A Bridge Too Far: Special Edition (2 Discs) - £3 @ ASDA (IN-STORE)

A Bridge Too Far: Special Edition (2 Discs) - £3 @ ASDA (IN-STORE)

Found 29th May 2009
IN-STORE ONLY. Next best is £3.99 at HMV (online).

In September 1944, flush with success after the Normandy Invasion, the Allies confidently launched Operation Market Garden, a wild scheme intended to put an early end of World War II by invading Germany and smashing the Reich's war plans. However, a combination of battlefield politics, faulty intelligence, bad luck and worse weather led to disaster. An epic retelling of World War II's most tragic blunder, A Bridge Too Far, directed by Academy Award winner Richard Attenborough, meticulously depicts the ambitious plan which resulted in more Allied casualties than the entire Normandy landing. Painstakingly re-created on actual battlefield locations and boasting a remarkable all-star cast, A Bridge Too Far accurately recaptures the monumental scope, excitement and danger behind one of the biggest military gambles in history.


Bargain i'll take a look tomorrow.

"It was the single road getting to Nijmegen
No, it was after Nijmegen
And the fog, in England
NO It was a Bridge to Far"
I dont know if this has been on the telly more times than "Bridge on the River Kwai" or perhaps as many times as "The Longest Day" or "Ice Station Zebra"
But still like it

Classic film...............

"smashing the Reich's war plants" were they Triffids or Ents? Heat!
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