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TopCashback Exclusive £5 Cashback Bonus - Your purchase amount should be £10 or more (Invited members only)
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Activate offer once logged in. Ends 14th October at 23:59. To be eligible for the £5 Cashback Bonus promotion, you must be a member of and have received an emai… Read more
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Me too...... (annoyed)


i have this same problem, i have two things that i need and have been rushing to buy them because of this offer but now, both items are cheaper on amazon (and i prefer amazon to most shops anyway) It's been years if ever that topcashback have offered cashback for amazon so no cashback, no £5 :p 12:03 now, i have failed to save a fiver... oh well ;(


Thanks op got it on my gmail account (y)


grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :( Unfortunately, you are not eligible to activate this promotion. Browse our Top Offers page to find other deals you may like.


I can relate to this (embarrassed)

£10 TCB on fuel when filling up at various fuel stations - bonus for referral scheme!
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
This latest £10 fuel deal is a simple click away and still valid until midnight tomorrow - you just need to keep hold of your receipt. The offer is available at Tesco Morrisons S… Read more



"Offer valid from 08 Oct 2018 to 14 Oct 2018" so I'm assuming the receipt would have to be in that specific date


Is there any t&c of when the date has got to be on the receipt and can it be used with fuel cards receipts


No #10 offer here, but I'm thrilled at the one especially for existing customers - 10p off a can of soup


Limited to 4000. You probably won't get it anyway but worth a shot if you happen to have filled up today.

Topcashback extra £2.50 for 24 hours only! 4th October!
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
As titled! To be eligible for the £2.50 Cashback Bonus promotion, you must be a member of You must activate the offer via the link above prior to making an elig… Read more

For reference after a week the bonus tracked on an ebay basket that had split into two transactions


@ShakeyJake Please don't worry as the bonus should track if you have met the threshold for the bonus. If you have not seen the track after seven days from the transaction tracking please get in touch with our team who will investigate. Best wishes Phil


Where do I go to check the bonus status? My order took 12 hours to track I purchased 23:55 :/


My ebay basket total doesn't seem to have been included. It counted all my items separately so I didn't get the bonus. Is this right?


I meant each individual item tracked separately - previously an ebay basket has tracked as one transaction (marked as multi-item) and would have been above the £10

TopCashback £5 bonus on £10 spend (email invite only)
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Email invitation for £5 cashback on £10 spend To be eligible for the £5 Cashback Bonus promotion, you must be a member of TopCashback and have received an email to your registered… Read more
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I've had it happen to me before, it's not just speculation. I activated an offer on the website and made a purchase. When I raised a ticket after it didn't track I got told by customer support tough luck, we never sent you an email. So I'm just warning people who haven't had an email - even if they manage to activate this, it won't be paid.


Yup Just seen it now


Bonus now showing.


Same here.


Anyone who is eligible, have you used this? Purchase has tracked but the bonus is not showing on activity

Free Disney Mug for new Topcashback members upto £15 from Disney Store (initial purchase required)
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
So sign up and you will get a full refund of upto £15, in the £15 it must include the mug and delivery. Hope it helps some of you

If you read the terms of the deal, noone would know if they got the cashback yet as it will not show for a few weeks still


Did anyone get the money back? How long did it take?


New users only


Would a thermos mug be eligible?


Sorry, this is a restricted offer. Unfortunately you're not eligible for this deal. But you may be interested in...

Beagle Street Life Insurance £50+ TopCashback with 6 month payments
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Potential profit as well as 6 months life insurance when using TopCashback and BeagleStreet. If you tailor the numbers by fiddling with cover amount, duration etc. you can make … Read more
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Do you know how the decreasing aspect plays out @TheChinski? I had a look the other day but I'm still none the wiser. Based on your 40k over 5yrs, is it as straightforward as losing 20% of the sum insured with the passing of every year? :/


Mine was a single policy for 5 years of decreasing term and £40,000, which seemed to push the price right down. In terms of personal info, I’m a normal height/weight 20 y.o non smoker so that probably helped. It’s worth fiddling round with those first numbers tho cuz I could get >£20 if I changed them all the way


Please can give us a rough idea how you got such a low monthly payment ie what info, questions and answers did you give? Thanks


Yeah I did this over 6 months ago, quidco still saying tracked, hoping it changes to confirmed soon!


