a few deals i picked up today in farm foods
a few deals i picked up today in farm foods

a few deals i picked up today in farm foods

orangina 50p a bottle ,had 2 bottles
2 pk of washing up liquid 1.00
400g budwiser marinade sauce 10 p
yellow mustard 29 p
400 g bernard matthews ham 1.75
200g bourbons 0.19 p
6 brains faggots 1.39
cadburys fudge cornetto cones 4 pk 50 p ,had 4 packs
candy floss 3 pk 1.00
mcviteies rich tea 39 p
2 litres milk 1.00
big frozen bag carrots 39 p
big frozen bag sprouts 39 p
birds eye captains kids steam vegetables 4 bags in a pack ,but one get one free 1.00
200g nice biscuits 0.19 p
case 24 fruit shoots purple bottles 4.50 .
flavoured wafers with surprise toy 39p
8 x 2 free jarred hot dogs 1.00

sub total 17.97

also had 2 lites pepsi 69 p
and 12 can pepsi 2.25
goodfellows pizza 1.50 buy one get one free
plenty of other offers to
hope this helps someone


400g budwiser marinade sauce 10 p

Sounds interesting, tasted yet?

[COLOR="Purple"]is it closing down!!?

Original Poster

no havent tasted yet looks really nice though ,will put with chickens tonight.
not closing down just general deals they have.last week they had harry ramsden frozen chips 1 k bags 2 for 1.00.none there this week though

Brains Faggots?!! surely that is not politically correct......:-D

lol... 'hotukshoppinglists.com'

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i thought that while typing ,but it was easier than listing one deal at a time
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