a FREE Weeks Supply of Pedigree Joint Care+ Dog Treats
a FREE Weeks Supply of Pedigree Joint Care+ Dog Treats

a FREE Weeks Supply of Pedigree Joint Care+ Dog Treats

Pedigree® Joint Care+ treats were developed with these dogs in mind. These tasty treats contain CPA Complex®, a unique blend of natural active ingredients together with methionine. When fed daily, they can help ease joint stiffness in as little as six weeks. Register now and you can look forward to receiving your free weeks supply of Pedigree Joint Care+ and your five £1 off coupons.



We used these for our previous dog, he had them for about a year, to be honest we didnt notice any difference in him, but he loved eating them, he passed away 18 months ago aged 14.

have ordered these for our 2 new additions

Thanks! If you find anymore dog freebies please let me know. I just got my new addition and would like to treat her with things =]

Thanks will be great for my sons ageing dog

Thanks, heat added


they have to give em free cause there food is so poorly made check out reviews of pedigree **** id never feed my dog on them ever again, ask a breeder what they think, its the lowest food on the list. if they sell it in the supermarket dont buy it!

pass info to mother - as I'm dogless

brill ... thanks

Thank you:thumbsup:

Had a go thanks

Thanks for this, just took my dog to the vets for joint problems who said to put her on Glucosomene (sp?) which you can pick up for £3.29 for a tub. She has got used to taking them now. I have applied for this to see if it helps her more...

Sent for my dog n told all his doggy friends too!

Ta for that:thumbsup: our dog is just young but can use as treats.

thanks !

These products actually work! the Plus range is for dogs that are already struggling with joints and the regular is preventative, comes with beef flavour too for dogs that dont like the taste.

look round for deals on these products as they are sold in wilkinsons normally cheaper.

Thanks, just ordered

:thumbsup: thanks OP just registered...Toby is keeping his paws crossed it comes :-D

cool got mine
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