I used tcb and Beagle street for my life insurance last year and did the hubbies with quidco and Beagle street at the same time... both tracked fine.. ..quidco paid out on time...was 6 months later.... tcb did it as 6 months payments then 30 days to approve so took another month.... but both paid out with no issues.

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Topcashback £3 bonus on £10 spend
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Spend over £10 between 10:00 on the 10th and 23:59 on the 11th of September in a single transaction to get the £3 bonus
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The £10 off a £100 spend tracked and paid out within days. Top marks. A £5 one has just been cashed in. No issues for myself with Quidco bonuses. Bring them on.


Why? Quidco hardly ever tracks at £2.50.... let alone a larger amount.


I wish they'd do a larger amount, like Quidco did on a £100 or more spend.


If anyone is still following this thread I have now got my £3 bonus showing for my multiple eBay purchases so the systems at TCB do work reliably and Matt the TCB rep on here is speaking the truth.


Ok thanks for the reply

Top Cash Back Prepaid Mastercard - possible 4% / 8% Free Cash extra being added on Payouts
Found 26th AugFound 26th Aug
Free Money ! Convert your TCB to a Mastercard Prepaid card and get 4% extra for normal members, of 8% for Plus Members. The card can then be used online to say buy Amazon Vouche… Read more
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If all else fails, I’ll try and stick the last quid on my water bill, but it’s a hell of a faff for 4%. For 8% it’s worthwhile if you use amazon a lot or can find something to quickly ‘cash it in’


Thanks for the warning.


I did enquire. The answer was rather involved but i think the critical paragraph was Some prepaid or virtual cards may not be suitable for use with PayPal. If you want to use such a card, you should make sure that it's reusable. This means that you can add money to the same card multiple times and the card number doesn't change. Adding money to this card is not possible AFAICS so the answer wouls seem to be no.


I'm not sure if it will require another authorisation. Once it's authorised i think you can spend whatever is left (subject to £1 minimum spend). It refused mine yesterday (despite a purchase last week) for the reasons i gave. But today it went through. Maybe my last week's spend did not 'register' as authorised with amazon because it was a marketplace seller and this necessitated yesterday's authorisation. Maybe they authorised it again today and somehow the £1 was credited back again before they took the balance so it went through. Who knows? The possibilities abound and frankly don't interest me that much. Unfortunately i'd already ordered another virtual card before i realised all these problems existed, but i won't be buying another.


Ah yea, I hadn’t thought that to spend my last £1 it’ll require another pre-auth. Looks like I’m about neutral then and at least know NOT to do it for my bigger cash backs (although, a bigger amount would give less % loss having £1 left on the card). Sometimes POS in store lets you enter the number if you purposely fail the card (put in backwards 3 times), but a lot of effort for a quid, and the staff SHOULD verify what you’ve inputted (but never do, I did it a lot when I locked my PIN to my only credit card a few years back)

50p bonus on up to 5 transactions when you spend £5 or more @ Topcashback
Found 24th AugFound 24th Aug
Activate below and from 24th - 27th August 23:59 earn an extra 50p bonus on up to 5 transactions when you spend £5 or more. Some merchants may not include VAT or delivery charges o… Read more
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Hey adamnsu, I am sorry to hear of your disappointment and I can assure you that we always try our best to get the most positive resolution for members but sometimes that cannot always be achieved. If you could please drop me a message with your email address and a little detail of the issues you have I will be more than happy to take a closer look into them. Best Wishes Phil :)


Ey up, I can see some support tickets looming, I bought 3 things from the same seller on ebay in one transaction totalling over £6 - ebay tracked ok, no sign of the 50p yet (annoyed)


Re ebay Is that inc or exc VAT? £5.25 enough?


i've also made more on TCB over the years. but tbh, i dont want to go messing around on rate guarantees. ill compare both sites and take who offer the best rate. P.S. im also a paying member with both companies so on a enhanced level. not that i think it makes a difference anyway.


