Found 29th Oct 2009Made hot 8th Nov 2009



New twist FLAVOUR? Hope it taste's better than the last one lol, Hot deal thou

Flavour? No you've got it wrong, stop drinking it.

hot deal but isn't it an incense?

online only click, africa, d/t and instinct ar a £1 others are full price such as thai massage

Tesco have the same price atm

That damn Lynx twist has a lot to answer for. It leaked all over my clothes in my suitcase (through 2 protective bags). Green stains everywhere!

They had Lynx Instinct at the same price too. Got more use out of that as the Twist one seemed like it was quite watered down.

I tried it. It smells like pine-fresh bog cleaner.
Maybe the girls will go ape-s*** over it?
Good price, terrible product.

I've got the Twist one and its quite nice.

I'm currently waiting on the Recover Shower Gel and Recover Deodoarant to go on some special offer as they are quite nice..


Nothing beats Africa im afraid, stocked up on 10 the other day! it sends the chicks wild!

3x 125g bars of vegetable soap at tesco for 19p, without loads of junk added.

By the way chicks might go wild for "Africa", however female humans go wild for the male scent.

B.O. Bill?

Here Here lol he's a caveman!!
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