A 20gb Mp3 player for only £69.31 ( Vusys 20GB MP3 player)

A 20gb Mp3 player for only £69.31 ( Vusys 20GB MP3 player)

Found 23rd Nov 2006
ok this is my first submision hope u guys like it


* Decode: MP3 / WMA / OGG format
* Audio Encode: MP3 format(64,96,128,160,192 Kbps)
* Digital voice recording (DVR) of high sensitivity including line-in
* LCD: EL backlight large-scale dot matrix display (160 x 160 dots)
* User-defined music library and playlist playback
* 16MB anti-shock buffer for better power consumption
* Rechargeable through AC/DC adapter
* Bundled with music management software (Functions: upload/download data and album management) and MusicMatch Jukebox
* Real-time clock embedded


* Audio formats supported: MP3 (32 to 320Kbps), VBR, WMA, WMA with DRM, Ogg
* Encode: MP3 format
* Support WMDM (Windows Media Device management) Standard
* Voice recording (DVR) of high sensitivity including line-in recording
* Supports on-machine playlist editing
* Create multiple On-The-Go playlists
* Supports files transferred via Windows Explorer
* Firmware upgradeable through USB port


It looks an excellent deal to me and the customer reviews are promising...no details of size but you're not going to get nano size for £70.


Well done on your first post thedynasty Great post.

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super price.
looked at this a couple of months ago when it was around £80 from ebuyer.com

here are the full specs agci.co.uk/cus…832

not as slim as an ipod, but still within pocketable limits.

Yeah this has cropped up a few times and each time I'm very tempted. Has anyone gone for it?

Dimensions: 10.4 x 6.1 x 2.2cm so same height and width as an ipod but twice as thick.

Are you saying a Nano is thick LOL....probably require some decent phones but an excellent prezzy for a teenager....although we're in the street cred age and if it hasn't got Apple written on it they'll turn up their noses!!
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