TBH i don’t mind going for a lower amount of cashback with Quidco as they always pay up than get lured in by TopCashBack with the promise of a higher cashback and not get paid at all.

£5 cashback when you spend £10 or more @ TCB
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
From 10:00 17th - 19th August 23:59 earn an extra £5 bonus on 1 transaction when you spend £10 or more. Some merchants may not include VAT or delivery charges on the spend reported… Read more
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It’s easy to get your extra £5, click the link below which will take you to the activation page, activate the promotion and once you make your transaction the bonus will appear in your account. When your cashback is payable, your bonus will be too. Only members who have received this email will be eligible. Ends 19th August at 23:59.


Think this is the same as someone else just posted. Not eligible for me. But good deal ;)


Worked for me thanks


Hey adamnsu I am sorry to hear that you have not been happy with us and I can assure you that are team are more than happy to help with any query you have if you send a support ticket, contact us via email or via social media. We would not hold money from members as it would not benefit us in anyway. Our aim is to get cashback to members as quickly as possible and we work hard to achieve this. Best wishes :) Phil


Not available to me


thanks, worked for me.


Same as ;(

Receive £20 plus £55 CASHBACK when you send £100+ thru WorldRemit at TCB
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
Receive £20 when you send £100 from the UK using our code, plus £55 exclusive cashback. You can make transfers with WorldRemit from 50 countries to over 150 destinations globally. … Read more
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does sending to $ revolut account qualify or not?


Only just seen this post. Today's deal isn't anywhere near as good, but still not bad considering you are only really paying the small fee.


It was. I went through all the security questions, card number, security code, start and expiry dates, account number, sort code, and mother's maiden name. They all checked out ok. The guy ringing was really nice. Sounded foreign, but a lot more polite than anyone local. Kept calling me Mr Michael, which was nice if a bit strange.


Just make sure it is the fraud department on the phone, I've heard that conmen pretending to be from the fraud department of your bank is a common tactic to steal your info/money so be vigilant ;) haha


Nads! I wish I'd seen this sooner. I had to transfer £3000 to the former interior minister of Nigeria, who had $12 million he was unable to take out of the country. He said that if I gave him my bank details and paid the three grand so he could organise the bank transfer to me, I would get 60% of it as thanks for helping him out. Sweet deal. Anyway, must go. My wife said the fraud department from my bank is on the phone. They must just be ringing for me to confirm everything is above board.

£2.50 bonus cash back on a £20 spend using TopCashBack
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
spend £20 and get £2.50 cash back using Topcashback app between 20th July and 23.59pm 22nd july
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Thanks for asking. No, did not track. Started a claim. But later I cancelled my item from Ebay ( was a bit dodgy?) and stopped my claim on TCB. Ebay refund received. Sorry to hear of your problems. Seems not fair to me. You should ask your money ! Good luck.


has it tracked for you now @paulleen ? i got stiched right up by them, see my post above ^^


right, you lot at TCB have stiched me up here, my shopping basket at Ebay was for 4 items and my total order came to just over £20... the one item that didnt track was for 99p, ive just had support telling me that they cant raise a claim on items under £1.. so therefor i lose out on the £2.50 bonus money as my order comes to under £20, that is just wrong and totally unacceptable, i want my £2.50 bonus money! i dont see how only 3 of the 4 items can track, they were all together in the basket at checkout. i want my money, you owe it to me!


It doesn't no, as long as you checked out both items at the same time this will be awarded, it will just take up to seven days following the transaction to get this bonus tracked. Best wishes,Matt


It is quite normal for this to happen. Some transactions can track quicker than others at times, it is down to how the retailer reports the transaction back to us. But we would expect your full basket of transactions to be reported within 7 days. If this tracks within 7 days, please then close the claim you have raised. Many thanks, Patrick.

Extra £5 pound cashback on £10 spend at topcashback
Found 13th JulFound 13th Jul
Got an email but not sure if it's account specific. There's not much time to take advantage of your £5 bonus cashback on 1 transaction, when you spend £10* or more. It’s easy to… Read more

Thanks Matt


It can take seven days following the tracking of the purchase. Any further issues please do lodge a support ticket so our team can check it out. Best wishes,Matt


Anyone know when the bonus appears on account? Had email, activated, bought item - more than twenty pounds, this tracked almost immediately but no bonus.


