got the lats 10s :thumbsup:

thanks for sharing mate

Been trying to get the tens, but this is the worst website i've ever used. took me nearly an hour last time, and ended up cancelling my order, this time the same story, loads a page in about 10 minutes, comes up with an error then it's out of stock by the time i get through. absolute toss.

thnx m8! Got one

thanks got it and the catapillar at the same price. Delivery is a bit steep at £3.99, but okay for two quality trainers

[COLOR="red"]Nasty shoes.

No wonder they're only £11.[/COLOR]

This company is a nightmare to get a refund from!!!
They will not allow you to cancel an order, you have to wait for the goods, pay for a return then pray for a refund, you have been warned!

for those who missed can check on the ebay... especially this seller!


Price appears to be £12.99 so post needs to be amended or expired.

Anyone know how much these normally go for?

The JFK;6278153

[COLOR=red]Nasty shoes.No wonder they're only £11.[/COLOR]

Do you have a pair or are you saying that because you don't like the look of it?


Price appears to be £12.99 so post needs to be amended or expired.

You need to add the discount code, however, the original post doesn't take into account the £4 delivery charge.

**** me ugly as hell good price if you want to look like a caveman lmao

Ok, couldn't resist, just ordered a pair, really like the look of these and even with the delivery, these are very cheap.

Thanks OP :thumbsup:. Anyone a size 8, there's only 13 left now (was around 19 when i ordered).

Size 12.

Nice trainers indeed. Please include the full price in cluding delivery though so people know. Still £15.03 is not bad at all!

couldnt get a pair for my hubby but got some lovely morgan high heels girls for £9.08 inc postage!!!

They look sick !
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