A free novella Introducing the Octagon Concept Series and the Dashwood family.

A free novella Introducing the Octagon Concept Series and the Dashwood family.

Found 26th Dec 2017
A novella introducing the Octagon Concept Series. Ruthless businessman

Jack Dashwood is the patriarch of the Dashwood family and heads up a

multi-billion dollar global company. Jack's grandson, Jonathan, begins a

day release at the company and unwittingly becomes drawn into his

grandfather's sinister business dealings.

Shocked at the

revelations, Jonathan tries to find a way to stop the destructive global

events from unfolding. He finds himself caught up in a web of lies,

afraid of what might happen to his father, mother and sister if he

doesn't agree to help his grandfather.

When his grandfather's

business partner, a reptilian shapeshifter, calls on three men to kill

his father and retrieve a lost disc drive containing advanced nuclear

technology, Jonathan tries to stop them but is kidnapped. He escapes and

goes in search of his family. He doesn't know if his father is dead or

alive. He can't contact his mother or his sister. Things come to a head

when the threatened global takeover begins.


adventures of the Dashwood family and the disparate group of people who

join them on their exciting journey can be found in the following books

in the Octagon Concept Series.

The Octagon Concept Series is continued in Drones – Book 1.

Books by Wilson Freighter
Before – Book 0
Drones – Book 1
Vaccine – Book 2
Nuclear – Book 3

Look out for other books in the series.
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