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£15 cashback when you spend £15+ at GAME! (New members only) or 100% cashback under £15
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
1) Simply click the "Get Cashback Now" button to go to the GAME website. 2) Make a purchase at GAME. 3) Shortly after you've made your transaction you will see the transaction and… Read more

I messaged them on fb. Was told to do a claim on their website and message order number and within 5 hours the support of fb credited me 15 quid


Will give it a go cheers


Explained I had taken the £15+ option but my purchase tracked below that and therefore got declined and asked could they review as there was nothing in t+cs that warranted it being declined.


How did you do another claim and what did you write?


I did that as a first step then added a note to the claim explaining my issue which I guess might have trigged TCB to look at it more quickly. Just a thought that might help?

mega list of free cashback £20-£30 via tcb / quidco for free or a £1 trial
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Hi all so i recently started to use topcashback for some purchases they include uk and irish sites like ebookers ,amazon , ebay i also found some great free cash offers and som… Read more
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I'm going to try get this updated as some offers have lowered and some new are also available I have made 65 for a spend of £4 using these deals so far


Appreciate your efforts on this, would be good to see this expand. I was lucky enough to get the £11 on readily and the £10 for which on Topcashback posted recently. Any free or cheap profit is good!


Personal experience is the TCB seems to be paying much faster than Quidco, as a premium member they were supppose to be faster paying, no doubt that has quietly been sidelined.


So long as you drop calendar reminders to cancel the subscriptions and do so in time so you don't get charged, even if the cashback doesn't track or pay out, you've had some free services (y)


I've always received the cashback s offered through quidco so far. The only ones that are "dodgy" are their bonuses which have a less than 50% success rate. Cashback through quidco, using reputable companies in my opinion have a very high success rate. Keep a screen shot of your transaction and the initial confirmation from the cashback site.

£11.11 cashback for a 0.99p month subscription with Readly @ TopCashBack
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
access the link and use the link to sign up for a month membership for 0.99p and receive £11.11 cashback. who doesn't love free money :) (y) p.s. my topcashback tracked within 5m… Read more
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Which! or readly, better keep it for 20 days at least and then cancel. Remember having such condition in past for ‘which!’


TCB tracked for me within the hour when I did it. The mrs signed up through QC but 36 hours later and it's still not tracked


Expired on TCB, but Quidco are still doing £10 cashback for 99p trial.


Signed up this morning but never tracked for me.


I'm guessing this may have been a typo on tcb?

£9.45 cashback   for a  hayu  free trial @topcashback
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Topcashback are offering 9.45 for signing up for the reality streaming service hayu 30 day free trial and get 9.45 cashback free Remember to cancel straight away :D :D … Read more
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When filing a missing cash back claim what do you enter for purchase amount for this trial ?


Does anyone else have "N/A" on estimate payable?


£3 expired down.


Done, but did not track, that was 2 days ago, give it another day or so then will cancel. Waste of time and effort from me.


Great thanks op, done (y)

Which? 1 month trial £1 and £10.10 tcb
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Topcashback are giving users £10.10 for a 1month trial to Which?it costs £1 and cancel before renewal if you don't want to carry on.
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My cashback was not tracked, and TCB still have not submitted my claim yet. I was also told not to reply to their message on my clain as it could be 'delayed further'. They are utterly useless. Plus they said they would go ahead with my submisison on the 17th, and today it's still not been submitted. (annoyed)


Membership number was sufficient for me.


What info do I need to give them if I cancel with email pls.


I'm going to cancel on 1st feb, just to be saFe


Mod are very scientific minded then :p

Upto £15 OFF No Min Spend @ Game!! (New accounts)
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
How does it work? E.g. spend £49.99 on ‘FIFA 19’ and get £15 cashback. The £15 cashback at GAME start date is the 10/12/2018 and the offer end date is 13/01/2019 23:59. Up to £1… Read more
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You must be mafia hahaha XD You've offered no explanation what so ever. You've mentioned Game & HMV. What about Next, Debenham, American Golf, HoF, Toys r Us, Maplin, the list goes and, from so many different sectors. The profit margins these companies work on are extremely high and, the only time they let them slip is when they have sales or encounter difficulty. The middlemen who run these companies add no value to products, but want to take most of the profit. The likes of Amazon will kill off the high street, at the detriment of the British working person and business. When money is everything, there will always be winners and looser. Capisce


You said every shop has the same operating model as GAME. How so? If that was the case then why is every shop not on the brink of going bust? HMV are gone (for a second time), GAME almost went a few years ago, but somehow managed to get saved and I imagine by the end of the year they'll be toast too. A few old dears who want to buy little Johnny their FIFA game at Christmas isn't going to save them. I have one last order with GAME this year and that's the RE2 collector's edition, purely because they are the only retailer sticking it. After that, I won't be touching them with a barge pole. Capisce.


