!! so sorry!!

Free Water saving products including a cool pirates island for your bath - great for kids mine love it - free water saving products from United Utilities
Found 12th Mar 2014Found 12th Mar 2014
Free water saving products, including an egg timer for the shower, tap aerators, shower attachments and best of all a pirates island for the bath which is great for the kids, ** … Read more
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My stuff arrived today, had forgotten about it Only got penguin island and brush timer for kids.


Anglian Water do some good stuff


It's not like we've had any shortages of rain this year, this is all just a smokescreen to hide how none of our foreign owned water companies invest money in water infrastructure.


pirate Island out of stock. gutted. I refuse to have a bath until they have some more


i was being facetious, I know we all over pay the robbing utility company's, and I also know the "free" stuff will be the cheapest poorly made crap they can get there hands on. Instead of sending out cheap crap they should use the money to repair some of there leaks!

Free Products from Your Water Company
Found 18th Dec 2013Found 18th Dec 2013
The range of products offered varies depending on your water company but some of the most common include: FREE Cistern Displacement Devices FREE Eco Shower heads FREE Tap Inserts F… Read more

Just ordered with South West Water - thanks


Ordered thanks :)


nothing for south east :(


Thanks ordered :)


or welsh water :(

Free Water Saving packs @ Thames Valley, Bristol Water, Yorkshirewater and many more!!
Found 17th May 2012Found 17th May 2012
Save Water Save Money has joined with the UK's Water Companies to offer a number of FREE water and energy saving products that could save on your utility bills every year. To get s… Read more
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Or move to Scotland???? We've got loads in the taps. I even watered my garden in the rain last week.


the best way to save money on water is get a water meter, I've moved into a new-build flat when meters are compulsory in new houses, I can't believe how much cheaper it is X)


already posted

Lots of water saving
Found 29th Apr 2012Found 29th Apr 2012
Lots of water saving

Ordered from here months ago and recieved nothing


Only Essex & Suffolk!


Thanks for this! :) will be useful!




Not much information in the post, but looks like a useful website with links to the freebies you can get depending on the water supplier you are with

Loads of Water Saving Freebies including Shower Heads, Kids Bath Buoy Toy and a Shower Timer to name just a few
Found 20th Feb 2012Found 20th Feb 2012
Just select your water company from the list and see whats on offer!!!
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anandlau Posted


sexist much?


they are all useless but they have to offer these as part of the governments green initiative. They arent free at all as the water companies just put the cost of them on to our water bills so we all pay in the end.


Arrived very quickly thanks!!


Same with me, got them today (Saturday service?). Not bad. Cheers op.

Free Water Saving Products from your Water Company
Found 14th May 2011Found 14th May 2011
Save Water Save Money has joined with the UK’s Water Companies to offer a number of FREE water and energy saving products that could save on your utility bills every year. To get s… Read more
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no offers for welsh water



got these the last time around but was not happy with the shower head ... had to change it back later on.


some of the products are crud though......the hippo bag, screwed up my toliet.....the shower head is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard


Water suppliers raise their prices in line with RPI (not CPI), while their customers wages are declining in real terms. They should use the money to fix leaks and provide a decent service. Can't be long now before the next hosepipe ban!

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