A bog - £50 delivered @ Wickes
A bog - £50 delivered @ Wickes

A bog - £50 delivered @ Wickes

Buy forBuy forBuy for£49.99
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An entire toilet, yours for £50 to wee and poo in.


I don't think you can say much more!

Ooooh Bargain bog... I'm in! (hope I don't get mucky)


Brilliant title and discription have some heat

Can you er..... 'talk to God' on it too?

Because that could be a deal breaker if not!

What a crap deal..........only joking have some heat!!!!

But I only want to spend a penny !

S**t hot deals!

was £75 now £50, a t**d off.

I'll sit on this a while and see if something better comes up..

Who gives a sh*t,have some heat.

Just ordered! I needed a new toilet, honestly.... Thanks

Hot seat! Looks like it's a bog standard one.

Wickes won't be the only ones feeling the pinch.


But I only want to spend a penny !

Not feeling flush then?

This sight is going down the toilet.
Have some heat

What a load of s***!!

Anyone in the Leicester area can buy mine (Brand new never ermm used) for £30 it's complete with cistern etc and all fittings. I have it spare cos bought a suite and only needed the bath and sink but was cheaper as bundle.

Message me if ya want it otherwise bog off.
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pan-tastic, order just accepted! Can't wait for this one to arrive!

Great thread, does what it says on the pan.

Loads of 'number one' liners in this thread.


before deciding on buying this see if your existing toilet is high pressure fill(fed from mains) or low pressure fill (fed from tank in loft). and check to see if the ballvalve supplied with the toilet is low or high pressure, as you might need to buy a low pressure one (more and more toilets are coming supplied as high pressure now)

no idea if its a good deal but heat for the title and description

Only worth 1p...



good spot o.pee
on that note, im logging off

I bought one of these last year really easy to fit and been no problems apart from the odd log

Is it USB compatible?

Is it possible to try it out in store ?

Good ole HotDeals, always taking the p!ss out of the cystern...

Just 'logged in' and saw this. Scorching.

Ahahaha, PMSL, these comments are gold.

Cold. Not 1080pee.

greg55678 for poet lauriat. Anyone find a cheap poster of Cameron to go with it.
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I'm a bit partial to throwing up in mine. Does this one support that too?

If it doesn’t sell, it’ll have to go BOGOF!

It’s a Hotty Potty for me

A pantastic find.(_;)

if you've not got a wickes nearby and get caught short, i think B&Q do a set for a similar price

It's compatible with Wifi (b,g,n), Gigabit, USB3, 64bit CPUs, HDMI, etc. laptops. Someone should add bog to the Wiki list: en.wikipedia.org/wik…let
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Cold! Sorry but it doesn't change a s**t for me!

Nah, joking: I'm only taking the p**s!
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