A dry wipe board with an integrated hands-free telephone - £9.99 - neat ideas p & p £5.50

A dry wipe board with an integrated hands-free telephone - £9.99 - neat ideas p & p £5.50

Found 9th Jun 2008Made hot 9th Jun 2008
This really is a white board with a difference! This unique dry wipe board has a touchpad telephone built into the left hand side of the board. Make calls just like using a regular telephone. And with no handset to worry about you can easily make notes directly onto the board during your telephone calls.

BT Wipe Board Phone, 590mm x 400mm
Item Number 378992

postage a bit high but....

free postage for orders over £30
plus free gift of daniel hechter 4 piece travel set on orders over £69

Comes complete with a dry wipe pen.

Size: 590mm x 400mm(WxH)

the total price inclusive of vat and p&p is £15.50


showing as £14.99 when I look.


Still a nice idea - heat and rep for thinking outside the box

:?and that 14.99 excludes vat

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weird - mines £9.99


Item code for teh £14.99 price is 378992

Any chance this is different to the £9.99 product?


weird - mines £9.99

very strange - and same item number too - wonder what's going on :whistling:

I've heard of Interactive WhiteBoards, but this is sommat else! :-)

£14.99 for me too. Did you have a Promotional Code Holly? It asks for one on the first screen, maybe that's how you're getting £9.99.

mine also comes up at £14.99


+ 7% through quidco :-)

is there any promo code
also can anyone tell me how easy quidco is to use?

Hmm. Hard put to think of a use for this one. Looks like the sort of thing they give away with 25 reams of paper etc.

I get £21.37 with VAT and P+P included:x

Its £14.99 not £9.99, voted cold

I have this and tbh it's not worth it.

I have one too, bought it about 3 years ago for £12. The speaker phone on it isn't good at all and the build quality isn't up to much. Buy a dry wipe board that's more sturdy, and just use a phone seperately.

Anyone tell me how this got to 212 degrees heat?!?! People really should check things are what they are claimed to be before hitting "HOT"!!!!

Not a flame - just being practical.
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