A Coast To Coast Walk - £4.99 @ The Book People
A Coast To Coast Walk - £4.99 @ The Book People

A Coast To Coast Walk - £4.99 @ The Book People

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2010 edition of this book, i am planning to do this walk in the future and this is a steal at this price.


Nearly forty years on from when Alfred Wainwright first devised and recorded the route, A Coast to Coast Walk is back, fully updated to make sure that you find your way from St Bees Head to Robin Hood’s Bay, while enjoying all the delights that await along the journey! Featuring many of the original hand-drawn route maps, revised by Chris Jesty where necessary, this is the perfect pocketsize accompaniment to one of the best-loved long distance walks in the world. Taking in the Lake District, Pennines and North York Moors, this is Northern England at its finest and most picturesque, so go explore!

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I did the walk in May/June of this year, I doubt I will ever forget the experience, both highs and lows!
be warned that it's difficult to complete the walk using only a guide book, strip maps are the best, when you think that you've whittled your gear down to the minimum, try to reduce it even further because you can be sure to take stuff you will not need, I backpacked the whole route and soon realised that I should trimmed down the weight in my rucksack. I started off with 18.5kg but carrying food and water increased this weight. My waterproofs are good quality but weigh heavily, I was using a multi-fuel stove with 1.5 ltr fuel, using a 2-person tent, 4-season sleeping bag, 2 guide books and maps.....I've since revised most of my gear.......it's a real challenge to carry a heavy pack day after day, especially if the weather deteriorates, I thought I had researched thoroughly prior to the trip but obviously not enough. Nevertheless I would thoroughly recommend the walk, I pplan to complete it again because I missed a lot of the scenery because you can't help but walk with your head down a lot of the time, I'm also considering doing it from East to West next time

hope you get to complete the walk soem time and enjoy it !

Thank you, just ordered this with free delivery too. (STB040)

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Hi Ralph, thanks for your story. I am glad you enjoyed it. I am planning to use the luggage transfer services so hopefully won't be lugging too much stuff around. I did consider the camping side of it, but thought it would be too much, so i am going for the hostel way i think. I am reayly looking forward to it, i have got the Henry Stedman book... what maps would you recommend i will need.

Me and my mates used the Sherpa Van service and it was well worth it. This was my first ever walking holiday - what a nightmare introduction. I had completely the wrong footwear and got a raw toe on the second day and the next day the Sherpa Van gave me a lift to the next site for nothing with the rucksacks, excellent service.

Compeed blister plasters are AMAZING. Don't bilk at the price, they're worth three times the price on a trip like this. A new pair of boots in Kirkby Steven and everything was amazing from then on. The bloke in the shop talked me down from a leather pair because they'd need breaking in and sold me a cheaper pair that you could go straight in with.

Fantastic experience. Oh, and if you're youth hostelling or camping then in Shap still go to The Greyhound because the food is wow.

Agree with the strip maps thing, they make life so much easier.

A bargain!
Ordered one as an early Christmas present… to myself

This sounds interesting. How lng did it take you guys? I was thinking about doing the West Highland Way next year (about 100 miles).


This sounds interesting. How lng did it take you guys? I was thinking … This sounds interesting. How lng did it take you guys? I was thinking about doing the West Highland Way next year (about 100 miles).

I think us lot did 12 walking days and two rest days. It's 192 miles. You could do the West Highland way in a week. I was going to do it earlier this year but one of my mates got gout. Being as I wasn't used to it my legs got super stiff in the first 3 days and I had to fall onto my hands and basically hand-walk into the tent, then by day 4 you'll toughen up into a walking machine. West to East (recommended) the hardest parts are in the first few days in the Lake District. Some of the descents are brutal. On day 11 we slept in a friend's farm outside Whitby and they were laughing their heads off us when we got up to go to bed because we were all hobbling along like mummies. When you stop that's when you seize up.

I had no idea about walking poles at the time but they're fan-bloody-tastic and used them on the Offa's Dyke, Inca Trail. All my mates on the Three Peaks, even the ones who said poles were not for them completely changed their minds when doing the Three Peaks. Something me and my mate has miracle results with is taking a couple of ibuprofen about 1 or 2pm, it makes you pick up the pace big time and reduces any swelling you might get in the evening. I've never seen that written anywhere but it really is great. If anyone has info that it might be a bad practise then let me know.

Nice...I agree about the poles, I though...nah ...jessies, then ended up borrowing 2 to complete the three peaks. Nice tip on the Ibuprofen too.

oh and have some HEAT OP
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