Hey pink_elephant If you could please submit a support ticket about this, our team will certainly take a closer look into your membership Best wishes Phil :)


Hey ally1411 We do give our members a 30 day grace period of plus membership in which they can switch to classic at anytime. If you have been a member for longer than 30 days please submit a support ticket and our team will take a look into your membership Best wishes Phil :)

£3 cashback when you spend £5 at Topcashback
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Topcashback are offering all members £3 cashback on a £5 spend any retailer only showing on the App at the moment valud 29th June - 1st July
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The £3 bonus has now tracked :)


Still no bonus, eBay cashback confirmed


£3 Bonus added today.


@topcashbackrep It is now over a week and my bonus has still not tracked from the two ebay transactions in the same basket I made?


Having the same kind of problem with AliExpress. Ordered around £8 of stuff from Ugreen on AliExpress but each item registered individually on the TCB website. Still haven't seen the £3 show up.

Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
*ONLY FOR NEW MEMBERS. 100% cashback up to £15 at Pizza Hut, means that TopCashback will refund 100% of the purchase order value up to £15 cashback on purchases at Pizza Hut. Purc… Read more

Thats nuts how do they make their money with all these deals? just got £5 after spending £11 on ebay


Worked for me, thanks OP. Heat added


did it work for you?


Free Pizza Heat Added!!!


Looks like only for new members. You can always create a fake account to claim though.

£12 free topcashback for Nowtv trial - New customers
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
Take the 14 day free NowTV trial using topcashback and get £12 TCB. New customers only

If you're wanting to use the service properly for a while, I'd pay the month so you should get the £12 cashback, then use the voucher later on. If you're not really going to use it though, no harm at least in trying with just the voucher.


OK, I see it, was looking at the NowTV page. Still might be worth it if you get £12 CB if the one month is less than £12? I have one of there boxes with a voucher that I've not used do you think this would count towards paying the one month?


It's on the page this deal links to.


I don't see that, what page?


All of the amounts for free trials on the page say '(renewing 1 month)'.

Baileys Strawberries & Cream 70cl New Member Offer £15 (Free after cashback) @ TopCashback
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
How to claim £15 off Baileys Strawberries and CreamSign up to TopCashback for free via this link Spend a minimum of £10 on Baileys Strawberries and Cream from any UK store.Sign ba… Read more
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Open another account using 'Tell a friend' and claim that way.


Not happy.. I didn't realise it was for new customers only until I tried to claim the cashback.


TCB stated it would expire on the 24th, so I've unexpired it. I have been payed out and cash has now been transfered to my bank today, so happy chappy, my wife also did the same, £30 returned so far, waiting on referrals being sorted (£20 to myself etc.etc.). (y)


Why is this expired? Still running...


£16 in Morrisons and £15 cashback. Thank you.

Free Just Eat up to £15 for new TopCashback customers.
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Free Just Eat up to £15 for new TopCashback customers.

Does TopCashback not spot you - I mean using same means to cash out?




Do you have to be a new customer who hasnt earned any cashback yet?


Thanks bossman done this 3 times already, now lets see if this one works heat! (highfive)


Already been posted 2 or 3 times before

£250 cash back on all Vodafone Handsets Contracts with topcashback
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
£250 cash back on all Vodafone Handsets Contracts. Only for 24 hours. Expires 11am 14th June.
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1gb was £24 on 24 months


Not cheap even after 250 cashback. Bought 1gb plan moto G6 today but When i called EE to cancel they offered far better deal on my SIMO contract. So I returned Vodafone handset within 2 hrs and cancelled order. Had no confidence on 250 cashback.


Any Good deals found?? Can't really see anything!


Quoted from TCB: "How does it work? Cashback is available on new phone contracts; upgrades are not eligible.For contract sales, commission will only be paid if the customer did not return their device within the first 30 days, and has paid their first bill." Do you guys understand that after the first payment the cashback should be tracked already?


Good to know Cashback is available on Pre-Order Phone contracts.