Same I have lodged a claim


LOL please enlighten me then. You must stop copying me with the wish cracks now though. (party)


my cashback was declined

Topcashback £6 exclusive cashback for new users joining Apple Music
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
New to Apple Music? Listen to over 50 million songs, ad free. Plus, new subscribers get 3 months free and £6 exclusive cashback
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Not sure why so many cold votes though, as it just took 5 mins and offers 3 months of trial period too..The cashback tracked within 48 hrs as well


Mine got confirmed and itd £6.99 :D


Same here..


This has not tracked and I signup days ago


Cashback is payable only once, following confirmation of Apple Music trial signup. After the 3-month promotional period, Plans will automatically renew to £9.99 a month for Individual memberships, £14.99 for Family memberships and £4.99 for Student memberships, unless cancelled. User may cancel at any time with no commitment. ---------- Worth a go, 6 quid for a few minutes work. My last TCB cashback was paid by the merchant and cleared in to my account in 2 weeks flat (Game, £15). I see there are no reviews for Apple music as a merchant yet, So no idea of their normal payment turnaround.

£2.50 extra cashback on Topgiftcard purchases of  £10
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
Simply make your qualifying purchase before 20/12/2018 23:59:00, and the bonus will be added to your account. To be eligible for the £2.50 TopGiftcard Cashback Bonus promotion, y… Read more

Got my cashback into my bank account :D


Great British Pub. 10% cashback and £2.50 bonus. £6.50 for a tenner giftcard. Usually lots of offers during January, so double bonus.


I believe this will be ok but any issues let me know :) Best wishes,Matt


Thanks. TCB bonuses had always tracked for me


Why expired? Valid until the end of today.

8% bonus when you withdraw TopCashback funds on a Virtual Mastercard® Prepaid Card
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Looks like a good option for getting your money out... can basically use it to shop online as if it was a normal mastercard card to spend it anywhere. Was looking to withdraw usin… Read more
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I see it is down to 5% Is this permanent? Does it change often?? @TopCashbackRep


Well I did this the same day I posted it and still haven't recieved the email. Anybody else got it yet?


Not a fan of the t's and c's, its a bit too restrictive for me: Once you have your card, the balance on it will be valid for 12 months, after which it will expire and any remaining balance will be removed. Your card can't be used at a cash machine or bank for cash, unless the back of your card lists cash access fees. Your card can't be used to buy fuel.


Anyone know their (zeek) Uk contact number?


I've had grief with £1 reserve at Amazon. Heard nowt back from the support email of TCB's virtual card supplier, so went through the regular TCB CS and they've been chasing it for a couple of weeks without joy.

£5 refund on tub of Quality Street, Roses or Heroes for Christmas (New Customers Only) @ TopCashBack [Money redeeemed after 30 days]
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
shoppers can get FREE tub of Quality Street, Roses or Heroes for Christmas Here’s how to get the deal: 1. Sign up to TopCashback for free via the deal link 2. Spend up to £5 on a… Read more
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That’s a shame. I don’t seem to have any problems getting the money.I’m sure I have £100 or something. The only problem I have is they will not let me take the money out ever time they do it just doesn’t go out the account. So I can just sit and watch my money that i will never see the light of day


Nah "Sorry, this is a restricted offer. Unfortunately you’re not eligible for this deal."


It's not worth much for being long term customers in these .matters...always charged more than new customers.. customer loyalty is gone with the wind..


Cold. Get a refferal and get more between you.


most new member sign ups are for £15's worth of freebies so cold from me

Free Bio Oil 60ml for new Topcashback customers (£8.99 at Superdrug)
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
There are so many fab benefits to this miracle Bio Oil and you can get it free! New customers to Topcashback can sign up and get this great deal from Superdrug and Topcashback will… Read more

Trying to oil in new customers to then decline them their genuine cashback


yes I know but could I buy something else instaead baby related.


You get the delivery refunded


will it work for free click and collect. I rather buy something else for £3 than pay delivery.


Heat so non-members can enjoy the new deal!

£3 Extra Cashback on £10 Spend @ TopCashback
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
TERMS To be eligible for the £3 Cashback Bonus promotion, you must be a member of . You must activate the offer via the link above prior to making an eligibl… Read more

Odd, my TopGiftCards was just confirmed, not payable, and the bonus was added which went payable straightaway.


well this isnt very good, ive heard back from support and they want me to wait untill my Ebay purchase goes to payable and then for me to get back intouch with them to have the £3 added... But its likely to take several weeks for my Ebay purchase to go payable and so ive got to remember in many weeks time that it had a bonus to go with it...


Bonus points for “nay sayers” (excited) (excited) (excited) (excited)


i just submitted a support ticket for my missing £3 bonus, the next time Quidco do a bonus and the nay sayers crawl out of the woodwork..... remember to point them to this thread :)


That is a poor experience, but both TCB and Quidco have given me £100s and have generally decent CS. Maybe you could try using a completely separate browser just for cashback? Also check the reviews for the cashback merchant, the ones with issue may be 1* so the issue may be with them.

