A Beautiful Mind (DVD) - £2.99 delivered @ ChoicesUK !

A Beautiful Mind (DVD) - £2.99 delivered @ ChoicesUK !

Found 25th Apr 2008
Next best is £4.69 @ 101cd..

Use the attached 5% discount code if you wish.

Winner of 4 Academy Awards including Best Picture, this is the story of John Forbes Nash Jr., a brilliant mathematician and tortured genius. It is 1947 and Nash is an anti-social undergraduate at Princeton University where he makes his name with a paper on non-co-operative games. He goes on to become an M.I.T. professor whose special gifts impress the Pentagon into hiring him to work on a top secret assignment to help fight the Cold War. Whilst teaching class, Nash meets Alicia, a beautiful physics student, with whom he falls in love and marries. But soon Nash's secret life begins to encroach on his private life and the lines between reality and fantasy start to blur.

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