"a-bike" folding sinclair bike £149 before p+p, quidco etc
"a-bike" folding sinclair bike £149 before p+p, quidco etc

"a-bike" folding sinclair bike £149 before p+p, quidco etc

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I paid £180 for this retail only a month ago. The shop now sales them for £210. Very good bike for keeping in the boot of your car etc And especially great as i save on parking everyday by cycling the last 10-15mins to the station.

Weighing in at under six kilos, and converting from packed bike to mobile machine in under ten seconds, the A Bike is the first truly portable and practical commuter bicycle.

The majority of the frame is made from heat treated aluminium and high strength glass fibre, which is what gives it both its strength and its featherweight...er, weight. It has a twin chain gearing system using specifically small drive axles, often one of the heaviest parts of a traditional bicycle, and the pneumatic tyres ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. The A Bike comes with a carry storage bag for tucking it away at home, or in the office. Until now folding bike have just been bikes that, well, folded, so you were left with, erm...half a bike, and a heavy one at that. This mechanical miracle is truly light, collapsible and of course eminently portable, so you can cycle to the station, the harbour, the airport or just down the drive to your car!
Bringing to life the idea of maximum portability with minimised weight and an optimised telescopic folding system.
Unlike other folding bikes it can easily be slipped into a bag while you hop on the tube, train, bus, or even a plane.
In less then 10 seconds it folds up with a 3 click telescopic mechanism to just 67 x 30 x 16cm.
The bike comes with the storage bag.
Includes a bell and reflector.
A-Bike is a compilation of red and black coloured parts with the metal-silver frame.

Weight: 5.6kg (12.6 lbs).
Dual Chain ratios: 14:8 and 35:9.
Max. weight tolerance: 85kgs (13st 5lbs).
Tyre Size: 15cm/6" diameter x 3.2cm/1 ¼".
Max saddle height: 90 cm.
Min saddle height: 82cm.
Folded size: 67cm x 30cm x 16cm.
Unfolded size: 100cm x 70cm x 43cm.


Ummmmm, this looks errrrrrrrr interesting.
Is it comfortable and easy to ride?


According to the gadget show no, no and er... just NO.

I was really interested in this - until I read up on it and everyone says its really bobbins - even the A-bike fan forums seem pretty unimpressed and if they can't get up any enthusiasm for it then who can.

It looks like an instrument of torture!

I think the strida is a better bet, although it does not fold nearly as small, and is more expensive.

Having had a number of folders - forget the A-Bike - and the Strida too - they are both a bit of a novelty factor - if you need one go for the brompton - They are expensive, but they are worth every penny. I'm waiting for my insurance claim when a driver knocked me off my old brompton - then drove over it - so I can get another.

Currently riding a Dahon Folder - Full size bike, but not ideal - still think the brompton is better - just my words of advice if you are thinking about riding to work ---- If so look into the Cycle to Work Schemes your employer might offer, where you can buy a bike tax free!

is this from the same guy that had the c-5?


is this from the same guy that had the c-5?

among ]other things yes
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