Just Eat £15 Cashback. New Top Cashback Customers Only @ Topcashback
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
New Top Cashback Customers Only! They will give you Cashback up the value of £15. Anything over - you pay for yourself. Sign up and then: 1) click the "Get Cashback Now" button t… Read more

I used this successfully for over 8 years, but it's now blacklisted for me. Unfortunately in the last 12 months I've had over 80% of my transactions either fail, track at much lower amounts. When I've raised claims they've all been refused to a value of over £750 this year. Quidco on the other hand I've never had any issues with. I personally won't be wasting my time with TCB ever again


It is normal for a lot of retailers to take more than two months to confirm payment to Topcashback, so that it can become payable. One of the reasons is to ensure goods are not returned for a refund after they have paid out the cashback... which I'm sure you would not be returning along with the goods!As for paying out, all cashback should be looked at as a bonus and not a guaranteed entitlement. Having said that, I have had 99% sucess with Topcashback, and 99% failure with Quicco.Topcashback Account


I have quite a few friends who have never had an issue with Top Cashback. Maybe an issue your end?


Don’t bother they won’t pay you..


You could, get inventive (flirt)

TCB - £5 bonus on £10 spend on health and beauty - Selected accounts
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Got the following email may be for selected accounts
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I've had a look on my account. They don't seem to have a bonus deal in December. They had a flash sale last year on 15th November 2017 for one day only. Minimum spend of £40 for a £3 bonus cashback. This year it was an invitation by email only which was on 11 November for a £5 bonus cashback on a minimum spend of £10 and another one that you listed. I've been perusing Quidco more this year due to their bonus offers and have had no problems with their tracking.


Link don't work


Try Wilko on Quidco. Tracking is almost instant.


Is there a link please?


Did your normal cashback track. if so, you need to contact joseph. ('s mine. Didn't buy the expensive Advent calendars, that's why it's still opted-in.

Earn $2.50 extra cash back: November 16th - 18th
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
This is using the not so you need to order via them. 3.5% for gearbest for example or 7% microsoft store As an early Black Friday treat, we are offeri… Read more

Disappointed I missed this, might have made a purchase!


"Unfortunately, you are not eligible to activate this promotion"


Yes because nobody has ever changed their country to get ebay codes or microsoft store reductions have they? ;)


Post a UK deal and I'll vote hot. Pointless even voting on this. I'm sure TCB will have a bonus deal soon, very soon and so will Quidco. I'm guessing the Quidco one will be the better one though. TCB like to spend their promotional budget on TV ads and very minor celebs.


I voted cold purely on the basis that you instructed me to in the title. I'm obliging like that.

£1 for one month trial of Which with £10 TCB FREE £9 profit (DONT FORGET TO CANCEL )
Found 12th Nov 2018Found 12th Nov 2018
I have done this before every year just sign up for a subscription pay £1 then wait a week then cancel .(DOWN TO £8)

Why are you still on this thread you are a obsessed troll and cannot even answer my question as you are a fraud what a pathetic person you are. I signed up for 5 free £10 cashbacks so i'm not just getting £9 im raking it in the same as all the others on here free money i love it (y) :D .


No, you've clearly a lot you need to get off your chest. Keep going. If you've run out of ideas, how about why you need £9 so desperately?


No, you tell us more do you subscribe to which and support this charity so dear to you heart.


Keep going, tell us more... (y)


Others have said theirs tracked in a few minutes, so I'm a bit worried mine won't.

£5.00 TCB cash back with top cash backs Snap and Save if you buy an advent calendar - New members only
Found 12th Nov 2018Found 12th Nov 2018
Buy any advent calendar and claim £5 cash back with snap and save. Calendars can be of any value but Cadburys are around £1 at the moment at Tesco. Unforturnately for new. members… Read more
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Waited 9 months to get this reply after purchasing through TopCashback.. Agreed 100%.


Quidco and TopCashback are rubbish, I used them 4 times NEVER worked, I opened a dispute NEVER replied and they NEVER took action to solve the case, such a bunch of cheap m*


Time for some conjuring. ;)

TCB - Get £5 cashback when you spend minimum £10 (Check your emails) @ TopCashBack
Found 9th Nov 2018Found 9th Nov 2018
Received email few mins back. Just click and activate the offer. Offer expires on 11-Nov-2018 23:59:59
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This is what happens to me too :(


Unfortunately, you are not eligible to activate this promotion ….like always :(


Same here too, not trustworthy.


Exactly the same happens to me - usually when there is a bonus. And i clear cookies and all that first....but it still happens - and i even get the pop up saying it tracked - but they still dont track properly. It is so painful.


Cheers OP for the heads up I was just about to make a purchase using the Quidco £2.50 bonus, as I hadn't checked my emails since this morning I would have missed this (y)