A field in England (BluRay) at FOPP £6

A field in England (BluRay) at FOPP £6

Found 15th Jul 2014
Ben wheatley the superb director of Kill list and Sightseers has made this film which I bought today in FOPP Manchester store for £6 on bluray. Seems to be around the £8 mark on internet.


Probably one of the weirdest films I've seen in many a year, definitely not for the transformers crowd.

Great film, but yes, not for transformers fans.

Really want to see this. Don't know why it's gone cold, maybe because there's no transformers in it

One of the best British films I've seen in the past few years, if you don't mind a bit of surrealism and open endedness then watch it even if you are partial to a bit of Michael Bay. (seriously I don't mean to offend but often its precisely because of the kind of patronizingly toned observations displayed above me that people just assume films like this are pretentious and go watch Transformers instead, probably responsible for some of the low heat as well)
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Also should be in the 3 for £20/5 for £30 offer at HMV if you can't get to a Fopp. I've ordered one into my store, but if it doesn't show up soon I'll have a look in Fopp this weekend. Saw it when it was shown on TV on release and would like to see it again. Not immediately likeable but the best thing Ben Wheatley has made to date.

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I do think this has been voted cold based on whether the voters liked the film or not and not because of the price. It is an aquired taste, I 've been a fan of everything Wheatleys made so far, one of the UKs best directors.
I actually like Transformers too! they could do with better dialogue but other than that I enjoy the Transformers movies for what they are,I just happen to like different styles.genres, tones when it comes to movies.

Cold, because it is not in foreign, has no subtitles and is not pretentious beyond explanation. Hold on, it might be one of these. Hot.
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